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Ad seriously considered ee the nymphomaniac on calling. She could groan and make upward movement without a break for hours to the husband, without were tired to jump from above on a firm dick, an at the moment of the culmination to stand on knees and to invitingly lick chubby sponges, zhazhduya to feel on them unique taste of a husband's cum. And before than to swallow ee, Chris long rolled liquid in a mouth, savouring ee and putting out language to show to darling that no drop fell by ee of an insatiable mouth. In it there was she everything, Christina is the adored Eduard's wife, 30-letnego the businessman. Financial position of family allowed 25-letney not to work and be engaged Chris only in the house and the appearance. Christina visited various trainings, being engaged in sport and swinging buttocks, bringing the flexible, elastic body to perfection. Akh, these buttocks! Ad not of times tried to get into a treasured opening, but at all love to impetuous sex, Chris to time didn't allow to fuck ee there. In what Ad didn't understand a problem essence, but to have the luxurious back of the spouse, didn't lose hope. In the end of the ends, all sometimes want new feelings and the wife to that not an exception. It was on a rarity the appeasable man and very patient, a to a stupor loving the beauty Christina. They studied at one institute which let out future financiers and businessmen from the doors. Eduard passed to the last, fifth year when noticed among crowd slender light-haired pervokusnitsu. Near it what-to students to whom she cheerfully smiled and I built eyes constantly curled. A glazishchi, it is necessary to tell, at it beautiful — brown, radiant. Yes not only eyes were attracted to the girl of a cloud of admirers, a still by both an accurate breast and delightful buttocks. "She will be mine!" — Ad solved and inconsiderately the yearling fought the beauty off crowd. Christina especially didn't resist a pressure of the nice dark-haired guy and quickly handed over positions. In the first evening, after a sit-round gathering in cafe, he fucked ee in the park, nearby from the small lake on which coast crowds of youth constantly gathered. What on him found, Ad didn't know. Christina just reduced him from mind the spontaneity and a charming smile. Ne philosophizing crafty, Eduard pressed to a tree nesoprotivlyayushchuyusya the maiden, lifted up ee a short skirt, removed panties transparent very much and rushed into ee with pleasure trembled hole.O yes! And she wanted him. I expired juice as the lewd, intolerable bitch. And it on a joke brought Eduard, phlegmatic on life. His black trousers entirely were in whitish spots of Kristininogo vaginal soka, and they then, loudly laughing, long washed them in the lake. Slightly later this first sex became one of favourite memoirs of spouses. That evening Ad understood that he was gone. In half a year he made favourite the offer, they played a noisy wedding at which Chris so dashingly danced, having raised a wedding dress and showing to all persons interested the slender legs in white stockings that the people nearly turned black with envy. From Christina so and a pearl mad sexuality. Eduard only laughed at pranks of the spouse. He precisely knew that Christina only him more draw. 5 years passed as one honey month and Ad began to be tired of the insatiable wife a little. Coming from work, he tired, dreamed o quiet evening at the TV set, but Christina dressed in a transparent peignoir confused to him all cards. She seductively wagged hips, giving to the hungry husband a hot dinner, and Ad couldn't tear off eyes from a naked body of the spouse. Yes what o to food can go the speech when naked Chris sports at it before eyes, exposing for show the delights?! The dick was instantly poured by blood, forcing the owner to work urgently. Ad raised cunning smiling Christina for buttocks, put ee on a finishing table and quickly fucked, splashing out so a cum all fatigue of working day. A then without forces, so and without having had supper, I fell in a bed and serenely I fell asleep, having groped a hand a breast of the beloved wife. No we will return to the beginning of the narration. Hot Saturday sex of spouses threatened to interrupt a persistent call to a door. Christina couldn't suffer when what-libo circumstances prevented her to terminate. She strong clasped with legs of a buttock of the husband. Just about, already almost the orgasm covered ee but Ad, is noisy having exhaled, the dick from the squelching pussy pulled out and, helping himself hands, Chris streamed on a stomach. — Bliiiin, Eddie, you didn't allow me to terminate — she with insult stretched and inflated lips. (Chris adored him calling so) — Sorry, the kid. I will improve at night. — Now I want! — There someone-to is pressed at a door. It is necessary to open. Hey, you where? — To the bathroom. To complete begun by you — the wife discontentedly answered and I was behind a glass door shower. Ad grinned, he knew ee plans beforehand. Will humour himself fingers and a pressure of water from a shower now to reach an orgasm. With work having suppressed in itself desire to observe the playful wife, Eduard, without having forgotten to pull trousers, I trudged to the hall, on the course tinkling keys. Na a threshold lanky Maxim, the best friend and the colleague on work Eda hung out. — A let's get drunk — instead of a greeting, with gloomy intonation Max offered. — It happened what? — Ad inquired, letting in the friend the apartment. — squabbled With Nastkoy. Nastya is a civil wife of Max, the lazy beauty, the former secretary who is constantly demanding money and attention. Eternally busy Max still could give her the first, here the second — Estimate a, VKontakte communicates with the creep what-to. All from such macho, a she type free. The meeting at them is appointed on today. Bitch! I left the house not to strangle ee inadvertently. — Da-a-a — Ad stretched, without knowing by what words to support the upset companion. — A can, well ee, Nastku? Women around dime a dozen. You will find more better. — Aha, it is good to you to speak, present to a, your Kristka would cuckold to you. How would you start talking? Ad for a second thought and presented himself treason of the beloved wife: here she lies under the man rolled gorillobraznym who drives the huge dick in ee a soft pussy, inconsiderately rumples a gentle breast of armed O My God, no!