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It interested me, but I could achieve nothing from her, having dragged ee to a bed I checked ee a vagina, having thrust fingers I understood that ee fucked recently, in her was full of a cum, it brought me and angered at the same time, we have an arrangement that we fuck only together. The smell of a cum was brought by my dick into a fighting rack and I with pleasure was emptied in her. Having checked a handbag I found a paper scrap on which phone was written down, having put it on a bedside table in the bedroom I laid down to sleep, expecting explanations in the morning. When in the morning I woke up, understood that for her morning will come during a lunch, having made by her easy cocktail like a mojito and having forced ee to drink decided to postpone explanations. In the area of hour of day ee phone rang out, I looked at number and compared him to number on the paper scrap withdrawn from a handbag, everything coincided. I answered a call, the dense baritone asked Olga, I answered that she not in a state so far to answer and that at phone the husband, the man was presented by Oleg that yesterday he gave a ride to Olga and she invited him to us to a lunch. Having slightly become puzzled, I answered that I wait for him and called the address, he told that he will be in 15 minutes. It became very interesting, similar today there will be a hawt adventure. Exactly in 15 minutes the call was distributed, having opened a door I saw the high man of years about 40, very nice and slender, I invited him to come. When he took off a sheepskin coat I admired his athletic figure, even in such state Olga understands sense in men, was thought to me. Passed in gostinnuyu, I suggested to drink to cognac, have a snack limonchikom, I took an interest as it liked my wife, he answered that very much it was pleasant and on the road she told him o us and he solved will get acquainted so me. I answered that I don't mind at all and is even intrigued, a so far Olga comes to itself after yesterday's we can discuss his interest, having noticed what from his party was imprudence to cum in the drunk woman and in general the first sex without condom is fraught with consequences. Oleg was confused a little, but answered that why that I wasn't afraid for consequences at all. I was in a terry dressing gown on a naked body and revealed a little him that it was visible a part of my dick, he noticed it and I saw that in a groin he organized a considerable knob. I didn't begin to hurry events and we drank on one glass after what he told that he is married, the wife with the child have a rest on Phuket, a he one now and is completely free and he very much is interested in a relationship seksvayf and kukkold. I answered that we skoree bisexual swingers and to us are necessary bisexual partners what he answered that he it and is. 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