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The poor creature got a fright and retired to the background. Even I tried to pretend to be sleeping. But at once I understood that to open it is useless. I put hands "lodge" on a breast in silent entreaty, it seems as apologizing. I in reply twisted a finger at a temple supposedly you what buddy, went haywire? I found what to apologize for. Then I put pair of fingers to lips, gesture inviting to leave to smoke. It, it is angry, I pointed somewhere down, to a cover. I understood that he means an erection which still didn't leave him. Kostya asked me gestures, to wait outside, and he will calm down, and at once will be brought up. I twisted to him in reply a ringlet "OK" from fingers. I asked Olya перелечь to a wall, intending to rise from a sofa. She took an interest in whisper: - You where? - To smoke. - I want too, let's something throw. - The t-shirt will go? - Yes she to me short will be, to panties. - Yes well throw! You aren't a star of screens, and there is no lot of reporters. Nobody will see you! Three o'clock in the morning, fir-trees, all sleep! - All the same, I so can't. - Well, in a sheet be wrapped then. - Precisely! As I didn't guess at once. In a couple of minutes we already blissfully dragged on a cigarette smoke, sitting on, remembered in the first part, a small bench at the entrance to our dwelling. Olya smoked silently, thoughtfully examining the smoldering cigarette after each inhaling. I was silent too, enjoying pre-dawn silence. We already almost finished smoking when the door with a scratch was slightly opened, and because of it Kostya on tiptoe slipped out. He mastered an erection as tight sports shorts didn't puff up in a groin. More on I am mute nothing from clothes was. My friend was the talented actor. Very naturally I represented a sleepy look, I shrank from cold, and I asked for me a sigarette. Politely I welcomed us, and I asked: - How did take a walk? Where were? - Yes normally walked. On the embankment potusit, to the sea descended. Now we will finish smoking – and to sleep we will go, Ole it is far home to arrive, at us will spend the night. - Pereutruyet, - with a smile the girl, carefully zatushivy a stub in the metal jar from under coffee serving to us as an ashtray corrected me. - Ponyayayayayatno, - Kostik affectedly yawned, - When we will go to the beach? Judging in an idiotic way to a question, my companion was confused outright. He is quite shy in communication with ladies. I know his habits in similar situations. If lingeringly yawns, so doesn't know, than to fill a pause. While yawns – convulsively thinks that to blurt out it. And, almost always, lyapat some nonsense. About the beach - it it still rather normally thought up. Sometimes, happens, it gives out that not at once you understand to what it is told and where to pritulit it. Rebates, in a word. Then I should pick up this subject and to smooth things over. For the rest - the swell guy. This time I also came to him to the rescue: - With it will be wiped it would be quite good to dive. There are no hours to eleven, the sun dangerous yet. Do you, by the way, need to be engaged? Or you so far in a full tie from trainings? Ol, you, by the way, isn't aware what you talk to future Olympic champion in swimming? Kostyan last week in the Olympic reserve was brought. - San, what you again the champion take people for a ride? (Kostya considerably was confused). I just like that do swimming, for myself. - Oh, that it is fine to you to show false modesty! - sincerely I burst out laughing in reply, - in a month, on competitions, too just like that you go To Holland? Olya butted in our friendly skirmish: - So you are a swimmer? I for some reason and thought when got acquainted. Because of a figure, probably. Big shoulders, hips narrow, hands brawny. It is direct, Apollo. Kostya was embarrassed even more, having looked down.- And you what smoke then? It is impossible for you! (Olga lit again).-It is impossible. But I sometimes play about. Here from the sea I will return – and I will throw till next summer. I since fifteen years so do. - Strange somehow. You have such prospects, and you don't appreciate this chance in life. The conversation threatened to come to naught, without having reached the standing zatsepochka thanks to which it would be possible to realize the artful plan. I not just like that extended Kostya from a bed on the street. Therefore it was necessary to send a conversation to the necessary course artificially: - Yes let smokes if there are no brains. I to him, the same already told one thousand times. Hammer, well, let lives as knows. Give more better we will return to Apollo? Olya perplexedly looked askance on me: - Excuse me? - That is, you like Kostyan? Purely externally, here is how the picture in the magazine? The girl not knowingly translated a view of my friend embarrassed by my question it isn't less of her. Then again I turned facing me: - Well, it is pleasant … Nice. And what? - It is interestingly simple if he about something indecent asked you, you would send him at once? Or at first thought of his request? Both of them were scaredly looked at me, and Olga uncertainly said: - I didn't understand … You about what …? What do you drive at …? - Yes I don't drive at anything. Directly I ask. Here if he asked blowjob for you now, would make? Children turned pale as if before them the ghost appeared, instead of me. For a moment it seemed even that they it is amicable now, without arranging, will give a dyora. Everyone in the party. But there passed second, another, and I heard the next question of the resort mistress: - Sash, you went crazy? In general you think what you ask? - And what I it asked? Usual question. Interestingly simply, would make or not? Purely hypothetically. For some time the pause hung in mid-air strained, electrified every second. At last, Olya shook a coat hanger and answered: - Well, if hypothetically – that isn't present. - And why? For what reason? - I wasn't appeased. - At least even because he has a girlfriend.