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I delivered to scientists a task to develop, кхм as far as I understand a virus and results already is, I ask to hear". Na a low tribune the typical scientist rose low growth: glasses, dressing gown, sweater. "Emm, companions" — uncertainly there began a doctor, but having remembered why he continued to speak surer speed here: "I with group of colleagues developed a virus which limits further reproduction of people, way vezkikh changes in a body of the person. These changes will be shown at infected in a full measure only later generation, in the first generation of infected will be observed only changes of a hormonal background and change in behavior, achievement of result by decrease in an organism infected productions of testosterone is directly planned, but there will be in this regard biologically caused system of production of estrogen. In my opinion association of people in one floor will be the main pretext to reduction of number of people. Already so the second generation in a body of infected there will be considerable changes: they will have own uterus, since the birth estrogen and gestagen will be produced, also in strictly limited quantity there will be a production of testosterone and the androgens necessary only for limited reproduction. However it is possible that already in the first generation in a body of the person the anal opening will extend, in the future due to carry out a vagina role, breasts, the functioning dairy glands will appear. Change in behavior will go to the party gomofilii. A prepotent floor will become men's, however I it wouldn't call it any more therefore that "The report went about 2 more hours. It was decided to use this virus next week. *** 6 days later all media cracked o a new deadly strain of a virus in connection with which everything nedostigshim 25 years are required to make vaccine. Only one hundred people knew that vaccine and is a full-fledged virus. *** Evgeny Ivanov. Future graduate of the Moscow general school, an on business still okleymenny "beginner" horoshist brought together all smenku and ran to catch up with companions. Low, thin, with absolutely small vegetation on a body, but in the general the friendly and comprehensive person. Today to him carried out a new virus inoculation, o which he seemed hears absolutely everywhere on an extent of 3 days. Having run out on the street, having played soccer with schoolmates, having seen to the house of companions, he said goodbye to the only friend Sankom who supported him then when he only passed into this school, in the general in that time when he was poisoned all to someone not laziness. Both are thin, but active children. dryshchami nobody called them and firm "5" on physical culture confirmed it. Having come home and having convinced that parents of the house no, it habitually began to masturbate. He often thought that jerks off not therefore that is on that desire, a therefore that there is only a habit it to do *** the Second week. At last Friday. Zhenya's parents as always went to the dacha, the benefit there was an end of March, and parents had no special occasion to take the son with themselves, an on this of Zhenya needed to be found only a little malskiye the reasons and he would remain on ALL DAYS OFF at home. It would be possible to invite friends home, to play shooters, to jerk off without looking back at a room door and to watch a porn of video of which our character was fond, with columns. — Zhen, you with us definitely don't go? — There are no mothers, lessons on all days off set. — In the refrigerator soup and pasta, the rest you will prepare. — Of course mothers. Having kissed on farewell him on a cheek, she got to the father into the car, and they dashed away away from the house. At once after departure of parents, 30 minutes having stayed in the Internet for confidence that parents forgot nothing. He completely undressed. The choice wasn't simple. "Hmm, anal porn or usual?". It was decided that in this time it is possible also anal. "It wasn't strange it seems before special desire, well yes it is fine". Having sat down it began to look at a chair. The most typical plot: the man, the woman, the invitation in guests, the sexual act. No in this time process ebli in an anal bewitched Zhenya, all began to slip thoughts more often "A than I am worse. Too the hole is." Such thoughts became more. Having gathered confidence to a limit what-to accidental feeling as if imposed to him, he opened the tab, an in the searcher gathered "anal masturbation". "Cucumbers, bottles, potatoes, all not that, parents will precisely notice their loss the Finger!". Now the inquiry was new "anal masturbation a finger" .prosidev hour 3 in network, and having found out that on hours 23 hours of evening, Zhenya decided to lay down to sleep. An hour more 2 it lay and represented this moment — he fucks himself a finger as the real bitch. From these thoughts he was turned back by all less and less, and every hour confidence that he will make it increased. Morning of Saturday began unexpectedly, with a sheet the covered cum. Having thrown her in the washing machine he began to have breakfast. Today Zhenya had a day "Д", he forgot o the fact that wanted to invite schoolmates, all he was plunged into dreams of o the next future. After a breakfast and a small session on the Internet Zhenya undressed, passed in a bathtub, took with himself Post-Soviet anal pear, children's cream and the last doubts in what he makes. Having washed, to steam of times having washed out an anal pear, it was solved, having smeared a finger with cream, he began to enter carefully him into an anal, not the most pleasant impressions, but he read about it and knew that for the first time it always. Having slowly begun to do forward movements unpleasant feelings began will evaporate, an on his place got up the unknown mixed feelings. Vvodiv-vyvodiv, крутив and vrashchav a finger in an anal, the dick began to rise foully proving to Zhenya that he not such as all. Having finished an action habitual drochkoy the dick, he on the shivering, wadded legs left a bathtub, he understood that all it only the beginning. *** the fourth nedelyaodev in the morning an undershirt, Zhenya sladostrasno felt easy burning in nipples even from the slightest contact of an undershirt. Having convulsively undressed he approached a mirror and looked at himself. Long ago nestrizhennye the soft hair which are almost touching shoulders, roundish, vzbukhshiye the nipples which were slightly expanded concerning hip legs, and finishing a picture, beginning to get up but all still the small sizes chlenik. His it at the same time both shocked and made horney. The second week Zhenya practiced anal masturbation, all are more often representing themselves the fucking girl and having begun to use the objects suitable under this business, be that the handle, a tooth brush, a sometimes even vegetables. Today the new task was on the agenda. Having sat at forums, Zhenya began to dream o that to receive that most anal orgasm, without touching the dick. Parents left for day the friend's birth, so that Evgeny or as he called himself in masturbation time — Evgenia, having come so schools could be given to the business entirely. Putting on in school, he mentally represented that already I returned from there, represented all extremely in details that strongly was reflected in a form only that dressed shtanovpridya home and to the delight without having found the house of parents he took in advance prepared carrots and koe-kak the condom stolen from the father and went to a bathtub. Having made a habitual enema, he accurately laid down on a back on a bottom shower, put legs on bathtub walls, and began to enter slowly improvised phallus. Having remembered about morning incident with nipples, now already Evgenia began them to clasp, twist in every possible way, at the same time entering the greased carrots all are deeper, having made the first cycle Zhenya began to repeat him all more often and more often: вâoдить-выâoдить-вâoдить-выâoдить-вâoдить-выâoдить. Rotating carrots in an anus Zhenya reached unknown feelings, and repeating this action even minutes the 5th small stream of a cum was splashed out from a head of the dick and fell on Zhenya's breast. Minutes ten in Zhenya not future graduate of school, a wishing to be fucked the bitch triumphed. And she completely collected to finish this action accurately in a palm a cum and ate her. Zhenya sincerely rejoiced. *** the sixth week "Children, from tomorrow's day the physical culture will pass on the street" — with such phrase the cool head addressed pupils. Zhenya trembled with happiness, at last it will be possible in this May, but all cool weather to put on trousers, a not shorts. A it opened big prospects. It will be possible to shave legs at last. She dreamed of it half of month. A it was possible to start that already on the next days off, of course if parents don't take away it to the dacha that in the turn was very possible. — Well mothers. — Any "well" how many it is possible to stay at home. To argue it was useless. Therefore the next day, in the evening, Zhenya sat, a for parents sat in the car and waited for the father with a brazier. 2 hours of driving. 1 hour of traffic jams. And here, the lonely place in 100 km from Moscow. The settlement this very old therefore the only house higher than 2 floors is school and Ivanov' house. All still only began. Continuation follows. I wait for criticism. If you want, then and remunerations POISON: 410013098322494.