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It together with parliament is in Gaageekskursovod continued to mutter that-to about numerous channels and tulips, but Andrey departured in the thoughts, smiling to heard. "I already love this city", he thought, and flattened out a nose about window glass of the two-storeyed excursion bus half occupied by tourists: in the basic it were human remains of very advanced age. Judging by their dim eyes and the pasted smiles tense on plug-in jaws from porcelain they hurried on the well-known cemetery Vreydenkhov in Amsterdam, and not in quality of tourists, an as active participants of burials. Larisa managed in what-to incomprehensible way directly at the Skhipkhol airport to push everything chestnuyu the company in the excursion bus, and — is absolutely free! It isn't enough of fact that they got on a survey excursion on one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, so still and the guide (at request Lariski which supported the desire with the crackling note), I broadcast in quite good Russian language. The witnesses of the phenomenon of Christ to the people sitting in inside of the bus in couples with cameras atilt understood nothing, and glazed over stared in a window: behind him I floated the unknown world, o which they were told in the road in unknown language. Denis, o which Larisa before landing to the country of cheese and bicycles coped shortly peacefully overslept all flight, having buried in a back of the gentleman dozing on the next chair until that decided to change socks before landing. Over pass the dense smell of "the Fetid Bishop" — one of the most stinking cheeses on the planet hung here — and the translator who came up suddenly from deeply dream - the businessman tried to leave through a window outside, nervously picking out rubber laying from a plane upholstery. The crew of the air vessel by miracle managed to avoid depressurization, and Denis, having safely landed in several minutes after change of socks of nothing not suspecting gentleman, a bullet I took off on a plane ladder ahead of own vizgalarisa that-to whispered to the guide, that, in the turn, to the driver of the bus, and here, approximately in twenty minutes, having changed an excursion route radically, they already stopped near Hilton hotel: by "happy accident" before that in which it reserved numbers. The small fighting group fell out of the bus, and his men's half got into a luggage compartment. Cracking the joints which are become numb in the road, men took simple belongings on God's light: three suitcases, and several trunks are less. The little boy in the worn-out boots and the dried-up small insect in a nose, ran up to a rear guard of group of capture of the Dutch business here — to Andrey — and persistently demanded from the last bank notes, having given him an expressive nonverbal signal. — Leave, the boy — complacently told Andrey, and here received from the fellow unambiguous gesture — "fuck", in quality alaverdy. — He what, knows Russian? — With astonishment Andrey murmured, having skeptically drawn in lips, and reproachfully swinging the head after the boy. — At you on an ugly face it is written: "Ne I will give!" — Larisa grinned, and began to bustle ko to an entrance to hotel: the little Amsterdam asshole zapelengoval ee the fifth number, and with an obscene smile waddlingly moved to the head of an expedition, hoping that these impressive boobs are entirely filled by guldens and kreytserami. The hotel accepted them hospitably, having quickly issued necessary papers, and all the company, tired, but happy, it was dragged to the elevator: their baggage which is accurately put on the cart followed them at respectful distance under management of small "fight" of uncertain nationality. Softly the elevator operated from within by the huge Black in a livery and Andrey approached, having been lop-sided on the spouse, noticed how eye ee began to shine. While they went to the tenth floor, Olga didn't cramp eyes from the descendant Hama — in the basic, from his causal place which wasn't especially outstanding, in view of the pacified condition of its owner. — do you Want him? — In a whisper podnachil the spouse Andrey, having bent to her, and a look showing on the chocolate worker of an elevator. To him brothers - Dominicans who absolutely mastered recently with his wife deep immersion in country rest with participation of the smoked Arabs and Maria — the translator from Spanish on whorish were suddenly remembered. — Here still! — Olga sniffed, but Andrey her to time didn't believe. In a minute she made a mistake, going out of the elevator: the black uncle Tom, smiling, I saw off all, leaving his mobile hut strong handshake. When he in the next time stretched a hand for farewell to Olga, she as if in zashore, his dick reaped instead of it. At their order there were three numbers: one double — for Andrey and Olga, single — for Denis, and "luxury" — for the veteran of sexual fights — Larisa. Denis whisked to himself in number, having muttered that-to like Spoki-noki, Larisa went to herself too, having told that ee can save only a shower, Olga and Andrey filled by impressions on the top set a to themselves: it was necessary to bring itself into an order and to spread out things. Spouses before departure furiously povybrasyvali a kind half of the necessary things, having remained in the road with useless stuff "one on one". Small tripping metis similar to the jockey in a uniform, doper their poor baggage to number, also stood before a door in a pose of the repenting Magdalene. — Give him dollar — Olga muttered what Dutch the half-blooded wouldn't recognize the Russian speech — an is more best two: we are two. — We in the eurozone — Andrey answered, stretching overseas boldyryu a coin advantage in "one Euro" which that snatched out with speed of the conjurer. — And champagne order in number! — Olga told, undressing on the course on the road to the bathing room — to drink hozza. — E-e-e Drink? — Andrey told a muffled face in a uniform, having made characteristic gesture a hand: it was practically everything that he knew on-gollandski. Restless potaskun filtered by Andrey into the room, and I opened the small refrigerator disguised under an oak case. Inside there was the whole merzavchikov battery of all types and coloring: small small bottles with alcohol of the known brands and firms. — Drink! — I told Mowgli, having shown to a curve brown finger on the alcoholized paradise. Andrey with suspicion looked on ukazuyushchy at a finger malomerka: it is unknown where this finger was five minutes ago.