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I, Tsiri, Geralt and Chanée sat in Oksenfurtskom the house medichki and discussed last received from Andrew. — And you trust in it? — I asked the interlocutors. — In a staff which is capable to subordinate monsters in large quantities? — I saw things postrannee this staff. — I answered Geralt. — A if the speech goes o to Filippa Eylkhart I won't be surprised also to presence at the her of a philosophical stone or a bomb destroying the worlds. — A she probably strongly got you — Noticed Chanée. — She Redaniyu got all. — I grumbled. — A half of our army accuses her of paranoia of the king Radovida — Well in it, we will allow, not one she is guilty. — I objected Geralt. — No the fact that Filippa now absolutely despaired the absolute truth. As far as I was knows at Diykstra only one requirement to Magicians, Filippa Eylkhart's exile what those for the sake of the general benefit agreed to. As there was her further destiny to me it is unknown, but o to it heard nothing so day of exile, an it meant as at least that it wasn't succeeded to locate at what-libo yard by her what Diykstra is for certain inexpressibly glad to. — And than Filippa so salted to our chancellor? — I took an interest. — She betrayed him. — I explained to Chanée. — Meanly, low and quite in her style. — And where now to look for her — I Lowered Tsiri's head. — I so understand that if she conceived all it for certain o a worthy shelter — A took care what in Diykstra's occasion? — I asked Chanée. — He for certain yes-a-avno declassified all her secret shelters — the Chancellor in Lower Markhii now. — I remembered. — There take place negotiations with the general Zyvikom — the Billeting the General Zyvikom? — I was surprised Geralt. — It when he managed to become a general? — When the king Henselt died all army of his country rallied in time of invasion Redanii into Kaedven around Zyvika. — I explained. — Kaedven then I was between a hammer and an anvil from one party Redaniya, with other Nilfgaard and all want to hang up over him the banners. Ne looking at a victory over Aedirnom, and recognition by the Lower territory Kaedvena Markhii the death of the king Henselta deprived of his army of fighting spirit and Zyvik solved if and to accept the party of the aggressor, then it will be more best let this is the aggressor from Northern Kingdoms, than from Nilfgaardskoy Empires. Now he is the general Redanskoy of army and heads the former troops Kaedvena. No these negotiations mean that the situation there worsened again, considering a that the lion's share of army Redanii is made by the former soldiers Kaedvena also very much depends on their results very much — their results I and so I know. — I objected Geralt. — Or Zyvik will swear on fidelity of Diykstre Or will die "of hands of the murderer sent by the Empire Nilfgaardskoy". — the Death of the General Zyvika skoree will lead all to a revolt of the former army Kaedvena. — I objected. — Kendrick when that was the officer of the king Henselta and he told that the General Zyvik constrains the soldiers hoping to manage to get for the former territory Kaedvena as it is possible the best conditions of life without the beginning of civil war. — A — Faltered Tsiri. — You took part in invasion — Ne remind me of it! — Sharply I interrupted vedmachku. — Till this time the Empire Nilfgaardskaya feels sick is fixed in the territory Temerii and Aedirna, a we battle against allied Kaedvenom! Tsiri silently put a hand to me on a shoulder, I is grateful looked in eyes vedmachki. — If someone-to knows that-to o Filippa's affairs, then it the participant Lozhi Charodeek. — Voice Geralta tore off us o of exchanging of glances. — drove Out of them very much and very not many — I Lowered Chanée's eyes. — A is difficult to reach survivors. — It is right — Nodded Geralt. — Keyra Metz died on fire Radovida, Tris now the royal adviser Kovira, Fringilya Vigo's trace got lost in the territory Nilfgaardskoy Imperii Vprochem Margarita Lo - Antil as far as I know travels around all Redanii restoring the schools destroyed Radovidom charodeyskiye. — Chto-to too much you know o Bed Charodeek — Suspiciously looked at the witcher Chanée.— Stop. — I waved away Geralt. — Purely professional interest. — Well it is fine. — I crossed hands on Chanée's breast. — No you not worse me know that I can be not only do-good — Yes, charodeykam to you grow and raise — Grinned Geralt. — Here that on restoration charodeyskikh schools, yes and all economy Redanii Wim Vivaldi actively profits. Ask him where Margarita Lo now - Antil. — Yes we will ask that — Stretched to Tsiri. — A you here though not for a long time get out of a bed, a? — Ne would get out — the witcher Grumbled. — Yes you don't give! — Geralt! — A little affectedly I exclaimed Chanée having slapped the witcher a palm in a shoulder.