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Having put on a glove sponge a hand, he gently soaped the beautiful girl, trying to don't pass one site, circular movements covered each site of velvet skin, including rotundities of boobies with the nipples which are fervently sticking out up and the elastic tightened buttocks. Then he took off a glove and is careful, itself shivering with inexpressible feelings, washed away ee so carefully that it reminded skoree distinguished caress, a Svetlanaa Svetlana was different each time. To she languidly sighed — so that blood raged in veins To it was curved, he was enough a hand, and itself fiercely I rubbed her between hips, having covered eyes with long eyelashes, having had a snack on a corner of the lower lip and intimately groaning To showed full dispassionateness from process No even it so brought the guy that it seemed to him — the erection just about will break through shorts! A still should carry darling on hands to lay in a bed and to kiss for the night! In Svetlana's eyes each time it was read that-to unexpressed, it seemed to the guy that she as if for what-to waits from him, but he firmly remembered o ee conditions therefore restrained as could not to conclude this fine body stretched before him in a seductive pozenevyrazimo charming in embraces and also mornings when after an obligatory kiss the girl appeared by a breakfast absolutely naked were painful and, without being confused this circumstance, vigorously I ate greedily food, painting plans for day A then was the most delightful — a trip to institute when it seemed to him that they — couple: Svetlana held him by a hand, nestled on him in crowd of the subway, kissed in a cheek gently how to fly away on a lecture of the fakultetai there stepped evening pyatnitsysvetlana as always I came late and after obligatory massage small a foot they stood the friend opposite to the friend. — So as about the third test? — Sergey a little nervously asked. — do You want that I fucked with another again? — the girl hitched up a graceful eyebrow, having seemed for an instant adult, grown wise vital experience, slightly tired woman. — Ne absolutely. I just want to be happy with you. I know that you won't regret, I will make everything that you were happy three times as much, I will be true and loving, you will be absolutely free an in the acts. Svetlana, having frowned, I measured the guy with the destroying look: — All right, Bambi, there will be to you the third test. Will you stand him, I will be your wife Only before a wedding I will pass through myself the maximum number of men Yes and after too Ne you object, Bambi? — Ne I object — Sergey creaked teeth. — Well that, today I want a that you stayed for a while at when I am fucked in all holes. How do you look at it? If I am well humoured, then, can be, I and you will allow to participate No of course not rasschityvayegor answered a lot of things that will be able to arrive only by the midnight, Sergey and Svetlana dispersed on the rooms, but for half an hour before Egor's appearance, the girl called Sergey. When he entered, stiffened from a fascinating show — Svetlana settled down on a bed, having widely moved apart legs, such fine in the nakedness and a frank pose. The girl strictly raised an eyebrow and ordered: — You have to prepare me for other man, Bambi therefore — forward properly!. Sergey with tenderness clung to favourite sponges, having begun to caress them language, and in 10 minutes the girl rushed about on sheets, stonaya and even sometimes screaming — ee already finished to predorgazmennogo states, and she seriously was afraid that she won't sustain sweet torture. The girl was already going to stop from Sergey who got skilled at oral adulating, but the call rang out here. — Go open — Svetlana made a purring sound, choking with the seized excitement ee. — Tell Egor that I wait for him completely prepared by you, a you will be present. Sergey with visible work came off the sexual lips which bulked up from inflow of blood tormented with his mouth, but obediently trudged to the hall, trying to cover the reared hillock on shortakhodnako Svetlana didn't wait for appearance of the lover: at first she heard a conversation on the increased tones, then to steam of minutes Egor used foul language, a then after loud "Perverts!" I slapped a door, an on a threshold arose Sergey with a guilty look: — Egor told that he is a normal man and doesn't gather uchuvstvovat in a group sex — Here the devil! — risen was the girl again I failed on pillows, mechanically, as if without noticing presence of the guy, having run by fingers on sexual lips and having even entered one into a vagina. — I urgently need the man! No you will take him for me at 12 o'clock evenings? Svetlana strange as as if appraisingly I inspected the guy, ee the look lingered on the impressive erection in shorts which didn't decrease after the conversation with Egor at all. She made a pause for several moments as if she expected what-to actions from Sergey, but No this pause dragged on, and the girl, having twisted a dissatisfied grimace, spoke: — A where that red from your former work? I remember how it me oblazil lewd views when I came somehow Directly as if hands oblapal As him there? Pavel? Here that, take a picture of me in such look and send it. After these words she settled down on a bed in a free pose, having widely moved apart hips, caving in in a back so that ee roundish boobies of the correct form looked even more sexually. Ne she forgot and to extend fingers of legs as real pornozvezda. Sergey only nervously swallowed, delightfully considering the magnificent female body which was located before him. Even in such dissolute look Svetlana was surprisingly lovely and cute well and desired to pain, to infernal suffering lips Wanted to cling to ee a mouth, to kiss greedily, then to lay to an a path of kisses down, to the chink And then He already understood what power he possesses over ee a body when begins to caress language and lips sweet folds — Hey! Do you hear me? — he shuddered from a sound of ee of the voice which ruthlessly pulled out from intolerably wonderful images. — In general the scent lost? Did you forget that you are urgently necessary to me ebar? — she, significantly looking at him through poluopushchennye long eyelashes, I pressed a clitoris button, invitingly having moaned.