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I trudged behind her. The first visit of a lecture of doctor Anatoly Pavlovich Bassargin was free, and here on him "Three steps of a family relationship" should be paid for the subsequent occupations... These lectures to my Tana were recommended by her some distant girlfriend, told any rubbish about the fact that they allegedly help to remove problems in family life. Yes I and so always considered that we with my wife have no problems... Also we lived with her side by side five years. Also I love her still and she like me too. However something my Tanya interested in that first lecture that I don't know: she went to her one, and now and dragged me. We were in the Small Hall of the Palace of pioneers. Only the small stage was lit. I passed to the dark hall, flopped near the wife, about myself having noted that to the people gathered in the hall very little. From loudspeakers light slow music flew. Suddenly the tall dense man stepped on the stage wide gait. By sight I gave him years fifty - fifty five. I understood that it is Anatoly Pavlovich Bassargin. He loudly cleared the throat and asked: - At the first lecture I asked that all came married couples. If someone came one raise hands. Several people raised hands up. - You are free, you leave. Will return you money. I was surprised. Here so easily I expelled also all! When in the hall there were only couples it continued: - For long and happy family life it is necessary to wake secret desires of the woman, that's all! I called the system "Three Steps". All is very simple: here and now I immerse you in a hypnotic dream of the First step. It is very important what you and your second half sat next to each other. If the situation doesn't suit someone from spouses, then he has the right to tell STOP and then all to stop. But at the word FEET you get up and we say goodbye forever... The system is very simple...... there was still something that I didn't sort until I made out in darkness of night hotel on a roadside. Having abruptly taken away a wheel to the right, I parked. Heavy night rain whipped on the car, filling in glasses. Weather finally deteriorated. My wife sat near me. She, having shuddered, I woke up: - Where we, Seryozha? - Tanya with pleasure stretched, curved a back. On her there was a fitting summer dress, short, slightly covering a bottom, with a big cut on a breast. Dark nipples of boobies were distinctly appeared through fine fabric. I admired the sticking-out spouse's nipples. The summer was in full swing, we went to rest to the sea. Only I and she. BEAUTY!!! - Somewhere middle of a way, Tan. - I lit - heavy rain such that the road isn't visible! Here the hotel got. - Do you want to stop for the night? Ummahs - the wife wrinkled a nose - give I I will take the wheel more better? - No - I cut off - the road is dangerous! Leave. The car alarm system peeped, closing doors, and we, having grabbed hands, ran to an entrance of hotel. The rain with rage snatched on us and began to rinse furiously from head to foot. On the run of Tan threw off sandals, I took them in hand and I squelched on pools barefoot. I knocked at the closed door and looked at the wife. On her wet hair water flew down. A dress all became wet and distinctly drew in detail the spouse's boobies, her flexible camp, contours of thongs on a bottom. Behind a door the shuffling steps were heard. Cough. The wife looked at me with naughty eyes and joking shook a coat hanger from what her breast came hoduny. She winked at me: - We argue the owner will be confused, having seen me such?!! I smiled, cast away not finished smoking become wet cigarette. Lock scratch. The door opened, the wife the first stepped forward, having given me her shoes. We were met by the sleepy guy, barefoot in some pants semeynik. He was young, lean smoked a cigarette, at the same time choked with cough.- Good night, misters - his voice seemed me the sign - what you will desire? He without hiding a look, without shame I stared at the boobies of my wife which are translucent through a dress, I dragged on and I produced smoke in her party. - You understand - Tanya shot on him eyes - we want to spend the night, we need the room. She obviously coquetted with him. It amused me. Now she behaved as when we were teenagers and I ran behind her. However behind her three-four more boys - the groom from which she for some reason chose me also ran. I began is got from a type of the half-naked wife in wet translucent a dress, facing the unfamiliar guy. And not only I am one... in pants of the guy of the beginnings in the eyes raise rather big hillock, delaying pants forward. - Do you need the room? - the guy immodestly scratched a hillock - and I need the woman. And I won't take money from you: the room in exchange for a kiss. Yes, to stat, for you, the man, I have no rooms! You will go further, and she - here the lean impudent fellow pointed a finger towards my wife - will remain here! Then will catch up with you... if wants! Yes he glues my wife!!! At me glues my wife!!! Now that's something like it!!! Tanya smiled, looked at me critical up and down: - Well, darling? - Darling we should talk - I answered, filling with gravity the tone - the road was very difficult, tomorrow for a long time and far to go... I talked nonsense while we with the wife departed away. - Yes you understand WHAT he wants from you?!! - I began, but Tanya tore off me. - Darling, we in some godforsaken hotel, in the middle of night bad weather. Only you, I and this guy... nobody knows us, in several days we with you will sunbathe together somewhere in hundreds kilometers from here!!! and never, you hear, NEVER here we will return any more! So? I silently nodded, she, having gathered in lungs of air and courage, continued: - Seryozha, let's throw off masks! This perfect place! only tell, tell it and me now not that HAS TO tell, and the fact that you WANT!!! Solve...-... and what is wanted by you? - I whispered.-... to remain... I want to try... with another... I looked at the wife and understood that I won't be able to answer "no". I admired her, her brilliant eyes, playfully wrinkled nose, cockily hitched up nipples... as she changed! as though looked younger, I threw off from myself an invisible burden and complexes. She is beautiful!!! I love her. Tanya was developed and approached, wagging hips to rather impudent guy. She put a hand to him on a shoulder and turned back to me. Two of them silently looked at me, without looking away. They waited for my decision. I Delano made a helpless gesture: - well that ж... time my blessed doesn't obey me... hakha... - as I am silly now - I agree... The wife smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. The impudent fellow clasped her for a waist and attracted to himself: - Do you agree?! Ha! Here and well. Now undress her for me!