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A so told that it also sometimes writes. No his creativity — it is the most often erotic and a porn - stories, "not for your ears and eyes, dear A. "— he said. No it only intrigued A. even more. And then D. told that it has a story and o to it too. A. insisted on that he sent him to her and D. was forced to send her the small imagination.A., having opened mail and having begun to read, couldn't believe the eyes that D, always delicate and well-mannered D., could write such disgusting and defiant porn! No she couldn't oppose to herself and her hand quickly slipped under a sundress, almost against her will having touched a clitoris through panties. She began to masturbate gently and carefully the left hand, a right to glance over his story, greedy getting a grasp of each letter which was devoted eyna to the middle of the story she noticed that she masturbates and, more that — is already almost ready to terminate! "Akh, bastard!" — A. thought, "Ne you will wait!" — she screamed on this time aloud and sharply I straightened out a hand. By that moment she read up to a scene where they lay on D.'s bed and kissed. "How long you can do without air?" — he suddenly asked — "I don't know" — she answered, plaintively looking at D., but it didn't save her from his strong hands when he got her hands for a back and connected, a grabbed then by a throat and began to smother, looking her in eyes pupils of A. extended for horror and excitement, the sudden wave of fear and pleasure suddenly overflowed her consciousness in about forty Seconds a chest cage A. beginnings involuntarily to be reduced as also muscles of a stomach of "spasm" — she thought, "I have spasms from oxygen starvation, I can't breathe, he kills me yes yes", thoughts in her head were confused "let he I will strangle me everything I won't be able equally to live if he doesn't do it so by me regularly", she didn't manage to think, but D. released her. "Minutes-zero-five! — good result!" — he told, looking as she swallows of air and the vainglorious blockhead groans * "Here!" — A. thought, reading this scene. "Really he thinks that he will tempt me with this dirty trick?!", A., everything thought, noting the fact that the story is pleasant to it, and it was decently made horney. Nothing remained to it how to continue to read. *и groans "I will possess you. Ne as slave even, an as weak-willed thing! From now on I decide when you to breathe, don't have a when. Did you understand me?", consciousness of A. rebelled against such offensive statement, but in that time, she understood that she can't oppose to him. "Yes, my Mister." — escaped from her the lips which swelled sensually-nezhnykh. A. itself didn't expect that will tell it and till this time couldn't believe the ears. "Perfectly, my little whore. I hope, you spent not a lot of money for this T-shirt" — D. told, having got from where-to big scissors and cutting her T-shirt, an at the same time and a brassiere. At A. all were still connected hands behind a back, and she not completely recovered from a suffocation, but D. passionately kissed her on lips, having again squeezed her a throat a hand. The second hand he touched its small, but gentle, soft, with beautiful nipples, a breast. He painfully squeezed fingers one of nipples why A. painfully moaned and tried to be discharged of him. "What? Unless I allowed you to be discharged?" — D. told, giving A. sensitive slap in the face. "Forgive, my Mister!" — A. in hope told that he will calm down. Then D. breakthrough delivered to A. on knees, the dick pulled out and thrust him to it into a mouth until she managed to come round yet. He pushed the dick so deeply that it seemed, he reached a throat and even even more deeply. He fucked her with a big amplitude, completely taking out a dick, thrusting him entirely. Na to a floor nearby with her knees the small puddle of her saliva was formed. "You have such clean, innocent eyes of the virgin when you look at me in blowjob time!" — D. told — "That there is a wish to fuck you even more rigidly!" — he added and suddenly the dick pulled out and gave A. slap in the face after what I continued to fuck her in a mouth. * "As it is nasty! And still, in addition, there are so much slaps in the face! Never would allow to treat herself so! How did he it in general invent it?!" — A., subjects less aloud was indignant, understanding that it is ready and to allow in the business to D. and bigger now. If only it is a row now "Isn't present! The devil about two I will be led on it!", having collected the will remains, A. thought and continued to read. * D. bent and took A. on hands, carried to the bedroom and threw on a bed as what-nibud whore. It is good that the mattress was soft and it wasn't sore with her. "A now I will fuck you, the whore. And you will do everything that I tell quickly and correctly, not that you will be punished by a for it and believe, this pain won't be such excitingly sweet as those slaps in the face" — "I obey, my Mister" — I murmured in the answer of A., understanding that with her consciousness that-to occurs. She not in forces to resist D., she it will be valid his obedient whore who will make everything that her Mister orders her. * Now A. decently was frightened therefore that, first, I noticed in the story duality and that fact that what she feels in real time, really feels and thinks — it is already reflected in the story. The thought flew at it in the head — and a minute later she reads about it. "HOW?! How the devil take it probably?! What so me occurs? Can, I descend from mind" — A thought. And, besides it couldn't but notice one more seditious thought which already very much for a long time lodged now in her head. She as also the slave from the story by D. — was ready to submit to him! A. thought that it would be very quite good to stay a doll deprived of civil rights for sex, the absurdity and an agiotage of a situation attracted and made horney her. She couldn't stop. sexytales Thinking o D., it knew that he and in the business is fond of the Subject (so knowing people call between themselves bdsm) and is really capable to embody the story — her now already a dream — in life! A still, A. "I" felt fading own, the importance and worthiness. Now she, once proud and independent girl, passionately wished one. To submit to HIM. To be a toy in his hands, to allow Him to do with itself(himself) everything that he will want. * "Turn over on a stomach. Quicker. You have 10 seconds." — I ordered and A. here I began to coil, trying to turn over quicker on a stomach, but so the connected hands and in emotional shock from the events, to make it it appeared not easy. "1, 2, 3, 4" — I began to consider D. Na account 8 by it it was succeeded to turn over. "Perfectly. — I told D. — you were in time. Now I will bring you pleasure" — with these words D. was extended on a bed over A. and buried the person in her buttocks, a perineum, doing her a cunnilingus. A. from surprise I screamed, and, having felt that occurs, I began to groan loudly. Concerned language of her clitoris, sexual lips, carried out by language on all her pussy, lengthways and across, A. began to groan more and more loudly. "Shut up, the bitch! As loudly you do it!" — D. came off her bum, completely pulled down from her panties, climbed on A., seized her by hair, having thrown back the head, and thrust panties to her into a mouth. After it he roughly entered her and began to fuck rigidly, pressing her into a bed and reaching the dick her uterus. A. couldn't constrain shout, but, considering a gag, at her from a mouth only the quiet groan escaped. Threw back her the head again, took for a throat and began to smother, without ceasing to fuck A. It devilishly made horney her and the orgasm already was on approach. "I see, you will terminate soon. A listen to me now — D. said, weakening a grasp, but not stopping for a second — you will have to terminate quickly, to Yana I will stop smothering you until you receive an orgasm. I will be able to define if you deceive me and you will simulate it. Did you understand?" — "Yes, my Mister" — A told. in the answer and D. continued to smother her. He desperately fucked poor A. and it couldn't concentrate in any way. No here it began to choke. It won't terminate understanding that he will smother it so far, his movements in it, this sweet pulsation of his dick, his insuperable power over her All it forced her to terminate, nesmotrya on the tears exuding from eyes and the dangerous shortage of oxygen. She terminated, coiling and publishing loud gentle groans, having opened a mouth so widely that the gag dropped out. Released her and now observed how she sometimes convulsively twitches on a bed when she is covered by the next wave of pleasure. * Having read up till this moment, A. and on the business I terminated at the same time so the heroine in the story of. "It nothing to myself really I splashed with da Vot a chair I never so cumed What you so do by me?" — A. thought, absent-mindedly looking at the wet fingers and drops on a chair and a floor. * D. gently embraced A. and accurately kissed it on corners of lips. "Thanks, my Mister!" — hardly I whispered D.'s A smiled and again I kissed her. She all was still connected, but D. got a black velvet tape and tied by her legs. Then I pulled out one more and I tied A. eyes. "I want that you didn't know when and where I will touch you" — D. told, tightening knot at her on a nape. "And one more. I want to try taste of your blood", D. got what-to subject similar to a medical scalpel, but A. couldn't see it any more. Kissed her on a neck and made a careful small cut. A. wanted to scream, but D.'s hand clamped her a mouth. "Ne shout. Ne force me to thrust to you into a mouth a gag again" — I told and A. nodded, agreeing with what won't shout. That time, the droplet of scarlet blood rolled down her gentle neck. Pinched her here and began to exhaust A. blood directly from a wound. This scarecrow and made horney a strange image A. * "Vot pervert!" — A., and here thought what-to warm slipped on her neck. She raised a hand and touched a drop. Blood. "Ne can be!" — A cried. Having run up to a mirror, she stood, with horror observing as one more droplet of blood rolled down her neck. A. carried out by a hand on the skin, but I didn't find a wound. Just blood. From nowhere. And all. She couldn't believe in it. *y sex lasted several hours, and A. for this time terminated several time. Splashed it with a cum, she was everywhere, on her hips, a stomach, a breast, on her person and hair. Therefore he untied her and took away to the bathroom. "No, not a shower. I want to lie down in a bathtub with you" — D. told, including water and a hand regulating her temperature. The bathtub was gathered quickly and A. accurately I got into her. Lit candles, put them on all bathroom, the benefit it was spacious, took gel for a shower and the favourite gentle bast. With her help he helped A. to get rid of a cum, a then gently washed up her hair. A. very much his touches were pleasant. Such by contrast soft and tender in comparison with what not so occurred long ago in the bedroom. ", you wanted to lie down so me. No so ko to me I didn't join. Why?" — A asked. Dangerous gloss in eyes and the cunning cruel smile of D. which, in that time, very much went to his beautiful person was the answer. A. understood that now what-to has to occur, but I couldn't believe that everything will be exactly so. "Get out and take away hands for a back. "— D. told getting handcuffs and again chained it hands. — "Now — on knees" — A. obeyed. It stood on knees before bathing, full water. Then D. clasped A. for a waist, and raised a little her that she was bent through the region of the bathroom. Costed her huge efforts to remain thus over water. "A now, delay breath" — insinuatingly I said, A. gathered air in lungs and during this instant of D. lowered her under water. He held her by hands behind a back so that under water there was her head and a breast. At the same time with it, he entered her and began to fuck slowly while her head was under water. Soon A. it began to twitch and be curved, trying to get out of water and to inhale air, but D. held it under water. Only when at A. panic, and began. I saw vials of air on water, only then it the sharp movement pulled out it and allowed to inhale saving oxygen. A. had a shock, some amount of water got her into a mouth and into a nose, except that, she nearly drowned and now convulsively swallowed of air. Having allowed her to recover the breath, D. repeated the actions. He fucked her while she choked under water. Also I allowed to breathe, only when she was really close to asphyxia. Then everything ended. "You are a clear head! Everything will be good", D. told, wiping shivering A. towel, and led her back to the bedroom. Ne having reached a bed A. began to lose consciousness, and D. hardly managed to pick up it on hands. * I didn't manage to read up this paragraph A. A. looked at a line "I began to lose consciousness" and at it darkened in eyes. Without understanding anything, it got up from a chair and wanted to lay down on a bed, but having made a step, here fell to a floor, having painfully hit the head. At this moment phone rang out. No A. it was disconnected earlier. "Well that the babe, regained consciousness?" — D. questioned, looking as A. endeavors to open eyes. "Where I? What happened?" — A. answered, after all having opened them. "You at house, foolish" — D. answered — "You didn't take a tube and I decided that that-to happened, then I arrived also in the general, my guess was right. You were without consciousness" — "As as you entered? Ne I remember that gave you keys" "The door wasn't locked. What, in the general-to, is strange" "And the truth, strange. I precisely remember that I locked a door. I read here your story" "the Truth?"