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Ne will wait. — what did You hatch? — I gave her slap in the face. — A march for work! — she quickly got down from a bed. Sparkling naked buttocks, on all fours I ran in side of the bathroom. I still kakoye-to time rolled about. I got up, I threw with a dressing gown and I went to the bathing room. The slave already gathers a bathtub for me. I approach a toilet bowl. The slave is near. I celebrated need. A part of drops got on a seat. The slave wiped all toilet paper at once. Then I licked my dick. Beru tooth brush. I brush teeth. The slave doesn't sit without business and begins to lick to me an anus. Good fellow. So far works without jambs. No I am sure it not for a long time. The bathtub was already gathered. I undress, I climb inside. The slave obediently costs on knees near me. I allow her to start the morning toilet. She wasn't allowed to use my sink. Its "the toilet table" was located on a floor directly under a sink. There was ee a mirror toilet accessories and a basin with water. It does all quickly not to force me to wait. Washes. Blows nose. Brushes teeth. Finishes. Asks permission to descend in a toilet. I resolve. Gets the of patches. Pisayet so that it was well visible to me. I finished. I poured out contents in a toilet bowl. I occupied the place near me. At last, me isn't suffered to facilitate balls any more. — What got up? Suck, give! — the slave was bent through a bathtub and was accepted to work. Hands behind a back as it is also necessary. It is inconvenient to suck a dick under water to it. It is necessary to do respites to take air in a breast. — If though the drop of a cum appears in water. You will regret about it — the slave nodded, now she tried not to release a dick from a mouth. I feel approach of an orgasm. Yes! Here it! I terminated to the slave in a mouth. She quickly swallows of all. No it is visible that she lacks oxygen. She releases a dick and comes up to recover the breath. A part of drops gets to a bathtub. — Akh you, a creature stupid! I to you what told? — Forgive, the owner. I not — You what cost? The slave understood all. The situation needed to be corrected. It quickly found a cum drop in a bathtub. I took out ee palms, a then I pinched. Quickly I improved. No all will equally receive punishment. I order her to get up in a pose for flogging. I rise from a bathtub. A towel also I moisten Beru in water. I put twenty biting blows to ee to a bum. She only whines. The bottom became gently red color. Indescribable beauty. I decide to put control blow. — Ouch! Shit — the slave of it didn't expect. I swore. What at us happens for similar expressions? Beru soap, I thrust her into a mouth. She submissively looks in a floor. We continue bathing procedures. I lower water. The slave climbs ko to me, a beret gel for a shower and a bast. Begins to wash my body diligently. Avoids a look. I see on teardrop eyes. I feel how the priest's ee hurts. I enjoy the moment. She finishes, washes away from me foam. The beret shampoo, washes to me the head. Takes out soap from a mouth. — Close please eyes, Mister. I close. She returns soap on the place and washes away from me shampoo. Finishes. Switches off a shower. Wipes my body a dry towel. So far that shivers from cold. She finished. I take out soap at her from a mouth, I put on a dressing gown and I go to the room. The slave, creeps on kitchen to make for me a breakfast. I put on a suit, a tie. I look in a mirror. Handsome man. I go on kitchen.8: 00. The slave at a plate. I feel fried eggs smell with bacon and frantsuzike toasts. Pleasant smell. From that as far as food will be tasty the schedule of day of the slave depends while I am at work. I remember, a month ago she somehow burned sausages. Then I thrust her them into back pass and left for all day. Also I didn't feed that knew what to me to go for work as hungry. A here last week I remember tasty pancakes with ham and cheese. Then I left ee for all day so the switched-on vibrator. Also I allowed to watch a porn while I am absent. So that everything depends on her. While she prepares, I fill her in a bowl of sterns. I pour in next fresh water. It covers on a table. I show a finger on ee a bowl. She gets up on all fours and begins to eat without the help of hands. As it is also necessary. Develops a bottom ko to me that there was a good look. I try the breakfast. Tasty. Even very much, I didn't expect it. Today I, perhaps, will allow her to take a walk in the street and to go to cinema. I finish a meal. I get up, the slave waits for a verdict. — Today I will allow you to take a walk. No don't forget o the house duties. The slave all for joy. Kisses on the sign of gratitude to me legs. I leave it keys and money for cinema and purchases. I turn on the cam in a corridor to see, than the slave is engaged while I am absent. I open a door and I leave for work.20: 00. I returned home. The slave sits on knees near a door. Meets me. I stretch her a hand, kisses on the sign of a greeting. Houses everything is good. The apartment is cleaned. Na to kitchen I am waited by a dinner. I sit down on a chair, the slave takes off from me street footwear and puts on slippers. I go to the room, I undress. I put on house clothes. I take off socks, I put them It still what? In a basket for dirty socks yesterday's couple which someone-to obviously forgot to wash lies. I call the slave. She is silent. I demand explanations. Is silent, looks in a floor. Well time wants to be silent let so it and will be. Dirty, smelly socks also I push Beru to her in a mouth. I roll up a mouth an adhesive tape. That for a long time I remembered. I see on ee the person disgust. Nothing, will suffer half of hour until washes to me legs. By the way, about it. I send the slave behind a basin with water. I sit down at the computer, I include. It is necessary to look at records of the cam of observation. The slave brings a basin with water for washing of legs, by the way that most in which she in the mornings washes a face. Whether it is equivalent the truth? The slave is accepted to work. I will overcome records: 8: 00. I leave. The slave closes behind me a door. Starts morning charging. Squats, vyprygivayeniya, press, extension. Carries out all exercises diligently. There are no complaints. 8: 30. The slave goes to a shower. Na it isn't visible to the ee cam. 9: 00. Leaves a shower. Is accepted to cleaning on the house. Vacuums. Washes floors. Puts things in the washing machine. Wipes dust. Gets things from the washing machine. Is accepted to ironing. Since a recent time she caresses in a corridor that on the cam everything was visible. Simply, once she burned one of my silk shirts. More that she tried to conceal it from me, having hidden a shirt and having told that she was lost. No so easily you won't spend me. More I was revolted by ee a lie, than ee offense. Then I poured over ee a back hot wax, a then tore off the dried-up wax from her with the help flogera. Nesmotrya on the fact that she squealed as cut. it is written for to Me it it seemed a little. Offenses have to be considered. And she considered the two hours, being almost on kortochkakh above the switched-on iron. She held the spoiled shirt on the hands extended forward. Nice there was a show.11: 00. The slave puts on and leaves to walk as and it was promised. To look there is no sense further. I look at the slave. Washes legs, tries. Na the person all still a disgust grimace, from socks in a mouth. Usually, it has to lick to me a foot after washing. No now at her in a mouth a gag. And I gave rise the idea as it is possible to mock at it. — Why you don't work with language? — I ask her. The slave in confusion. I continue to look in the monitor. She can't work with language, so as the mouth is borrowed from her. Can't tell me about it too, for that reason. If itself takes out the gag which is rolled up by an adhesive tape — it will be punished. Will touch me without permission — it will be punished. She is silent, without knowing what to do.