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But I try not to show it, on the contrary, I pretend that to me all the same though inside all boils — I want to the Mister! There now, at last! The computer is free, the husband leaves... The door, I already in Skype didn't manage to slam behind him. My master here, his bitch greets him and fades waiting for the answer. My master is dissatisfied, I needed to execute his order, but, because of the difficulties described above, I couldn't make it. I apologize to my master and I start performance of the task, I hurry, but at me all leaves easily, I feel extraordinary rise. I report to the Gospodin on execution. Mister is happy with me, he allows me to call, I undress, I put on a belt on a neck, I kneel and I call the Gospodin. I am horney again, I am brought by feeling of a collar on a neck. My master wants to see how I cum... I will grabble for samotyky... My master is dissatisfied: — Get used to bring all in teeth, a huysoska! I improve... and here — the husband comes back... My chagrin doesn't have a limit! I didn't receive five days a discharge, I so wanted to terminate for the Mister! Suffer, my master says me — now your orgasms under my control. It is so pleasant to hear it... From now on my master will train me in rules of conduct of the whore. The first rule — as soon as the whore was made horney, at once to report on it to the Gospodin. I say to the Gospodin that the bitch is horney since got acquainted with him. But my master forbade to receive to me a discharge, I have no right to touch the holes for receiving pleasure. My master asks on my life with the husband, I tell him everything, without hiding anything, in all details, at some point the bitch is forgotten and doesn't answer the Gospodin as it is necessary... Punishment follows immediately — Two slaps in the face! On the right and at the left! And not to feel sorry for itself! I whip myself on cheeks and so that involuntarily I hide the face from pain in palms. — to Take away hands! What the whore was punished for? — For the unseemly address to the Gospodin — the whore answers. Rule second — now to the bitch it is forbidden fuck with the husband without Mister's permission as the whore belongs to Gospodin now and if the whore has no opportunity to ask the Gospodin's permissions, then she has to refuse to the husband. Rule third — Mister will control an orgasm of the bitch. Therefore it is possible to cum only before Mister. The fourth rule — if Mister allowed the whore to suck away to the husband, then the whore shouldn't accept a cum in a mouth and furthermore to swallow it. I am horney to a limit again what immediately I speak to the Gospodin about. He asks what forced the whore to become wet? — Slaps in the face, my master, and the third rule. My cheeks burn from blows and humiliation, and an opportunity to terminate before Mister brings me even more. Now I will see the Mister! I very much am nervous, I thought much of what he, it is interesting whether my prestavleniye will coincide about is mute with the one someone I will see. But I have to wait for the Gospodin's appearance in a pose of the bitch: on a lap, with the tongue hanging out and having put before itself pads, and I am ready for all for the sake of him. Incredibly!!! He looks younger, than I imagined, but for the rest... It is that type of the man who was always pleasant to me, and the one someone I imagined, I am struck! My master not for long indulged the bitch, but I very well remembered him, and I will always hold before eyes his image now.Now, my master, lists me things which will be necessary for the subsequent services for him: clothespegs or office clips, freight which I will be able to fasten to them, a thin belt or a wire, an empty glass half-liter bottle... To me becomes a little not on - itself... What will my master do with me?...— Well, my master — I answer him. Mister is angered — You do me favor?! Blow by a palm on lips, but don't dare to break, the bitch! I beat myself lips... painfully... I am guilty and my master punishes the bitch. — Bring samotyki! Vividly! I bring both samotyk. — to Suck the biggest! Hands for a back, a creature! I am stuck by a mouth on a dick, is so deep as soon as I can, I suck it... saliva runs at me from a mouth, I begin to choke... — Sit down on him an ass! I am stuck by an ass on a dick, without preliminary preparation it is very sick, I hardly constrain the groans, but here it already in an ass. I change in a chair with a dick in an ass so that Gospodina both my holes and my person were visible, I beat myself with a palm a pizda, by order of the Mister, more and more. My master skilled also knows how to hurt the whore. Now I have to thrust the second самотык into pizdu to jerk off myself as my master, sharp and deep pushes would fuck me... To me it is good, I fight in a chair, feeling the coming orgasm. But here Gospodin orders me to pull out a dick from a pizda, once again to hit himself with a palm and to lick him. Now from an ass, and too — to lick. I lick, representing that it is a dick of my Gospodina which visited at me everywhere. If I want to terminate, then Gospodina about it has to ask my, I stuff up hands for the head and I ask for his permission, but I am afraid to speak too loudly — the husband suddenly will wake up, Gospodina it isn't pleasant as I do it and I am punished — he refused to me... I extend and I unscrew nipples, I beat myself with palms milkings, this punishment for all my errors in communication with Mister, but he is still kind to me, I am still inexperienced whore Gospodina. He teaches me to the fact that I have to thank him not only for favor, but also for punishment that I also do. My master gave me for tomorrow a task — I have to film the naked pizda at work and also make shooting that I at this moment was not one at office... To me it is terrible, I don't know yet as I will make it, but I have to execute the order Gospodina. If I perform his task, then tomorrow it will allow me to terminate. I should try to please my Gospodina. To serve hard for him, but is what I want, it gives pleasure to me to please the Gospodin. I wait tomorrow...