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A sat at a fire in the evening, you played a guitar, I nestled on you and inclined the head on a shoulder. Already absolutely darkened. The fire almost went out Only scarlet eyes of pieces of coal flickering in shrill darkness, o reminded a long sincere conversation. Warm night imperceptibly fell by two lovers. The small, cool wind tries to get under bed curtains of the tent stretched at the bottom of top on the coast of the glacial lake. Bright sparkles of stars were reflected in mirror purity of the lake. As silent observers they with approval looked at us. And ancient snow mountain tops, dozed as the fantastic athletes protecting us. In a tent warmly. You lit small small lamps, and now their light tenderly disperses darkness. We sit opposite the friend's friend, slightly drunk with crystal purity of mountain air and the drunk wine. My knees between yours, and I feel your heat, horney breath. You keep my palm in the, I watch an in your eyes and to tone in them I am happy to madness! Your eyes attract me. I see in them the happy reflection. I smile to you gently and slightly coquettishly "The prankish my darling Larochka!" — you whisper. You undo my suit, one smooth movement you bare shoulders, a breast. Wine (or mountain air?) strikes in the head when you see off on nipples, elastic from desire, you Bend and you kiss at first one, then other Lip of O, your passionate greedy lips! Gate to paradise of pleasures! I can't come off you! Carefully, but with pressing you overturn me, without tearing off lips Again you kiss, you bite the bulked-up nipples, at the same time removing the remained part of a suit. Until my legs are raised, use the moment and the fast movement remove panties I all before you! Being burned with impatience, you throw off the clothes and you fall so me nearby. We lie nearby my eyes are covered, but I know that you greedy consider me. I know that it is pleasant to you. My roundish forms are filled with femininity and the power of love! They shout — LOVE me! Love all! Violently, uncontrollably! Elements of a flame! You carry out desire fire by tips of fingers on my person to a breast neck I slightly shudder when you touch nipples again. When you see off on a tummy, I become covered by goosebumps. You caress velvety skin a porn palm stories the Pubis treugolnichek hairs you Feel heat of my bosom. You push a palm between hips, a fingers you grope an entrance to a treasured peshcherku. Still dryishly, but it won't stop your shameless fingers. You get more deeply A is damp inside and is hot! I am bent from small pain and pleasure when you begin to mass rhythmically from within. A big finger slightly you press sensitive butonchik and gently all palm you squeeze all the rest. I groan, and you close my flaring lips a kiss I am bent towards to your hand you Whisper: "Larochka! My darling! My Kisulya "You caress a uvula an ear, gently you bite a lobe I all I shiver and some lips I say only: "Yes! Yes, the Tiger cub Love me Take, Valerochka!" A from peshcherki under a palm is already allocated plentiful moisture. Lying on a side near me, you raise my leg and you approach the long ago already hardened trunk an entrance in peshcherku. You direct a hand and you enter accurately I languidly sigh, feeling dense filling. Moe the hip is pressed to your breast. You find a hand a clitoris and it is rhythmical, tenderly you finger it. Your dick it is elastic slides at me inside. A large head, rubbing stenochki, aggravates pleasure. Through some time you feel approach of ecstasy and you reduce speed. You release the pressed leg and you overturn me on a stomach, without taking out from me the sword. Now you almost sit on me, having widely moved apart the knees. I obediently cave in also your dick completely in me! You enter and you leave, having risen on knees. I only sharply exhale at full input not in forces even to groan from the gushed pleasure. At one of the moments you stand up and for hips you raise me, delaying back. And here I already stand on knees, having caved in catlike, the head and a breast on a sleeping bag. You behind Because of your powerful pushes slaps when my buttocks fight about you are distributed. From sharp and strong movements vershinka a rigid wave on an entrance and an exit clings, causing mad attacks of pleasure! Through some time you feel approach of ecstasy and you almost cease to control yourself With work having reduced amplitude of pushes, you gradually reduce them on isn't present, and you press my buttocks to yourself, keeping from rushes to continue this madness. You feel my easy bewilderment why I stopped Hoarsely you whisper: "Well isn't present, sweet mine! Today we will try everything! However, as and always now when we together" Pressing me to itself, you overturn back, extending legs. Now I sit on you. I am developed to you by the person, throwing a leg. I bend legs in knees. You look at me from below A at me on a face such impatience! You take buttocks hands, you press to yourself and you begin to direct me on yourself. Back forward at first slowly, but gradually increasing speed. I move, submitting to your hands. I am literally stuck on the reared sword filling mine peshcherku to the bottom. In several minutes amplitude reaches the maximum size when your dick almost jumps out of my bosom, but easily finds a sweet opening, the plentiful moisture which is already simply flowing down on me helps. I feel such pleasure, such pleasure! I want to look at you, but I can't, I close eyes Moe the body strains in your hands a few Still Now! YES! DAAAAAAA! The riparian forest, the hot stream is strongly thrown up in me! I cave in in ecstasy! The hot wave covers me. From lips the loud lingering groan breaks. I feel a pulsation of your dick in me, reductions of my bosom One hand you still press me to yourself with a force, a second take a breast and squeeze ee I shout of passion on take-off All breaks from our lips at the same time! Here it is top! One more subdued by us!. I is exhausted I drop to your breast You look for my hot lips Squeeze me strongly-silno! Before groan We lie still some time not in forces neither to speak, nor to do that-nibud Then you carefully remove me from yourself and you stack my head on your shoulder nearby You caress my hair and you whisper the words of tenderness: "My asterisk sun my only Sweet kitty!" I am silent a to you and it isn't necessary words, you understand that I am still there, in paradise gardens of violent pleasure We long lie having embraced. You are afraid to disturb me and carefully you rise, thinking that I fell asleep. No I suddenly gently tremblingly embrace you, without allowing to get up my hand slides on you and takes the fallen asleep trunk And it suddenly begins to harden under my slow gentle caress Desire covers you again! "Insatiable mine!" — you smile. You turn on a side and you kiss me on lips your hand itself already gropes the road to my desired, damp, not in time to cool down kingdom of pleasures We begin a love game snachalanoch still long will muffle up us the cover to Her one only is allowed to understand two lovers. Quietly, without disturbing love, she lulls all around. And only the cheerful mountain streamlet joining the glacial lake as the got naughty child, doesn't want to stop for an instant He rings in darkness, lit only by sparks of stars. Rolling stones as hand bells, he sings to us with you the serenade of love, tenderness, plays the symphony of the hearts exhausted the friend without friend! Till the dawn still far Ahead long, wonderful and magic night. Fantastic night of our passion