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On a girl's face the disappointment and a certain fear which did it charming was read. — I concerning that transaction in which I was engaged at me was today a meeting with the client... and... unfortunately, this meeting took place not really successfully. I lost the client, the order won't be... — she told quickly seemingly quiet tone, but in a voice the shyness was distinctly heard. The man at a table exhaled, lowered a view of a table, then again looked at her. He kept silent a little, then quietly and somehow "on-nachalski" asked: "and how so left, the darling?". He stared at her. She began to tell as there was a business, and he observed, didn't listen, namely observed how her chubby sponges are closed and disconnected, pronouncing words, dense eyelashes flit up-down, under a gray boring jacket for nervousness the breast often rose. She touched fingers edge of a skirt, worrying, then filled a red curl for an ear, having bared on the one hand the gentle neck. The man at a table caught himself on a thought that he with pleasure greedy would drop to this neck and would squeeze her elastic breast in a hand. Lips of the girl ceased to move and he understood that she finished speaking. He was silent, and she waited for him reaction to the story. He inhaled, brought a hand to a chin, having bent a forefinger under a lip, and said with a grin: "Well, then you should be punished for such oversight". She submissively nodded, expecting a verdict in the form of a penalty in half-salaries. — How old are you, Nastya? — 23.— Well, how such young specialist, could make such mistake? The man got up because of a table and bypassed him, stopped about a chair, thrust hands into trouser pockets and crossed legs. On a chair she which at this moment looked to him in the face from below sat, and to a bowl I clapped everything eyelashes. Still I touched fingers on region of a skirt. It understood that she very much worries and felt like "the severe and imperious chief". He didn't begin to wait for the answer and continued unexpectedly for himself: "Maybe you will jerk off to me? I very much would like it". She with astonishment expanded eyes, inhaled and wanted to tell already something, but here as if changed the mind. He understood why, he noticed her look which at this moment was aimed at him for a long time the standing dick which now so obviously appeared through trousers. She translated a view again of his face, this look still was shy and some innocent. The pause hung in mid-air, Nastya didn't tell a word, and then the man approached her closer and was inclined over her face, took her for a chin and repeated: "Will you jerk off to me or not?". In her eyes there was a fear, but he heard as her breath became frequent, he for the present didn't understand whether she is afraid of him or passionately wishes, then he ran a thumb over her chubby sponges, she licked them and, at last, answered: "I very much would like it if you allow me it to make". Then he released her and undid a fly of trousers and got the stone dick. She still shy looked to him in the face, then pulled a hand and he felt as her brittle fingers touched his head, she removed a lace curtain at first slightly, then stronger and returned her into place, began to repeat this movement over and over again and still scaredly looked. Then suddenly I asked: "I correctly do everything?". The man opened eyes and told tone of "daddy": "Squeeze him stronger, Nastya, from it will only be more pleasant to him. ". Nastya obediently followed the instruction. — I want that you touched yourself there, Nastya... — Only if you allow me... — You probably are engaged in it at home sometimes? To be pleasant to you it? — Yes, very much it to be pleasant to me it though sometimes to me happens is a shame... — she said and I reddened a little. Nastya still continued to nadrachivat his dick, her breath already was rather frequent. She spread legs, sitting on a chair, and the second hand began to caress herself. The man noticed and asked: "Nastya, you what, you don't wear underwear for work?" — I Carry — And that... today...? — with aspiration he said. — Today I woke up in good mood... ah... — a little she moaned. — Perhaps, for this reason the meeting wasn't successful... умх... can be therefore... oh... what were your thoughts where there had to be your panties? — with the getting-off breath he spoke. He understood that he can't constrain himself any more, seized her by a hand and let know gesture that she got up from a chair. She got up. — Take off a jacket, lovely — As to you there will be an ugodnomuzhchina took off from the neck a tie, looked at her, he saw her the look which is eager for his dick. — Turn a back to me, Nastya, give me the hands