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Lina in bewilderment monitored actions of the recent lover, came round that there is bared and began to look for the dress, threw herself after what I asked: — A to what such haste? — It it — Sven answered. — To a being? — Yes. — You are sure? The answer was itself. The beams of the dawn sun which are making the way in a window darkened and soon all sky was clouded by blackness, neither clouds, nor stars were visible. From above the empty chasm looked at the world an unseeing look. Sven and Lina looked in a window, stood as if statues. — Yes — the knight answered. — Being. He continued to dress an armor. The sorcerer jumped up to him, helping to fasten components to each other that-to tried to lift or hold from what her suntanned skin on a face became is even more red. When Sven appeared the metal monster with the horned head, with a huge sword of which it would be possible to make ten swords for ordinary soldiers, he moved to an exit, Ling's a began to mince afterwards. The knight stopped before a door, pushed away a hand. Behind a door there was a being. The huge black shadow almost not distinguishable on a blackness background. Sven threatened a sword as the being hit him with a hand in a breast, the knight flew away and slid a back on a floor, the black demon entered the house. In light his shape became more distinguishable though all body as if was shrouded by the moving dark haze, but juicy muscles appeared, huge claws on legs scraped boards of a floor, an in a door aperture were hardly pushed leather wings. The being stopped, turned the head to Lina. Charodeyka threatened hands, in palms sparks flashed, but the demon opened a mouth, his mouth and the person on that place where there has to be a nose, dispersed in the parties, having shown ranks of sharp teeth, the deafening cry poured down from there. The sorcerer started back from a fright and sparks on hands were gone. The demon ceased to shout. Blows of metal to a floor were heard. The being hardly managed to turn and jump aside back as the huge edge flew by at his stomach, then receded on a step from one blow and jumped up ko to Sven, having intercepted his hand with the sword lowered to a floor. Darkness from skin of a being passed to an armor, and it began to blacken. The knight felt how he his hands slabnut, but everything continued to hold oruzhye, the being didn't concede too. It brought closer the person to his helmet and again opened a mouth in shout. Sven took away one hand from a handle and so the parties hit the demon in the head. That weakened a grasp. Then the knight could threaten quietly. The being jumped aside back, but it wasn't enough to avoid blow, and the edge got into his side, having broken skin, stopped. Na an armor in that place where there was a hand of the demon, the blackness began to vanish. The monster looked at a wound. His mouth slightly was slightly opened and distributed laughter, silent and spiteful snickers as if shook air. He put a hand on an edge and the sword pushed away, black drops of blood on metal turned into fog and flew to a cut of the demon, clouded blackness. The being raised the head on Sven. — You won't kill me — the demon told. — Ne you will be able. — A I? — the female voice was distributed. The demon turned the head in the party charodeyki. Hardly he made it as in his person fire sphere hit, having filled with a flame all torso as a dry log. Sven threatened a sword, on this time marking at a neck, but the demon made out an edge through a flame, clamped him between two palms as if a steel vice contracted. The knight took away one hand from a handle at hit a being in a breast, that started back, his back clung to a wall and on boards the flame was thrown. The sword was exempted from blow. Sven in the next time tried to hit the demon with weapon, but it was only worth bringing a sword as a being threw out the hand captured by a flame forward, from a palm the black wave took off, having covered the face of the knight. a porn stories For it the world plunged into darkness. Sven felt as he was taken under a hand.— We leave from here — the female voice sounded. Very strange shout sounded. Shout, horror scolding to bones. Shout of a being not from this world, but and not the world of the dead. A background to him fire sounded. The heat went from everywhere. The flame quickly extended on the house, sticking around walls and a ceiling, clouding everything smoke.