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I have for you a news! I marry! - my sister exclaimed. - What?! - shocked I proorat. - You aren't glad – cautiously looking at me Sue murmured. It was the high brown-haired woman with green eyes of 22 years. - What is to hell glad?! I in rage – proorat I. - Yes don't worry you so. We will meet frequently. Derek bought the apartment nearby. - What?! - Yes what you cut? – on what I was developed and closed in soy to the room. Memoirs rolled as an avalanche. * * * Yes to someone it bothered to live? Were trumpeted! I generally communicated with the girl in network. And only we began to agree about meetings and on you! Call to a door. Angry I open the door and I fade. Derek. Costs and smiles. Guy of my sister. - You че were trumpeted? – I muttered. I can't be angry with him. - Yes here I paid a visit – with a smile Derek told. - And Sue is absent the house. She in cafe with girlfriends - And parents? - Yes at work late - it is good. Means to us nobody will prevent – Derek spoke and embraced me. I just stood with a stupor and understood nothing. - Nathan, kiss me – Derek with a smile asked. - What? – shocked I opened a mouth on what Derek kissed itself and got language inside. As if not it happens to me. Quite recently I agreed with the little girl for a bed, and now kiss the guy. At this time Derek having seized me on hands I incurred to the room. I perceived everything through vatu and couldn't even resist. - Nathan, my lovely Nathan. As I long waited for it - Derek whispered between kisses. - What? – hushfully I asked - You – he told and kissed with such force and passion that he even bit through a lip. It simply took down a roof. I regained consciousness from a sting for a nipple. - You what you afford? I am not a gay! – I cried out pushing away Derek. - We will also check it – with these words he lowered from me house trousers in which I was. Strut. How can it be? I am not a gay and I like girls, but everything disproves a strut. - The kid, my dear – whispered Derek and my dick took in a mouth, and I in the fulness of the heart moaned. There was a wish to push away him, but forces as if abandoned me. I began to cover with small kisses my breast and having slightly bitten at first one nipples, then another. Sucking the bitten nipple I began to caress my excitement and, I already was pushed in his hand. I don't know at what moment he took off from himself clothes, but here felt his excitement by which it was slightly rubbed about mine. I didn't resist any more, even on the contrary. Ineptly I began to caress him. From the very first look in these brown eyes I like to it sympathy. And now all the same what it changes my sister. Rolled such feeling that all sensible thoughts took off from the head. My hand itself stretched to his horney dick and began to caress. - Ah! – Derek moaned and turned me on a stomach. Slowly small kisses I walked on my backbone and the cool finger got into my back, but I was so made horney that didn't feel strong discomfort, on the contrary it seemed to me that quite so and has to be. Lubricant smelled of my favourite vanilla and this smell mixed with then and excitement worked on me especially. - I want you – I exclaimed already being stuck on his fingers. At once I felt left and I lowed indignantly on what Derek having a little grinned I replaced fingers with the dick and slowly I began to enter me. He was too big for me and I from pain squeezed buttocks, and Derek having hissed from pain began to whisper tender words and a hand began to jerk off to me. From the gushed pleasure I relaxed and Derek continued the movement. Pain quickly was replaced by pleasure when from a reserve something inside. Girls couldn't give this feeling of full fullness. Having attached more conveniently it began to move and I cried from pleasure. Повинуясь to instincts I began to be stuck on him and we began to move giving each other pleasure. Derek without stopping moving I kissed me on a neck and I having raised the head I met by lips of his lip. With which with all passion we moved began to kiss. Having felt that now I will terminate stretched to the dick and I wanted already to begin to jerk off as Derek's hand moved away mine and I replaced with the. Now he fucked me even quicker and already cuming felt that Derek cums too. Before eyes began to drive a round dance of a star and the world I plunged into a gloom. I regained consciousness from kisses. - Darling regained consciousness? – I asked a favourite voice and I having opened eyes I met the eyes of tender brown eyes. - Aha. And what has happened? – being perplexed a little I asked on what Derek frowned and told openly. - You fainted from an orgasm - My God … - having covered eyes with a hand I moaned. In the head there was a full order now and all events were perceived correctly. I betrayed the sister. - How Sue? – I asked the main question - I want to be with you - But I am not a gay! - We in my opinion already checked it - No! It shouldn't be - But it occurred. I love you - No. So it is impossible. How Sue? - I will leave her - We were always close. I can't lose her - Everything already happened. To you what, wasn't pleasant? - It was pleasant – I whispered and looked in eyes to Derek – In it and a problem. It shouldn't have been - We will be together. I love you. We will live together. - No. I can't. I should think – I saw the pain which flew in his eyes but then in them cold expression why I even slightly shrank stiffened.