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Only half an hour ago Normandy moored in docks of the Citadel, and the captain was already enraged serially by two different persons. At first — the admiral Mikhaylovich who, apparently, derived more sincerely pleasure from altercations with those someone were younger than him on a rank — and then a reportersha from "Vesterlandsky News". Shepard didn't remember her full name Larisa? Carissa? There was in him something Arab, but couldn't remember a name entirely of soldiers of Alliance. Anyway, she wasn't more best than the ill-fated admiral — she was able to get to the bottom of the smallest nuances of work of the officer even more better why Shepard had to inhibit desire to cut her on the grinning physiognomy. I restrained. Though hardly. However, in connection with these meetings, the mood of the captain considerably worsened, and on the inhabited level of the Citadel leading to the markets, he took up, being sunk into quite gloomy thoughts. However he was noticed so it was necessary to pull on the person impartial expression again and to turn to the journalist who called to him. Emily Wong was a pretty young Asian with the fine-molded figure which is professionally emphasized with a plain blue dress with a superficial cut. As well as during their previous meeting, the girl exhaled energy. Having noticed that Shepard paid attention to her, she considerably quickened: — I was sure that he plays an important role in all that here is created. Did you find something in his office what could help me? On the truth speaking, after that firefight in a strip club, belonging to Fist, the captain Shepard really copied data from his digital data carrier. Only after that everything was started turning with some improbable speed — and rescue of a kvarianka of Tali-Zora who joined later group, both formation by the Range, and purchase of new regimentals and obtaining orders from Council To put it briefly, Shepard forgot at all that on his uni-tool data from the computer of large criminal authority are stored. And here Emily didn't forget because of what Shepard mentally praised her for good memory and besides mentally sent for persistence. And still I nodded, including the instrumentron. — I will transfer you copies of carriers of data on which there can be information necessary to you — the captain said, starting the protocol of file transfer. Emily nearly screamed from delight. Obviously, I considered that Shepard spat long ago on the promise to help her, but the captain was not from those someone make promises just like that. — do you have Fist's data? I didn't even hope for it! — the girl quickly saw on information carriers the obtained information, her eyes joyfully lit up. Then, however, the girl put on the serious mask which was more suitable the journalist of her class again and began something to print quickly on the tablet. — Here, take, the captain — she said. — For your works. Emily a little confusedly reddened, it is visible, without knowing whether there will be enough credits transferred to the captain to pay for what he made. The girl, undoubtedly, understood what jump in career she will be able to make, having these data, just as understood that she is obliged to these, first of all, to the person in dark green armor with a mark of "N7" that faces her. In the constraint she was quite lovely why Shepard, without being the person quickly greedy for female charm at all, involuntarily admired the reddish flush and the long lowered eyelashes which acted on her cheeks from under which Emily looked at the captain the look full of gratitude. Right there the idea came to mind of the captain and before he managed to consider her, the range said: — And how you estimate our further cooperation? What if I agree to give you an interview? — Exclusive?! — the girl definitely didn't trust the ears. — Tell me about the event first of all?! Her eyes were lit by such happiness that Shepard even felt a little awkwardly. Emily seized the captain by a hand, strong squeezed her, having given in some to her one to the conducted rush, and said: — Will cost it not really much, but I with pleasure will pay the required sum. Where will we be able will meet? Shepard thought, but Emily excited by the proposal of the captain offered the place: — I have the room in Solyarias hotel on Shalmar Plaza. Do you know where it? — Naidoo — the captain nodded, accepting deserved, a little timid smile from the girl. Emily joyfully jumped up on the place as if the little girl who received, at last, a long-awaited gift. — we Will meet at restaurant on the first floor at eight o'clock in the evening. I will wait for you. If you are, of course, not busy — in the Evening I am free — Shepard honestly admitted. The girl nodded and, having ridiculously smiled once again stretched the thin handle for handshake. — Prior to a meeting, the captain Shepard. — Prior to a meeting, Ms. Wong — the commodore responded. In the late afternoon Shepard took a shower, brushed the hair and even brought the small beard into a decent look. Besides, he replaced the military space suit with a usual civil suit not to look silly at restaurant. Actually, John understood that all this looks a little strange. He gathers for an appointment? Some silly, children's word. However so it, apparently, also was. Perhaps Shepard and late to himself admitted it, but there was a wish to spend evening to Emily's companies to him very much. Business even was not so much in the girl how many it is simple in desire to have a rest after firefights at the lower levels of the Citadel and a mission on Noveriya. Shepard wouldn't offer for anything also hour of the life, so far Saren was at large, but Normandy needed refueling and small repair. It had to last just till the morning so at all members of the team free evening was. Ashley allocated him for a teleconference from one of sisters, Cayden went on some biotic affairs to SBTs academy, Rex just disappeared, having promised to return, however, by the morning, and Garrus and Tali were engaged in repair of Mako to which after the meeting with geta on Noveriya too fairly got. So though Shepard also felt a little uncomfortably, standing in front of the mirror in expensive, ideally sitting on a body suit while Saren cut somewhere in the galaxy on the dreadnought, the captain couldn't undertake anything at present. Shepard drove up to hotel without five eight. The small beautiful building stood directly in Plaza's center, being given a little forward that residents of the top numbers had an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the Presidium lake. Pretty Azari behind a rack of a reception greeted the captain perfected white teeth with a smile, however, when that told that he came to a meeting with Ms. Wong, only slapped eyes. — Ms. Wong left you the message, Mr. Shepard. I ask. The note was the most real — written by accurate handwriting on pink, something it is pleasant to the smelling paper: