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The marine, his wife, not movably was by the open window. The young man got up and went to a toilet, the spouse didn't even stir. Having celebrated small need and having given a hand to merge water, Sergey heard as the entrance door slapped. "What for the devil?" — the guy thought and without hurrying, left to the hall. The entrance door was open wide open. From an entrance blew softly some basement cold. — the Marine — Sergey — the Marine quietly called — having slightly raised the voice, he repeated. The answer didn't follow. Heart of the man was clogged is speeded up. In a mouth dried up. The unclear bodily fear drove it to the room. The wife didn't appear there. But from an open window noise of the closed door in an entrance distinctly reached. Sergey looked out and saw a naked Marine идущею not urgent gait towards the square. If not the lack of clothes, then from outside seemed that the girl walks, on the quiet night small street. — the guy only could also tell Okhrinet-. On an army habit, on the full automatic machine, Sergey put on shorts, a t-shirt, nashmygnut slaps, and rushed off for the beloved spouse. He didn't begin to wait for the elevator, and at a full speed passed five floors, having broken all world records if those of course exist, took off on the street. Sergey was high, a sports constitution the guy. Having inhaled full lungs, fresh night air the guy on a fraction of a second stopped, trying to orient in space. The naked silhouette of the woman was seen in couple hundreds of meters. But there was unexpected. The Marine was approached by the big black car. The girl got into the car and left. Sergey slowly fell by a shop, got a cigarette and lit. Dense gray smoke of a cigarette, instantly shrouded the man, having forced out all smells and having left only one, began to smell dangers. Somewhere the dog howled. Its lingering howl I forced heart to contract installing inhuman melancholy there. The guy thought. They got married with Marina rather recently. They had marriage for all two hundred percent on love. The girl had model appearance: the correct shapes of a face, big brown eyes, fluffy eyelashes, jet-black long hair, a brittle swan neck, a high beautiful breast which nipples looked in different directions, a slender waist, slender, long, beautiful legs. The girl had white skin, marble, without the slightest signs of suntan. The person against the background of black hair looked painfully pale. Lips were brightly red, not needing lipstick. The character contrary to bright, defiant appearance was very mild. The young woman was very modest. The woman's ideal for Sergey. It seemed to him that he knows everything about darling. But where, why, with someone there left Marina? And what to do to him? To call police. The guy presented how his statement will silly look. The head was ready to become torn from questions, but the answer wasn't, on one of them. It had only one, to wait. How many passed time it isn't known, but the space about a shop became covered by stubs from cigarettes. The square recovered chatter of birds, the first welcoming dawn, and with him and the beginning of new day. Sergey shrank, despite warmth of summer night, he shivered. Cigarettes in a pack ended and nothing remained to him how to rise to the apartment. "For one I will also put on" — the guy thought. Having come into the apartment, he decided to warm a teapot. The cup of coffee will help to be warmed, will encourage. Sitting on a chair in kitchen, he heard as the entrance door slapped, and bare feet proshlepat to the bedroom. — Okhrinet-only was also told by Sergey. The marine lay bared in a bed and with pleasure fell down. Legs were shamelessly stretched. Tasty rolls of buttocks were crimson. Openings of a pussy and the daddy are unscrupulously opened and exuded with whitish liquid. A cum — the husband guessed. The cum was on all body. In places I dried up, places fresh. On a face, hair, a back, legs, hands — everywhere a cum. In the morning she will answer me all questions — Sergey thought. The guy sat down in a chair and was cut down. — Get up — the tender voice of Marina went from where from far away. Sergey hardly opened eyes. There was a feeling that he also didn't sleep, awakening was so heavy. The spouse faced him fresh, dressed, brushed and made up. — Stop sleeping sluggishly and immoderately. Sleepyhead. — everything was also tenderly said by the girl. — The breakfast is ready. Get up. Put on. I for work. It will dream — the guy thought. And only leaving for work, he saw in the hall, slightly noticeable tiny trace, a naked female foot. The working day seemed to Sergey eternity. The brain inflamed, not had a rest in a night endeavored to solve a problem at which even conditions weren't clear. The house of the young guy was waited by a surprise. Festively served table. Small bottle of dry wine. Candles. The spouse dressed in the short silk dressing gown and black stockings which are favourably emphasizing her seductive legs. — In what occasion we walk — having been taken aback Sergey asked. — So today exactly a year as we got acquainted - having taken offense Marina answered. — Could remind — the guy was embarrassed — I would buy a gift. — Yes, it isn't necessary, you will work a gift after a dinner — the girl ozorno spoke. The dinner by candlelight, is a little alcohol, adjusted loving couple on a lyrical harmony. Having forgotten all day alarms, Sergey lifted to Marin on hands and carried to the bedroom. Having put the girl on providently sorted bed, the young husband opened floors of an erotic dressing gown. A thought to remove lacy panties teeth I came, it seemed there is no place. Sergey pulled in front, and nothing left.