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Having thrown at first a package of bought, and then having taken seat on back seat not very comfortable Chevrolet, I asked the taxi driver somewhat quicker me to take to the house. There was a wish, than pobystree to embrace Elvira, and the flood after glasses cool prosekko, tasty to have supper. Then it isn't important any more, or to walk or be filled up in a bed and without having finished watching the movie, to be engaged properly in love. Flying in such thoughts I I also didn't notice how "chief" gave a ride to me straight under an entrance of our house. Having paid off, I as scalded ran in a trice up on steps. It turns out I came back home usual much earlier. I decided to open quietly a door and on a children's habit to somehow frighten the kitty slightly to anger ee, well and it is natural to beg for forgiveness then. Having absolutely silently opened a door I began to make the way quietly to the apartment, but having only entered inside I heard as from the bathing room music, and what-to noise reached, a little bit later I understood that it water which ran out a strong stream from the crane rustled filling a bathtub. During what-to instant I decided not to give the early arrival by the lady and decided to approach a bathroom door quietly. It was almost closed, but if to nestle on a wall, then through a crack it was visible a big part of the bathing room. Nude Elvira lay in the bathroom, lifting a hand a skin and straightening ee evenly on the body. Velvet skin slowly turned pink from a warm water, an in the room was formed gentle fog which though and shtuchno, but I struck hundred percent romantics to Elvira. Ko to all it easy music from phone lying a row sounded. I stood. I admired this fine show, and being afraid though somehow to break ee rest and to give itself, I sat down on knees. What it smart, repeated to herself again and again. As the Egyptian queen, she leaned the elbows about a back of the most bathing and having closed eyes, fingers caressed the neck. With each time when carried out by fingers up, she lowered them closer and closer to the breast. And here already later couple, what-to 2 — 3 minutes, touched with an average finger of Ale a nipple. Ne what he would be pulled together as at the moment of concrete excitement at once, but obviously I hardened, remaining that forms that was. Other fingers were added to a finger and here already instead of stroking of the breast she began to squeeze ee, hour from an hour slightly opening eyes and throwing a view of boobies. Process of excitement didn't force itself to wait. It gave to Elvira to the head signals for actions, yes to be made horney and achieve even more such desirable final. Already completely two hands she squeezed both boobs. Ne I can tell, how strongly she did it, but the fact that ee obviously got it, and brought her huge pleasure is sure for 100%. Breath at Elvira a little bit became frequent, already polizyvaya sponges she as would choke down saliva. It seemed that all ee vital processes to slow down, a want only one — to terminate a body and a brain. I was strongly made horney too, shaking a hand, the dick which already long ago hardened from what was seen, I continued to look. Ne I know what I wanted to do at that moment, but I perfectly understood that it isn't possible to interrupt this process in any way, or if yes, then how? Not to frighten and to distract strongly. I admit, honestly though didn't understand itself how to arrive in this situation, but desire it is direct to come there into the bathroom and to fuck the darling me overcame everything with a bigger force. I understood one, or I that-to I do now or will break off then to Elvira a concrete high. From what not the fact that sex won't turn out, skoree all to me him not to know a for on days on before. It was necessary to work, the plan was necessary! I quietly pulled out phone from a pocket of trousers and at once transferred to silent. Then I came into sms and I wrote the short message. As only showed me the report of the fact that SMS is sent in the bathroom I sounded characteristic "Samsungam" a sound. Elvira didn't react in any way, a can, is even sure, she didn't turn attention to him. "Pancake — thought about himself what to do? — I try still time — again about myself, I began to print one more message". The text of the first sms was: "I WANT SEX TODAY in the EVENING". Vo the second I wrote: "Is NOT PRESENT I WANT DIRECTLY NOW" I Know silly what wrote, but to suffer and wait there were no forces, yes and itself perfectly understood that if comes far, and suddenly I somehow will hand over myself, Elvira will take offense. She already well warmed continued to touch herself one hand for boobies, an another fell under a water. It wasn't difficult to me to guess that she did by the second hand. And so again phone rang out. Elichka somehow even I slightly opened eyes, but I didn't even turn back in the party bodies. Which lay near it on an outstretched arm. And here she after all is distracted by what-to second, stood up slightly to close the crane with water. Having wrapped up the head, to my happiness I took phone, and I lay down in the initial pose as as if didn't rise. One hand so also was with a bottom, an another she was accepted to an unblocking of phone and viewing of this annoying sms. "I smiled, to a huu that-to writes" — I thought about myself and at once I began an unblocking of the of bodies. In expectation of future sms. — How You want me? — I received in the answer. "Just about, I came across my hook" — I thought about myself and I began to write yes at once not to allow even to come off Al phone. — I Want strongly, I want to touch you, a main madly I want to communicate on this subject! — I wrote with some mistakes, I wrote very quickly. Elvira having received sms too without releasing phone from hands, and it seems having even well concentrated I began to write. Only even through a crack, I could see how not the busy hand, slowly moved up, down, or with a side on a side. stories erotic it is clear that it wasn't strongly difficult to guess that she her caressed the pussy. I looked a face at ee, but not just looked, is direct an admired as it sexually looked in that bathtub as she gracefully lay as as if the queen sits on the throne the person ripening to kakoye-ninut an interesting show. — do you know A where I now? — asked in the next sms me — No — I deceived, and at once added — a can try to be guessed? — I sent. Elvira even without releasing phone from hands I continued correspondence, other hand so further obediently stroked a that-to there in water. On an extreme measure so it seemed to me — Give guess! — she wrote, and gave a hand with phone through a bathroom side. I put the head back and a little bit I began to move a hand quicker. No all movements, everything is equal, beat rather slow and sure. She lay, I for a minute was lost in contemplation and forgot even that I have to write sms. To somehow will cave in, I turned in one leg in a knee, the second, continuing to play a hand everything it brought together me from mind. I decided to write that-to it to join her. — Elichka, you want me nearby now? — I sent — Ne be frightened, I quietly came into the apartment, and wanted to make a surprise, but now I am afraid perervat to you your rest and I stand near the bathing room on knees — at once sent also it, without waiting for the answer. Elvira reacted to sms not at once, but then, having read them smiled and looked at the slightly opened door. — You here darling? — she told — Yes — it is short and I answered with an innocent voice, everything still continuing to stand for some reason on knees — Can you will come? — with a grin and slightly more loudly I told Ale and I put phone on the place