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Ne therefore that I earn by it though when pay, I never refuse, a therefore that it is pleasant to me. I had two years one "the constant client", paid a few 500 — 1000 rub when how many was. No it is not an essence. I rendered him special service — I toys fucked him in a bottom. In it there is nothing special, indecent or awful, no, he not pedik. No he cumed from it just enchantingly! Elementary massage of a prostate. Thus I most often was left without candy, but with the note in a pocket. Considering A that it is an Azerbaijanian Once when I told — I don't want! He gave an iron argument — I any more can trust nobody, only to you. A means, trusts. A Azerbaijanians in our town, of course, the friend of the friend know everything. And I got to their full company almost full once. So left that I got acquainted with each of them differently. With someone-to at fruit disorder, with one in his hairdressing salon when took it for the security guard, the girl's an in horror are an owner! I gathered in marriage for the Azerbaijanian two years ago. He arrived, lived with us month, found the general language with my children. No he had problems with documents, went home, removed him from the train on border with Kazakhstan and deported for two years. I didn't marry, language I hear a though I don't understand. And I love Azerbaijanians if it is honest. Among them there are many decent, good people. So once that owner of hairdressing salon calls me and invites in a sauna at which-to of them day of the birth. I understand, than it will turn back, I am an adult girl and I don't trust in fairy tales. Promise to pay me! The mood is lower than a plinth, in the plan of sex — always hungry. Find fault with A will be. "How many to the people?" — I ask. "Eight us and two more girls". A east men have an iron rule — someone invited the girl, that also is responsible for her! Therefore are afraid to me there is nothing, in offense won't give. I come to a sauna, I am met, taxi pay, carry out, open a door, a there, in some pants my that "client". He a little in shock, an I am glad him to see! Double protection — is always more best! He precisely in offense won't give me. With azerbaydzhanami everything is clear. A here the promised girls are a separate story. They were invited by Vasya, one of the company. His Videla for the first time, very small growth, the girl's a growth as I, is more than 170 cm, but is much larger on dimensions. No, not thick, it is simple more largely on addition. Well and appearance. I never considered myself the beauty, but these were, softly speaking, so to themselves. Na their background suddenly I began to admire myself. Cousin sisters, 36 and 34, brunette and blonde. Normal little girls. Vodka, brochette, cucumbers, a lavash, fruit — a table breaks. One package soka takes, tries to open, men look at it. Menya-to know here, there is no them yet. Tenderly so, in polgolosa I say: "Ouch, the girl, you here in guests, men invited, ask, all will make!" I take away a package from her, I give sitting next, smiles! The package opened, juice in a glass poured, gives her. All right, though I didn't forget to tell thanks! We on a liqueur glass, I gave a toast to the birthday boy abstruse, shob to a show off to overtake on those someone for the first time see me, type clever devonkam winked also in a sweating room. We sit three chickens on a perch. Comes to us With (ouch, without names my client doesn't turn out, all right, we will call him With, an of the owner of hairdressing salon A, the others as it will turn out). Ya-to without complexes, I undressed at once, pareo on myself, in a sauna — under myself. A of the girl press close that-to, it seems undressed, a somehow forgot to remove panties. With and so knows me, a wants to look at maids. Lifts one on legs, pants down, the second — afterwards. Takes my hand also to the blonde in a perineum. A could not do, so I see — the girl obviously Lesbian. Lips are sucked away, a clitoris decent. You won't spend me, itself in mater-yale.I heated up, will be enough, the pool waits. A pool cool. With a hydromassage, flowing, big and warm! Here the last pleases me most. With so me flops. We reach steps at a side, it to itself(himself) attracts me: "Untwist, you know that there is a wish to look at a show". I for decency bargained. "In your pocket already lies, you don't trust, go, check" .devonki at a side so far stand. A men already cleared up, well, threw off maids to the pool, the blonde to float, it appears, isn't able. Until I groped a bottom, I nearly drowned. I see such business, I go to save the girl. I caressed, I smoothed, on hands I took (in water it simply). I roll ee on a surface, an itself I approach lips, top so far. Type I learn to swim. Well-well, itself-to I am not able, a there. Asked a performance — here it to you and will be. Men already on a platoon, I an interior feel it, on a smell. allowed to smoke the Cigarette. Under hands and to the room where the sofa costs. All three, wholesale. No main characters I and blonde. Someone-to took the brunette too, didn't notice someone. The room wasn't pleasant to me. The pool is cool, an a sofa is small, but but floors with heating. Here saunas correctly aren't able at us to do. To tail, nose. All right, we will understand. To the people jammed decently. Someone costs, someone lies. With I decided to try the blonde, in a mouth, for the beginning. I from below was attached, on a floor by heat. I moved apart legs of ee, a finger I walked. She suddenly zakobenilas. A of companies is occupied. In the general, I went to investigate the ee language the stretched sponges. Slightly, on tops. A it began to flow, whether from my language, whether from the dick in a mouth, a whether just from a situation. The brunette already someone-to on edge of a sofa forced to the knees and set with her. She so gently moans on the back plan. Idyll, in the general. One eye I see that A stands behind a back of a sofa, the dick a hand podrachivayet also looks at all it. And suddenly With bent ko to me, in an ear whispers: "Make you, she isn't able to do some horse-radish!" Yes itself I see how sucks. Otboyny the hammer — up-down. Well someone so does blowjob? I came off ee stretched gubyonok, to me ee the main thing was to untwist. Na a sofa it was filled up, ee for hair and down. Knees I clamped the head, I pressed into myself, the darling sucks-lizhet, a hissed that not such! With girls at her obviously more best it turns out! In my mouth here the dick of a vtyrila. The blonde all the good fellow, for me made all. I had only imperceptibly a finger to insert into a bottom, a hand to press the main thing that nobody saw it, and a ball sack from below up. The dick so superficially involved, without sharp movements, and With me already in a mouth and sprinkled. I swallowed and a hand for hair pressed the girl in myself. Men are above us, dicks atilt, hands jerk off. I didn't want to cum. I pulled out the blonde so for hair, here someone-to picked up ee, my interest in her was already gone. A here the dick of A interested me when I before myself saw him. A finger I beckoned, stands already nearby. I took in a mouth, hot, strong. I licked a head, I took for a drive from the party in the party. Zaglotnula A he pushes away me! "Chiiya, I don't want to cum, so far!" Yes not very much-to there was also a wish. I got up, I led round a look the field of fight. Maids were fucked still someone as, nekhay enjoy. I in a shower! I freshened up, in pareo it was wrapped, I went to smoke. Till a way to the pocket I dived, I groped the note, the beauty, krasnenkaya, pyatirublevaya lies. I shifted in a bag, to everyone, a that everyone happens! I already with boys on a liqueur glass zamakhnula, exhausted couple of cigarettes, in the pool swam for a while quietly, in the pleasure. Little girls leave a shower. The brunette ko to me sits down nearby and so quietly, almost in a whisper: "Lara, a tell how many to you years? To you thirty-to though are?" I smiled mysteriously: "Yes to 48 me, generally". — "How many? Yes well! Ne can be, you look as "She didn't manage to finish speaking. So the second party the blonde sits down also with that intonation as accidentally would ask: "Lahr, a to you how many years?" The answer is already known. They the friend looked at the friend and didn't ask questions any more. A here of A me caught all, in the pool after the next calling a sweating room. I pressed to steps and I set behind, yes all right it is simple, so I got into a bottom, yes it is similar, itself and I didn't understand. A all crowd on the coast crowded. Someone openly watches, someone hides eyes. A I catch a high. In water to fuck — absolutely other feelings, a here still and in buttocks. I departured at once, after five-shesti pushes, a then still just once together with it!