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Here ee stories: Never I thought that I will write the story here — on the website pornorasskazov. Sexual problems didn't concern me since cekc didn't interest me though and 22 years I am married, executed matrimonial duties 2 times a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays - the husband insisted. I went to concessions, he climbed from above, did several frictions - it quickly bothered me and I asked him to cum, and he, dissatisfied, climbed up from me, asked to give dog-fashion, but I gave seldom and if deserves, will make that nibud useful, for example, the tile will put — I will make to him blowjob (as it is opposite to me); I broke a wall between a toilet and the bathroom — I allowed pizdenku to lick, but thus I didn't test nikakikhoshchushcheny. I am 43 years old, the lady I all from myself dense and brought down, to height of 167 cm., with big juicy boobs, the husband lean, long, well zadrot — zadrotom, yes is even more senior than me for 11 years. I in a rush of rage not of times said to him that he worthless, nothing in life not achieved man! Tak also held at itself, after all the man he who is on friendly terms with hands and teetotal. Works day through three, to eat will make and on the market will go behind products, I will come from work angry and tired in the evening, sits or at the computer, or watches film — so is on someone to exhaust. Kak I will shout, so at once will feel better me. Years in 50 y it problems with a potentiality began, will drive ko to me on Wednesday, nearby lies, an I to him nadrachivayu minutes 15 that got up, he will climb on me, several frictions and the dick falls, I speak to him, now itself jerk off, and I dump. Tak already several years as ceased to give him. Sits in front of the computer and jerks off, probably, a — to spit, his problems! Yes and me is quieter now, cekc isn't necessary to me. I go with mother on theaters and philharmonic halls, I watch-massazh myself, a make-up regularly, belongings of I indulge. I forgot to tell — to the son 22 years and he after University rang out in army, but it at anything in this history.Tak and a vein is farther if not a case. Business was in the summer, I was dressed in a light short sundress with a number of buttons in front and a deep cut on a breast, approached the elevator, me on 7 — the floor, near him there were two brothers with 9 — go the floor of years on 25 — ти, the brown-haired person and the brunette. I without concept — as they ko to me belonged, so as I wasn't interested what at all — that worthless boys. Came into the elevator and went. There is y me such habit — to inspect fixedly c of legs to the head of the people who appeared by a row. I inspected them in turn, they look at me. Then the devil pulled me to lift both hands to the head and to correct a hairstyle on a nape. Boobs so also moved up and nearly jumped out of a sundress cut! Guys at such age anxious and I with a grin looked at them vzbugrivshiyesya jeans here down: "Really y of such gallant children spermotoksikoz also nobody to help!" — I foolishly blurted out, trying to distract them from the boobs, but only aggravated everything! — Now is to a lump! — I answered fair-haired and they as agreed, seized me by hands from both parties and pressed to an elevator wall. The woman I strong, got nervous in their grasp, but young sporty guys were stronger, I tried to kick legs. Ho fair-haired got a knife and shot an edge of y me before eyes! — Tsyts, cyka! A that I will spoil your well-cared portrait! I didn't get used to an imperious pressure and, that to more threats, and at once became soft in their pykax. The brown-haired person pulled a sundress cut, buttons departed and bra cups opened, he cut an edge a strip and unexpectedly for me my heavy juicy breast of the 5th size was naked before absolutely foreign people! — We noticed you, cyka already long ago! You go, magnificent thighs you sparkle, boobs jump out outside! At once it is visible — the husband doesn't fuck and you ask on a good bolt! — I absolutely became puzzled — so here I what in their eyes! But these bandits didn't waste time and began to touch mine sisichki from both parties free hands therefore that fair-haired it was convinced that the victim is absolutely suppressed by rough actions, unusual for her, and I obeyed a further fate - hid a knife in a pocket of jeans. The elevator stopped on the seventh floor. I moved. — Children, well we were indulged and will disperse! — Now, cyka! Stand and don't try! Then I began to shout, hoping for whose — nibud the help. The brown-haired person didn't become puzzled, jerked from me panties and thrust to me this lump into a mouth! Thus I received biting slap in the face. From a fright and unusual humiliation I burst into tears and turned from always haughty and haughty person into the ordinary woman. The elevator started further. The brunette pushed to me fingers in a vagina which I tried to cover from him with hips. — Dry still, the bitch! Nothing, ckopo will be Niagara here! Several minutes they touched my breast, hips and all body, discussing thus that at last the girl whom to fuck — not pereebat, with the awesome machine got to them mature sisyastaya!, A that, type, mokroshchelki these bad, neither boobs, nor a pussy, a y of this skank such ass, in a high to work as c her!