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In appearance she was not too bad at all, but is obviously puzzled with something. Andrey glanced at the stranger, trying to make out her it is more best, and here the look of the guy fell to the screen of her phone. The last message intended, apparently, for the girlfriend, and the text was following: "As I left Leshka a month ago, the dick so is more and I didn't see. Now to any it is ready to be given". Andrey for several seconds stiffened, but it was enough that the girl raised eyes and I understood: this guy saw that she wrote. Having densely reddened, she was developed and ran out through just opened bus doors. Andrey stared in a window again, and went further, regretting that the meeting with this blonde ended quite so. In about 10 minutes the bus approached the necessary stop, Andrey left and went to the building of the new university. Andrey came into dean's office, gave documents, told a little about himself, listened to standard manuals and, having learned number of an office, went to classes. In audience Andrey greeted the new fellow students, reported everything that now he will study with them, without thinking twice, occupied the last school desk which was empty at that time. Here the teacher came and occupation began. There passed no more than five minutes as at a door knocked, and the girl entered a class. But it was not just the girl. It was that stranger from the bus. — Sorry, I was late, the bus broke. It is possible to enter? — she addressed the teacher. — Yes, Zhenya, quicker, please. The girl passed in an office and went to the place. She sat down on a penultimate school desk sideways from Andrey whose all thoughts were occupied now only by this girl. Zhenya didn't notice the new classmate, and he could make out her attentively. It was the tall, slender girl. On her there was a black skirt slightly overknee, fitting her long legs and a white blouse through which the black brassiere was hardly transparent. In appearance it was the quiet, modest girl and if not a case in the bus, Andrey would never think that she has in the head similar thoughts now. When occupation ended, Zhenya packed things and was already going to go to an exit when faced a look the guy who attentively studied her. She recognized the involuntary witness of that message. — It is our newcomer, Andrey — her neighbor in a school desk slowly told Zhenya. — Yes — Zhenya only could also utter indistinctly, it was sharply developed, and quickly I left in a corridor. Zhenya went down on the first floor and villages under a ladder. Didn't go in in any way as there could be it that the one someone saw so personal SMS will be near her more than four years now how now to be with it in one collective how to communicate? She didn't hear as the break ended and the call rang out, and from these questions Zhenya was distracted by only light touch of someone's hand to her knee. She raised eyes and was stupefied. Andrey looked at her from under black eyebrows brown eyes. — What that you want? — nearly Zhenya — the Same what and you exclaimed — sounded in ответВ this moment under a ladder the security guard came. — So, vividly went from here, a was call already — the man terribly croaked. Zhenya, having seized the moment, I jerked on a ladder, but Andrey hurried behind it and didn't allow to reach an office. Having strongly grabbed by a hand, he dragged the frightened girl in other end of a corridor and pushed in a men's room, then came then closed a door from within. — I I will cry now — by the shivering voice Zhenya told. Andrey, nothing without having answered, I approached closely and I stuck the lips into Bays Zheni. One hand he through a blouse rumpled the girl's breast, and started the second under a skirt. Zhenya stood, being afraid to move, with horror realizing that she is wildly made horney with what is done by this guy. She wanted sex for a long time, was ready to snatch for the first comer on the street. Zhenya answered a kiss, and began to undo Andrey's shirt one hand and the blouse another. Andrey dexterously undid a brassiere and began to go down below and below, here he kisses Zhenya on a neck, and already caresses the uvula her tremendous breasts with the sticking-out rozovenky nipples. Suddenly Zhenya sharply sat down on knees, and undid a belt on Andrey's trousers. Having pulled together pants, she saw a dick up in arm and greedy snatched on it, sucking round at first a head, and then completely swallowing the large tool of the classmate. Andrey seized Zhenya by hair and began to stick her head on a dick. (Erotic stories) the Girl was already ready to accept in herself all cum, but Andrey lifted her from knees, pulled together a skirt and seated Zhenya on a window sill. He removed from her already almost through wet panties, and entered her pussy the uvula. Zhenya hardly restrained not to cry from pleasure, but from her groans all the same continually escaped. — I can't any more, fuck me — I blurted out to Zhenyaandrey it wasn't necessary to repeat two times, he developed the girl facing a window, and itself began to enter her wet pussy behind. Already a second later he exhausted with it the dick at full length, Zhenya couldn't restrain any more and loud groans escaped from her breast. Andrey had to close her a mouth a hand that nobody heard them. Tension increased, and Zhenya felt as began to tremble her body, a second later she terminated. I terminated as didn't cum more than a month Though isn't present As now she never cumed. For a while it seemed to her that she fainted, and regained consciousness from the fact that Andrey with some animal roar began to water plentifully her back and buttocks with the seed. Having finished, and having allowed to suck round Zhenya the dick, Andrey put on, loudly slapped the girl in a bottom and already leaving asked: — I look to you it was pleasant? Zhenya, not in forces to tell something, nodded. It was pleasant Yes she was ready to repeat it not once right now, was ready to give everything again to touch the dick, to feel him in itself, to accept from him a cum. But Andrey only smiled in reply, opened the lock, and left. Andrey decided not to go to other couples today, having gone outside, went on foot to the house, by passed the bus in which this story began. "And me my new University begins to be pleasant" — flew in Andrey's head — "whether still will be" If it is pleasant, there will be a continuation