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On the road I stopped by at McDonald's. I took morning coffee. Here are able to do — Badasses. Also I didn't manage to make a drink, and the aroma of coffee already dements. Well now lovely, fragrant, I you will drink. Wait five minutes. Only before work to a dokach. Driving off, I see the girl. This buttocks — I think. I would fuck it. Though to be honest, I would possibly fuck a half of the city. Why cities? I don't like to travel. Why half? So like women and men approximately equally. Here I also fucked all women. I grin to myself, this — I am Casanova. Though actually I had only one girl. And that on the drunk, I almost nothing and I don't remember. Yes Here such here I am a sucker. In 25 years, I am also not able to communicate with girls. Externally I quite look good. Growth 1, 78. Average constitution. Both not thin, but not thick. There are no pimples. Pleasant smile. A middling so to say though my mother always says — that I the most beautiful son in the world. It appears in communication with an opposite sex of it a little. But I can dream as much as necessary. The girl whom I noticed turns around, I try to catch her eye on myself. Possibly, her it isn't really good. Some strange look. And can just I didn't wake up still. I look narrowly, and I recognize in her Tanka. Elder sister of Slavik. She eternally over us was kidding and still continues to be kidding. Since a school time. Rare infection. And looks smartly. When I on a visit at Slavik never miss a case to porazglyadyvat her delights. She notices my lewd views all the time, and all the time jeers from me. Whether I brought the girl at last, and that so the virgin and I will die. I can nevertheless not that orientation, and it can acquaint me with someone from the friends. And all something like that. I always very much am angry, but I can do nothing. Internally she very strongly brings me, and makes horney. And externally I just hate her. All right. Hatred hatred, but with it something is possible not so now. After all a look at her oddish. Obscured can something. I can't understand. Something looks around and looks out. I drove up to her. I opened a window. — Tanya hi. You what here so early? Do you wait for someone? — I ask. — Aha. Hi asshole. Here you that are also necessary to me — she answers. I understand nothing at all. — It why still I am necessary to you? Can you phone is necessary. To call someone, or to bring home? — I speak, touching different options. To these on I don't understand what she does here. And furthermore that from me is necessary for her. I hope not some next stupid trick. She doesn't answer me, and bypasses my car. There is she slowly, breathes often. Can her really badly, and it is necessary for her in the ambulance. I get phone, I think to take Slavik, let will take away the sister. Tanya gets to me into the car. Takes phone from my hands, and throws on back seat. — Went! — only also Tanya speaks. — Where? — There — and Tanya points a finger at the parking near McDonald's. Probably it is necessary for her in hospital, can even in mental hospital. I always didn't understand her. But, it is more best not to argue with sick people, I do as she told. Prior to work time still is. Having stopped on the parking, I ask. — And what's next? — And you are farther — the sucker — she shows on me the forefinger, then transfers to herself, and finishes speaking — will fuck me! — Yes not the sucker I. How many Chto-au-au is possible for you? — I looked to Tana in eyes. It can I went haywire, or it at me with ears a problem. — You always wanted to fuck me. Quickly admit — jerked off representing me, and? — Tanya, drew near my sitting, having removed it is the farthest. My breath became frequent, it seemed to me that I even hear the pulse. — Tanya you what? Again your tricks? — I speak by slightly hoarse voice. — Well. Suchonok. Do you want me? Sister of the best friend? — she asks, having a little got on me. I took my right hand, and I put to myself on a breast. — do you Want to fuck me? Answer — when seniors ask you — and itself smoothes out the breast my hand. To go nuts. She also a brassiere didn't dress. A breast at her not really big, but what pleasant. It is just the fucking disaster what pleasant. My dick in a second got up on standing at attention. Me it isn't necessary for coffee any more, I as though instantly drank liter of the power engineering specialist. By absolutely hoarse voice, I almost whisper — I Want. — Jerked off representing me? Answer the milksop — again without being appeased by me she continues to offend. At the same time I took away the hand, and I moved on my dick. I began to rumple it through trousers. My hand and remained to rumple her breast. I as if in fog. — I Jerked off — I answer with whisper. — And you want to fuck me the little onanist? — Yes — I speak already more with confidence. Tanya undid a fly of my trousers, delayed a few pants. I got my firm, hot dick. I inclined the head, and I clasped it with the lips. I lowered the left hand on the perineum, and I began to rub myself between legs. Directly through jeans. I look whether there are no passersby. Crowded place. But at great desire I can't focus sight. Farther than not meter I see nothing. Whore. As she sucks. Never before did me blowjob, but it seems to me that she is the goddess of sucking. I cum practically at once. Tanya swallows of my cum. There is a lot of her, I didn't jerk off nearly a week. Besides I never before had such strong desire.