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It is time for love, a time nadezhdobychno activity of an organism was supported by special nutritious tablets without taste and a smell. Two pieces lasted for all day. Process of their absorption in our family, in the general-to, didn't differ from others. We knew that parents do it, mother with the father suspected a that I and Lidochka too. Early in the morning I was locked in the room, pressed the "confidential" button on the distributor and received the small white pill and a glass of transparent vitamin solution for reception inside. We didn't belong to those families of perverts in which didn't draw a curtain and didn't close a door in time of this procedure. The cover of a secret never disappeared completely, but was sometimes slightly opened partially. Once I saw Lidochka who, obviously, has accidentally a shower bath vitamins. She upset went along a corridor and on ee a face damp droplets shone. All it could be copied on excessive roughness of the father who sometimes allowed itself to press down a little the daughter in blowjob time. After such cases he usually long apologized and consoled the girl. No in this time I distinctly heard the muffled father's voice. He obviously was in other end of a corridor. Lead A as time left the room. She quietly passed to parents, even without having turned the head in my party when passed by. I on tiptoes approached a door of kitchen which Lida densely closed behind herself, and listened. My little sister spoke in a low voice and it was possible to understand only separate words. It was possible to make a conclusion that I caught that Lidochka accidentally touched a glass with a hand and poured everything on a carpet. Mother sat down to write here explanatory which they sent directly via the kitchen distributor. Having quietly slightly opened a door, I saw how the father and mother confusedly turned away while bashfully reddened Lida quickly absorbed a tablet and vitamin cocktail which to her were given by the automatic machine instead of lost. I didn't even manage to close eyes and accidentally became the witness of so intimate procedure. Then in the evening when Lida came ko to me to a traditional evening session of blowjob, we didn't even speak about this inconvenient episode. The little sister pulled together from herself a white T-shirt and habitually fell by knees, having crafty had a look directly to me in eyes. My mind literally flew from coils at a type of ee of a charming smile. I with impatience bent down and began to rumple elastic maiden boobies the right palm, at the same time taking off a belt and releasing the dick the left hand. Lidochka clasped him with the chubby sponges and began to stick the lovely blond head on a penis, quietly lowing. Long I didn't sustain and, having put palms on the sister's nape, with hoarse groan terminated. Nectar was very much much, it flowed on corners of lips and a chin, doing a lovely maiden face even more nice and defenseless. I so also didn't decide to lift a forbidden subject while Lida threw off the lovely slippers hiding tiny maiden feet with accurate fingers and got ko to me into a bed. She got up on all fours and in expectation moved the buttocks fitted by white short shorts. Lida watchfully treated anal sex and trusted the bottom only to the father. Began to teach such types of love only at the university therefore to my little sister there was no need to be engaged in it often. No in this time she, probably, hinted at such development of events. My dick got stronger at a type of ee of the charming buttocks hidden by fine white fabric already again. I carefully put palms on elastic halves and began to caress them, having at the same time bent and kissing a gentle back of the girl which already shivered from impatience. Lida only quietly gasped when my lips, having gradually gone down, reached hips. I undid a fastener on shorts and straightened out them down, having released magnificent rich rotundities. My hands began to caress a tummy of the little sister and a perineum, a language and lips I began to humour a small ringlet of an anus. The girl moaned and was curved in a bed, having nestled the large naked breast on a sheet. Having carefully greased with saliva everything that is necessary, I brought up Lidochka to myself and adopted more convenient provision. The dick was already shaken in expectation, having stared in a ceiling. The little sister obediently stuck out buttocks and stood in this extremely seductive pose. I put a penis to the opening seeming incredibly narrow and understood that it doesn't seem, a so and is. My first movements led to the fact that the little sister contracted in an intense ball and began to rumple the small children's palms a sheet. She quietly began to whimper, but it didn't confuse me, and I continued with effort to make the way in incredibly close space. To relax Lidochka didn't even think. The lack of experience, as at her, so and at me affected. Still having a little tried, I understood that nothing will leave. We disappointedly exhaled both. I took out a penis which and so almost didn't get into Lida and kissed both halves of ee of naked appetizing buttocks — at first left, then right. — Sorry, I couldn't relax — the girl confusedly whispered. — Yes it I am guilty. Na couples with classmates everything was much easier. Even when I passed test, I worried less — the teacher nearly shouted from pleasure. My little sister knowingly smiled. I tenderly patted ee on a cheek. — Ne worry, it still is necessary to you. When you come to HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, there will be also a practice. — So me it is only the father did. He was very careful, but much naporistee — Lidochka said. — Well it is fine. Can in the following time? — Aha. Give on-obychnomu? — Davaylidochka settled on a back and I bent the charming legs in knees. I was attached between them and found the dick of ee already flaring shchelochku. The sister only quietly screamed, but now any more not from pain, a from pleasure. To what it was delightful to get into this hot damp space which is grateful pulsed and fitted my penis shivering from excitement. I started sharp forward movements, driving a dick on the balls in the groaning and coiling girl, leaving her almost completely then to enjoy the surprising champing sound of penetration into such gentle and favourite bosom again. My palms rumpled all this time and caressed elastic boobies of the little sister. How we finished, I exhausted fell with her nearby — reddened and happy. A further I failed in a dream, having closed eyes and having regained consciousness next day. The sun hit directly into eyes through a crack in curtains. I was output, for study it isn't necessary, so that I decided to roll about a few. No unruly parents on all included what-to popular scientific transfer, the father still and in addition the pier began to appeal loudly to conscience, our with Lida, will be enough to sleep, we still were going today to the park. Lida left to herself to the room, so even at night that I remained one. Having unwillingly risen, I locked a door, drew curtains and typed the personal code in the distributor. That gave me a nutritious tablet and vitamins. Having swallowed tasteless liquid and precisely such pill, I opened a door and, yawning, passed along a corridor on kitchen. On the screen occupying almost all wall showed extremely interesting documentary movie o to Earth-2. The principle of the parallel worlds was open already long ago, but the possibility of material penetration there of our film-making devices appeared only at the beginning of last century. Local natives on Earth-2 called these UFO cams and thought out various hypotheses of their origin.