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Having looked in a door peephole, I saw two figures, one povyshe more magnificently, another low and thin. Having opened a door I saw two girls that that was more magnificent with black hair and pretty, I noted ee a breast at once, she was big, the size the fifth, she almost fell out of a jacket. The second was in a dress and with chestnut-colored hair, girls were presented Yulya that also Olya that the thin person is more magnificent. Girls were sellers, I the truth didn't understand that they sold, but I why that let in them the apartment. We passed on kitchen. They harmoniously told that it is possible to expect from sellers. Told that their equipment will suit me and if my wife learns, it is direct me will kiss that I bought it. I told that I have no wife, and here history began. We long discussed on what isn't present, it is necessary to you, here such you beautiful, I told that I thought of it much, but alas so and didn't marry, an on Friday there isn't enough caress in the evening though oral stebanulsya I. Here Yulya speaks, an I here too wouldn't refuse caress, I wasn't lost and told, so can try to correct to us Friday? And here Yulya got up and told, we will go, but with one condition, you to me lick, then we will look at a. I didn't expect it. And here Olya told, I would look at an on it. I was stupefied. Yulya suited ko to me and, having taken for a hand, told — we Will go! I got up, and we went to the room. Having come into the room, Yulya took off jeans with lacy white panties, a magnificent bottom and a shaven pussy, she delayed a jacket and pulled out a breast, she really was big and juicy. Having sat down on edge of a bed I told: Start! 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Leaving the apartment, Yulya told me in a whisper: — I in the evening will come, wait! Having come into the room for cleaning of a bed, I saw that on a floor Yulya's panties lie, and understood that evening it is certain to proceed. With these thoughts I went to a shower. Continuation follows