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If suddenly it seemed to someone a little, then it is possible to add both nonexistent "middle class" in our country, and the area in which it was necessary to live, and … yes a lot of things. Life, it is a little similar to the fairy tale. So the knowing people speak. But, for some reason they forget to add that the fairy tale is thought out and carried out by the person … However, I too run forward. We won't hurry. Meanwhile my life reminded grotesque fun onboard Titanic. How there at Butusov? "The captain, rats go ashore, they know that we will go to a bottom soon …" So, Marina began to mature. I met the seventeen-anniversary with accurate understanding of three things: time to choose future profession came; me holds nothing houses; and — public opinion has the fucking force, just as in the sixteenth century. My God, bless idiots! But at first about the main thing … — You pulled out eyebrows? I nearly choked with a breakfast. Mother watches exactingly, in a voice fatigue: — When you already throw all the stupidities. These earrings in ears, already to shoulders grew hair, pulled out eyebrows … as the maid! Eh, mummy … is more best not to know to you, my golden person that for chaos at me inside! Do you think, it is easy for me to live in this body when soul in me asks other? But to mother I will never start talking about it. Let anything be told by the righteous persons condemning a white lie, but to force relatives suffer I can't. And so a lot of things were transferred. — so it is pleasant to Me — I answer. — And, by the way, it is pleasant to girls too. That with the girl I was a man of all few times and me it to be pleasant to be on their place more, I, naturally, held back. But mother is right. I changed. As if sex by Maxim broke through a certain dam. However, and was. Externally not a lot of things changed. In me there was no affectation of pederasts, it through scenic hobby pink, glamour and with hearts. But the cleanliness grew many times, apart from, of course, quite normal receptions of a shower and toothbrushing. I had a close girlfriend. She was called Lida. Absolutely freaky little girl. Small, fragile, with a black mohawk, a tattoo on half-backs and capable to fight back any. We got acquainted absolutely accidentally, at some room party without cause, but with crowd of informal youth. Lida struck me with absolute tranquility to sex. That is, she, of course, that still a feature, but an open relationship made for her the most literal sense. Physiological requirement, she said, exclusively. Having got drunk, we suddenly appeared in one corner of drunk waste. Little by little, and I told the history. Lida attentively listened, and next day called and suggested to meet. So we began to be on friendly terms. She worked as the hairdresser. Therefore I had a manicure, a pedicure and care of hair that it is necessary. Besides, pressures with the choice of underwear and, the most important, outerwear which needed to be tried on disappeared. Though we and different build, but, запершись in a fitting room cabin, I could measure without suspicions anything. The secretary of my chest dresser was quickly filled. It is a pity that I couldn't carry this beauty always. In a pocket the mobile phone was delivered, I with pleasure read a name calling and right there chirped: — Maxims? — Hi! Here … — Talk such sense. — my ancestors for the weekend dump. — I understood — I smiled happily. — Aha — somehow I retired to the background Max. — I plan to go into a junket. You as? The junket meant that there Marina won't be. — And someone will be? — I restrained a heat. — Yes so, a couple one: Taha and Anka. And Semyon. I knew Anton — through the cynical character of basement rock groups, we not that were on friendly terms, but met frequently. It is possible and not to be afraid of him, he is a silent laid-back person. His girl same. — And on Semyon it is all the same — Lida when I told her waved a hand and invited to a party. — Do you want to be yourself? Be! So left that Maxim's bathroom left under the handle two girls: Lida and Marina. And I was for the first time with the real hair. Lida braided my black locks which grew to shoulders in something inconceivable on a nape, helped to create an evening make-up, to make the French manicure. — Au-oh, of the lady — is drunk Maxim smiled, inspecting us. I — in a leather skirt and a corset on a snow-white lacy blouse, legs in striped red-black-green stockings and boots to knees, on lobes of ears dangle beautiful earrings. A lead, in support of my feat, in something, reminding a suit of the American sterptizersha. Debauchery ideal. Called a door. Having given smacking kiss to us in turn in a cheek, Maxim ran to open. The first Semyon was declared. Already seriously drunk closed virgin looking at us in the hibernation mode. Lida even whispered: — If you want with him — it will turn out without problems. Such all fuck. I only waved away. My Maxim! In ten minutes Anton with Anna appeared. Tasha cried out immediately something it seems "live quickly, die to young people", and here Anna at the sight of me lifted up a brow: — It that — пед.? Also I stopped short under an ice look of Lida. Anton showed me a thumb. The feast began cheerfully, but is somehow closed. While we were together, Maxim afforded no more than one view of me a minute and, at most — embraced for a waist. By the half of the night (oh, this sacred time!) all were full of alcoholic tolerance. So that Anna to me half an hour complained of Anton, and then gave out: — Well, you are a girl, you understand me. I understood her. Slapped, in a ceiling the fifth stopper struck, champagne already hissed only at me in a glass. Lida and Ania drank vodka on an equal basis with guys. The conversation on blowjob came, Anna jealously looked askance on me, kneeled before Anton: — More best me it anybody not … ик … does! At Semyon eyes when with easy hum Anton's fly was undone began to shine, and Anna's head began to move gradually to the accompaniment of an easy smack. Lida grinned, advised: — Don't hesitate, all the here — and, only at the poor guy the hope flashed in eyes, advised: — Jerk off. He it is proud I refused that in a minute after all to get wildly intense dick and easy to begin to rumple it. I felt tickling on a backbone, Maxim's finger walked on my waist, fell by buttocks. Ear ожег his whisper: — And you don't want to compete?