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The solution didn't force itself to wait long — with approach of darkness I was chained to a bed handrail svezhepriobretennymi by handcuffs. Having left me in such situation, Alya left the bedroom, having left me alone with the most lewd and not very-to courageous imaginations. There passed five minutes, and She returned. I returned at all not that someone I was before. Black stockings with garters, shoes on high thin heels, a corset all it only supplemented an image, but didn't create him. In the first turn her person changed. Na I am mute thirst of the power, thirst of possession desire to subdue me one time and forever imprinted and God sees, I wasn't seconds minds. — Tak-tak, the little bitch — through laughter she said. — At you on a face burning desire desire to be fucked is written. I only nodded in the answer, having quietly moaned, than ee caused ringing laughter. — What you the worthless little girl would never think. I have something for you. With these words she threw in me a parcel of fabric and released my hands. Having undertaken it, I with amazement found a checkered short skirt, as in the schoolgirl from the pornofilm, a thin translucent white blouse and lacy pink panties. — Well and what you wait for, silly whore? — derisively Alya threw. — Change clothes, quickly! I, trying not to raise eyes on the loved wife, I pulled down from myself shorts and a t-shirt and I stiffened in indecision in me two of my half — men's and women's fought. I passionately wished to be given to the Queen, and was ready to go for the sake of it to all but certainly, my courage protested against lacy panties and a checkered short skirt. Having noticed a hitch, Alya slapped me on a bum and ordered to make haste, otherwise I will regret. I deeply sighed and slowly put on myself panties lacy fabric was devilishly pleasant on oshchup, and my dick began to rise under it at once. All so without raising eyes, I put on myself a skirt with a blouse all was picked up ideally for my size and sat, it is necessary to admit, isn't worse at all, than my daily clothes. — What nice suchechka — tenderly patting me on a cheek, Alya said. — No you all are still too similar to the boy, an it is bad well-ka, approach a mirror. I obediently approached, and Alya got a cosmetics bag from a bedside table, enjoying my surprised look at this moment. — Now I will make to you excellent whorish meyk, the darling. And by the way — she added, having nodded in the party of my men's things — it isn't useful to you any more. From now on you will carry only that I will buy you an I will buy only female things. With these words my dear wife got lipstick from a cosmetics bag and began to make up my lips with bright red lipstick accurately. I wanted was povozmushchatsya, but my dick foully stuck out of pink panties, and nothing remained to me how to enjoy process. That time, having finished with my sponges, Alya brought to me eyelashes and eyebrows, having drawn wide whorish arrows, and completed an image bright blue shadows ("this color is ideal for you now whether so, dirty pedik" — laughing, she said, having forced my dick to rise it even above) and average are long a black wig. Having finished business, my blessed provided me an opportunity to wholly enjoy the look in a mirror. a porn stories Having looked in it, I sighed. Opposite to me there was quite lovely girl in whom absolutely nothing gave that ten minutes ago she was a guy. The bright pink flush of shame only gave her femininity. — As as if the modest virgin for the first time gathered for blyadka — with considerable pleasure Alya noted, examining me. Not particularly from where she got the camera, and, I didn't manage to utter and a sound, I made a photo couple. Then tenderly I patted me on a cheek and I ordered to get up on knees and to wait for ee.She returned quickly. Ne having uttered a sound, she pressed my head to the pussy expiring juice, and I began to lick ee, sucking a clitoris and caressing him a uvula. Ee groans encouraged me, and I began potrakhivat with ee uvula the pussy, but suddenly she was discharged and, without having managed to understand I anything, spat in my opened mouth. — It is pleasant to be humiliated shmaroy, the darling? — obviously entering a role, she cheerfully asked. — Yes, my Madam — all still coming to itself from such transformation of my dear appeasable wife, I murmured. — Now you will be such always okh, the babe, it only the beginning. Nu-ka, lay down on a back and move apart legs poshire, silly you the bitch don't anger the Madam! I obediently laid down, and, having opened buttocks poshire, stiffened in expectation. Alya erotically licked two fingers and sharply drove them in my bum, without turning any attention on my protester groan. — Nu-ka shut up, the disobedient chippy — she cheerfully said and with a force I slapped me at first on one cheek, then on another. I only moaned in the answer, even without trying to resist. Vo to me I woke up long ago the dozing personality and the personality it was not a men's floor. That time one more her finger and I got into my buttocks, having screamed from pain and pleasure, is unexpected for itself cried out: — Yes, my Queen, fuck your dirty bitch! Alya burst out laughing and answered: — Akh you cheap blyadina seems, it is time to be engaged in your bum seriously. And by the way, the whore like you has to have a female name as about, to an example, Lerochki?