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As ill luck would have it I met on the road of the schoolmates. They greeted me. It is necessary to notice during the summer they very much and very much changed. One of them somehow was even pleasant to me earlier, even the whole month in the eighth class. Three months ago, after the termination of the tenth class it had no such appetizing forms, such breast yet... It is less than at Christina, but nevertheless. Another — her girlfriend, the bitch improbable, had more dense constitution. But three months of summer did also to her good. Now she lost weight, she had a narrow waist, but there was a roundish bum and the full third size of boobs! Somehow passing time by a female locker room I even saw it without brassiere. It seemed in antecedents. We chatted with them minutes fifteen, having superficially discussed news and dispersed everyone the road. While we talked, I thought that I will come home and I will jerk off. 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