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Nice ears were banded by kruglyashka from metal of yellow color. It seemed to me that I saw her somewhere earlier. However hoping for bad memory on faces, quickly I said goodbye to this thought. Farther I didn't manage to consider. She got up ahead of me, showing: the pleasant neck, fine shoulders and the wasp waist passing into frankly sexual the daddy, draped with dark fabric through which elegant panties were clearly looked through. Something moved in my soul and where shouldn't to move in public transport. The maiden began to correct a zaplechny bag and involuntarily touched me where men have soul. Having looked back and having presented one of the charming smiles, she apologized. Didn't pass also two minutes as she repeated the feeble efforts. And again I apologized. But already fun-loving imps and tried to jump out of her eyes. I kind of accidentally touched fine a polupopiya. Lightnings ran on our bodies. She shuddered, and I began to whirl the head. Near us there was one more woman, having blocked the review from detached onlookers. Having lowered a look down, the unattractive picture was presented to her. My soul spread wings and, apparently, tried to fly up. And if not the fabric covers keeping it from a precipitate step someone knows someone znayetvtory, having had a snack on a lip, with a frank smile I whispered something to the first. That looked back and, having lowered eyes to a dale, presented me one more smile from the huge arsenal expressing this time, a smile with a jeer. It seems, I reddened. Also I tried to give the mental order to stop trying take-off. But where there! The playful handle already began to stroke, rumple and pinch from time to time my demon frankly. Yes, yes! From an angel he turned into the demon. The girlfriend watching it nestled on us even stronger to limit the review from third-party eyes to a minimum. I don't know. What she there with herself did, I didn't see, but heard rapid breathing both. I just closed eyes and was given on will of a current to the river of pleasure. Having given a hand, I tried to stroke, so pleasant to me the daddy. However I didn't happen to learn the revelation truth. The metal voice from loudspeakers which announced my stop was distributed. My pettingsha took away a hand, and they with the girlfriend hurried to an exit. It was also their stop too. Having covered with a bag, I ran out from the bus. Quickly moving nice legs, they disappeared in the distance, even having never looked back. A little upset and dumbfounded from an incomplete adventure, I dropped into nearby shop and exhausted in the same place, having slightly departed from cash desk, the 100th gram small bottle of cognac. He made sober me a little. Having continued a way to the place of the arrival, I wasn't late at all. And even I arrived a little earlier. I am very punctual and I am never late and I demand the same from others. The hostess, having taken from me a gift, I imprinted my arrival, we will kiss on a cheek, I began to acquaint with guests. Them was not so much. But among guests there were my bus znakomki-strangers. It almost threw me in shock what you won't tell about maidens. They frankly grinned as though they expected a meeting with me. Then I had to regret about the shortcoming: not to remember the person. Possibly, we somewhere met earlier, that which seemed to me the acquaintance. But how many I didn't strain the leaky memory — couldn't remember. So far I was puffed up, remembering: where and when, all haunts of vice were taken. The hostess seated me in the middle of two matrons whom I called about myself: "the hanger and a pan" Destiny disposed in own way and put my seductresses far from me. I great became angry to it and began to be nervous. I wanted bus feelings, the benefit the long cloth could hide everything, but not from a hanger. To her I accidentally overturned a saltcellar in a plate when she asked her to transfer. The pan opened, was, a mouth, but having caught sight of my awkwardness, refused the ideas. Fortunately it proceeded not for long. When all toasts were told, as a break dances, shmanets, obnimanets began. Stupid persons came off the places to shake by the body, and two girlfriends appeared from me on each side. And already two playful handles were tested my demon for durability. Washing gets acquainted, at once I grasped a trunk and I began to stroke gently it, sometimes squeezing a head. Her girlfriend grabbed by balls rumpled them and fingered. Their faces remained absolutely serious as if they watched dances, but didn't bring the man the feeble efforts to ecstasy. The man not could is also indifferent to treat the events. He wanted to lean back on a chair, having rolled up eyes, being given to pleasure to the full extent. He completely was in their power. And again he didn't manage to finish business. Music came to an end, stupid persons who considered accessory of these places by him by right returned. I needed to do nothing as podgrest to the hostess with not the modest offer to give room keys where money doesn't lie. I told that I need to retire urgently from one of her guests for clarification of some nuances. The hostess, having charmingly smiled, cunning I squinted the imeninovy eyes, I complied with my request: "Only not long, and don't soil a sheet, and that the husband will arrive, he to me will set! He at me terribly jealous. You will find safety locks in a bedside table on the second shelf" Having taken the passion for the handle, I nearly run dragged her in a love alcove. I didn't manage to close a door. After us her girlfriend rushed. — I will quietly sit as a mouse. Don't banish me. I like to look. — Let looks — future mistress asked me. Having closed, at last, a door, I began to kiss the newly appeared girlfriend in frenzy, removing from her in turn detalki of clothes. A mouse, at this time, having thrown off from itself shoes and tights with panties, strongly I lifted up a skirt so that it was visible to us, having bitten a lip, I put a palm to myself between legs, I thrust an average finger there, I began to humour myself, moving a palm, quietly groaning. It for some reason strongly made horney me. My mistress wasn't to it indifferent too. I rolled an eksbionistichesky dope on us. We began to do it theatrically as if to us it was very important that the Mouse derived sheer pleasure. I slowly took off a dress from the passion. It stood in a pose: "hands up" as if was given on favor to the winner. Then her turn came to take off from me a shirt. The mouse released a lip, her mouth полуоткрылся, movements accelerated, she began to groan, just about will terminate. My woman grasped my dick again, without releasing it from captivity of trousers. It gave her some inconvenience, but she didn't despair, and continued to practise in art of a masturbirovaniye, having created herself a barrier. My clothes were rather spacious, and didn't give an inconvenience. Was very pleasant, it was some new feeling, untried me early, There everything hardened and burned; it seemed, will soon start to blaze. To cool a little demonic heat, my hands released the woman's boobies from lifchikovy captivity. Having seen a sculptural mramornost of love domes, my upper head went around, skin on her zamurashitsya, moving hair. I admired blue stripes of veins which introduced a certain charm in sculptural beauty, the Mouse at the sight of such beauty, possibly having certain strange bents, began to groan оргазмируя like mad. Having clasped the woman for shoulders, the man pressed the burning person to a cool of boobies. She exempted the hands from interesting occupation, assigned them to the upper head, began to caress hair. I began to kiss soft, podatlivye on too time elastic boobies. I liked taste of her skin, even several times carefully bit in different places, including nice nipples. She shuddered and, groaning, strong pressed me to herself. Having tumbled down the woman on a bed, I started a zatselovyvaniye of other tasty places, without forgetting about sensual sponges, gentle cheeks and sweet ears. She didn't linger too, having Dexterously undone a button on trousers, proshurshat the lock a lightning, took my friend on this world. The mouse came off the place — it wasn't visible to her, having sat down on hunkers admired as her girlfriend strokes my dick. Suddenly she jumped up to me and helped to be exposed completely. Her girlfriend strictly looked at her, probably, not wishing to share me with anybody. The mouse was lost from a look, but on exclaiming and okhanye it was clear that she went for the second calling. And we also didn't begin. My passion took pity on the girlfriend, asked me to sit down on beds half-turned that everything was visible to that, began to lick tenderly my head, doing it gently and slowly as if demonstrated the commercial with the strawberry smeared by cream gently stroking it at the same time slow, smooth movements. I also gently stroked her silky hair, correcting the unscrupulous locks blocking the review for the observer. It seemed that she licks a tasty morozhenka, so she did it sensually and softly. I ceased to blaze. But I bathed in pleasant luxury. Soon my morozhenka bored it, she released her and got up in all growth before me. I admired her beautiful lower sponges. They were fine. And the lovely strip of cut hairs over them strongly made horney me. Having grasped it by a sweet bottom, an incomparable opportunity to kiss her mink for knowledge of medvyany taste was presented to me. I began to lick and suck passionately it a charming knob. My passion at once moaned, in unison to the girlfriend. I was frightened that they will terminate together, and I will remain not solono hlebavsh. Having played properly the language, I got up in all growth and quietly I whispered to her on an ear: "We will do without protection?" — having a little thought, she answered: "Yes!". Then, without philosophizing crafty, I grasped both hands by her most sweet bottom, having slightly raised, I seated on the fighting sword which was firmly standing the. Not surprisingly, it entered easily, right there hardened even stronger. My partner was already quite ready to love fight. Having embraced me for shoulders, resting against them hands, I began to help me to stick her quicker and quicker each time. To all other delights she twisted me with legs and crawled on me as on a pole to tell more true: on my pole. I overheard groans of the Mouse who being burned with pleasure, gave us waves of the love, cuming it is already unknown on what time. (Erotic stories) the miracle Came true! The friend learned the girlfriend. The bed actually was a folding sofa, but I soon began to lose a support and, we fell into a lying state. It seems, we shouted. In a few minutes shouts and knock at a door sounded. The door opened that hour. The husband and the heroine of the occasion was on the threshold. — I said to you that I don't change you. Simply they have no place to potrakhatsya — responsible glanced at naked people, at the half-naked maiden — But our same love bed?!! — the enraged spouse exclaimed.