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There was she kind, tender, with gold hair, naive eyes which are brightly expressed by cheekbones and not by years a big breast which was nearly torn through ee expensive dresses. By all traditions it was already time for king to look for her the groom, but too he valued her and was jealous ee ko to all applicants though he was already almost an old man. In one autumn night, in royal fortress the strong, not stopping roar was distributed. Horns hooted, bells rang out, soldiers began to run on streets while stone blocks fell from serf walls into which shells of catapults crashed. The first that the king made — was took five best soldiers and came to the bedroom of the daughter which stood in the night dress barefoot on a floor, sobbing. "Ne cry, Bella, everything will be settled soon" — the king told and left the room, having left to protect the child at a door of soldiers. The king took the wide, long sword, put on an armor, took group of soldiers and went to defend a wall. Nesmotrya on age, honor and advantage were above vsegocherez 3 hours, gate were broken, the wounded in a leg of the king two soldiers following the captain dragged. "this fortress staid 400 years, and here it-taki fell, Karl. "— the boastful and satisfied voice this captain told the king, without turning around. He went in the main tower in which I was royal semyapodnyavshis on a long screw ladder, the captain, soldiers and the wounded king entered the big ball hall where the heap to the people standing at the left and right walls under protection was collected. stories several more soldiers, erotic At this moment, were included into the hall from other entrance, holding the resisting and sobbing Bella under hands. The king started, that hour wanted to escape and kill these freaks that held his daughter, but the wounded knee didn't allow to turn anything such "the Father! No!!" — Bella who was brought in the center of the hall cried out and continued to hold. "Ne be afraid, the daughter!" — a poddelno-smely voice I said korolkapitan approached Bella. Na him all looked around: his soldiers, royal captured soldiers, captured peace inhabitants and the king, whose eyes were poured for rage by blood. "A it told not fairy tales to me, about sisyandra of your daughter" — the captain said, having easily carried out by a brush on a side of the left breast of Bella. Bella, quietly cried and tried to be discharged somehow by a body of the captain, standing in the long dress, with zavyazochkami in front — Ne dare to touch ee — the king to the captain hoarsely cried out. — O, no. Here — pointing to Bella's body — I will touch that - o-o ugodnokapitan took a small dirk from a belt and began slowly, beginning with top, to cut zavyazochki dresses on Bella's breast. "Don't resist more carefully. That I will wound with A such beauty ". Having cut several ties, a half of a breast, the complaining Bella it was already visible to all. The captain slowly pushed a cold edge under fabric and began to drive him up to a nipple. "Bastard! Gods will punish you! I will punish you!" — the king shouted. "Stop up a mouth to him already, a that tires. "— the captain told after what he got up opposite to Bella, put hands to her on clavicles where the dress still kept, and the sharp movement of hands broke all top down. Bella's boobies fell out, she wanted to be covered reflex, but held ee strong. Ee the torturer slowly brought closer the hand in a leather glove to ee of a breast and sharply strongly squeezed one, than caused low of the king and, of course, shout of the girl. "You know, Bella, I never saw such milkings as at you. A well-ka deliver to ee on all fours. "The soldiers delighted with a show struck behind to Bella under knees and pushed in a back. The captain lifted up a dress hem, having exposed all cracks of Bella on a review. Having pulled the leather black glove is more feasible, he made several biting slaps on Bella's pussy. Ta sobbed, I cried out, the king, it seemed, I lost consciousness. Having ordered to bring him into feelings, the captain sat down on kortochki sideways from Bella and continued to be played with ee boobies which that and business waved from ee of situation and from the fact that she cried. "Ne worry, Bella, now we will already go to ours with you rooms from here, he-" "Bring ee into his room" — pointing to the king, the captain ordered to the soldiers. — We with your daughter this night will lodge in your rooms, Carle, a you in next will lie and listen to us. I hope you don't object — with a grin on a face the captain told the king. — I Swear all Gods, you will regret. Well that, Bella with the lifted-up hem and naked, kolykhayushchimisya on the course boobies, was led in royal rooms. There ee waited for the following test