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He with work hobbled nearly an every night to the bedroom of the countess, laid down on her, pulled several time the lean back and fell asleep, without finding forces to go to the apartments. The countess long lay then and looked in an open window, under accompaniment of his snore. So there would be also in it time if not a dark silhouette behind a window. The countess shuddered and was wanted to cry, but the unknown jumped in a window and it appeared beside her. The hand in a glove softly closed her a mouth. — I Beg, slovaeto there was a chevalier Olifant, the young and beautiful officer. She saw him for the first time on yesterday's to a ball and she had no chances to pass by. He was high, slender and black. He was Rod from where-to from the equatorial Africa, absolutely little boy got to slavery. Dealers sold it to Turks, Turks presented to the chevalier Olifantu-starshem who carried out in Constantinople what-to important mission. The old and childless chevalier fell in love with the clever boy as he of the son and bequeathed to him all that he had: small estate, noble title, the old kind sword and heap of debts. The newly made chevalier became the frequent guest on the most refined receptions and used considerable success because of the exotic appearance and the most refined gallantry. All evening of the chevalier didn't cramp from her eyes, followed about her. She presented to him the whole two dances when they sat and played cards, the countess quietly threw off a shoe and slightly carried out by the leg on his leg. Olifanta captured a shiver. The countess's foot between that rose to the groin and rested against what elastic and huge. They both stood, looking each other in eyes. The countess was struck with the size of weapon, the chevalier couldn't move from the pleasure piercing him. For the first day of acquaintance of it of everything was more, than there is enough. No to the impudent fellow Olifantu it everything was a little. He begged o an appointment and today got into her bedroom. — you descended from mind, the chevalier is therefore that I hopelessly fallen in love. — No here my husband — He strong sleeps, don't worry. — you ruin us oboikhshevalye stuck on her mouth passionate we will kiss, the countess attracted him to herself. She was captured by a pleasant shiver, legs gave away. To her already all it was equal, the husband will wake up or isn't present. She wanted only one that the huge black elastic snake got into her bosom, I filled her to edges with the delightful poison. The chevalier covered with kisses her neck, going down below and below. The countess started fingers in his wig. She quietly sighed, being afraid to give a voice. The old count snored, lying on a back. Hands Olifanta between that already caressed a huge breast of the countess. The chevalier gently caressed her through a thin night shirt. Lips left damp traces on a gentle neck of Liliane. The count unexpectedly stopped snoring and told that-to illegible. The countess shuddered, the burning wave of fear swept on a body from tips of fingers of legs to the heart. She concealed breath. No her gentleman was quiet. He lowered one hand down, to a special slit on the countess's shirt. This slit on a shirt on the place of a groin facilitated to an old and flabby dick of the count penetration into her bosom. Now there the playful black finger of the chevalier slipped. He passed from above down from a clitoris to sexual lips. Liliane shuddered, the fear gave to feelings special sharpness. The old count turned on a side and started over again snoring. Olifant got up on knees, I raised edge of a shirt and I hid under it the head, as under a canopy. His flexible language moved apart sexual lips and got inside. The countess closed the mouth a hand to refrain from groans. She sat down on edge of a bed, one leg was on a shoulder of the chevalier. That got into her language, a then having moistened a finger in allocated soke to love, carefully thrust him into the lower opening. Liliane bit herself by a hand not to scream. Olifant kakoye-to I continued to play time with her in such way. The countess expired juice, her person was distorted, tips of fingers on legs slightly twitched when flexible language of the chevalier concerned one of walls of her bosom. erotic stories his finger easily slid in her back pass. All burned with Liliane. She wanted only one. — the Chevalier — she told the broken whisper — I beg, take me. Stick into me the victorious sword I Ask you you don't hesitate. Olifant stood up from knees, the fast movement I broke off the countess's shirt in half. She appeared before it naked. A magnificent white body, a huge roundish breast with the bulked-up pink nipples, golden hair on a pubis, a pink bosom with chubby sponges. Liliane de Chombar was the most beautiful woman of France, yes and all other Christian world. The chevalier threw off drawers and his huge black brilliant dick appeared before the countess in all beauty and fighting readiness. The countess sighed from admiration and began to drive anticipation.Olifant a head on her sponges, teasing Liliane. No she was ready seriously. The countess grasped the chevalier by buttocks, moved apart legs and resolutely entered him into herself. She didn't manage to cover with the second hand a mouth and loudly screamed when this huge monster crept in her treasured cave. The count stopped snoring and told: — Where this damned Mari? Never her dozovyoshsyashevalye and the countess froze. The old count without having waited for the answer, again I began to publish the whistling sounds. Olifant the dick, but only for the sake of again to enter at all length pulled out. Liliane on this time restrained, however her nails seized buttocks of the chevalier, having left scratches there. Olifant began to move measuredly. The countess never felt such sharp lust and pleasure. Never in her there was so huge guest. He got into its most treasured depths, reached the most undercover point. Olifantu it didn't happen to have business so too so deep cave which was capable to accept it entirely. Time, as as if stopped. There was only a handsome black man, the beautiful magnificent white woman, his dick who slid, slightly smacking the lips. Olifant unexpectedly I stopped and the dick pulled out. The countess who was close to the orgasm, greatest in her life, hissed as if a furious cat. No the chevalier stopped only lifting Liliane and to develop her the back to himself. Then he got into her again, he was even more, got even more deeply. The countess managed to bury the person in a pillow to constrain shout. Olifant accelerated speed. The countess understood that she doesn't control herself any more. He filled her everything, he pierced her through, she quietly growled in a pillow, tormented her with teeth. She wasn't a person any more. She was a lioness in copulation time. In the world there was nothing, except this shrill pleasure and primitive lust. When the mighty sword struck her in the next time in depth, Liliane exploded pleasure fireworks. In the head pulsed, her bosom was shaken, magnificent buttocks twitched. Her vagina sprinkled with juice, eyes were dimmed by a crimson veil. Liliane published low throat shout and lost consciousness. At this moment inflamed Olifant reached peak of pleasure and I released in her a hot stream of a seed. The count jumped on a bed. — A! What occurs? Became drowsy I looked on the parties. The countess came to herself lying on a bed. Olifanta wasn't. Only wind in a garden kolykhal trees. The count fell by a pillow and again failed in a non-existence. The chevalier quietly got out from under a bed, put on drawers and silently slipped out in a window. Na the brightening sky it is silent, one for another stars disappeared.