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No good luck smiled (or it is regularity) when the director of one of OOSh — the former chief of my mother the teacher of years who worked there 12 deigned to take me, the killed four-eyes to himself for work. Ne you will believe someone! Librarian. Yes, I sat in the whole days in a dusty room, was played in fruit slice on the smartphone of outdated model well and issued dirty fragmentary textbooks to schoolboys and teachers. Na children to me it was deep to spit, they caused only feeling of deaf irritation — when I was forced to interrupt a game on phone to find the form of the next excellent student and to issue him the book. No here when ko to me teachers especially young dropped in, I all blossomed. I, clear, didn't count on what-libo flirtation and didn't even try to build eyes, but attention of very young girls nearly of my coevals, caused in me rough internal delight. To a regret the interest of teachers was only especially according to books. "Vlad, get that", Vlad, find it". No to submit there was a sweet as it is pleasant. I already a week of work later distinguished one portly stately woman from visitors — the teacher of music Ella Viktorovna. She was much more senior than the others prepodsh. The high, huge, strong hit lady looked as capital deputatsha. Black hair a wave, dense such black eyebrows, accurately brought eyes and shooters klinyshkom, a fine-molded nose, and graceful lips on as if stone brightly white face — all it gave to Ella Viktorovne considerable charm. The truth the age was visible. In places Ella's skin odryabla, on a face was network of inexpressive wrinkles. No nothing it affected showiness pedagogini. However the age of ee didn't give me rest and houses I even found ee the page of VK — her was under 50! Solid age whether you know. Much I brought this as also most of virgins I consciously and subconsciously reached for aunts far behind 40. Therefore each emergence of a music brought me into indescribable awe. There passed three months. My life zadrota in network games was empty. I fiercely frigged on teachers, turned sour in library and with anybody plainly I didn't communicate. Ne I know, what would be farther, if at what-to moment I don't find out that Ella submits me signs of attention. Ponder — Ella — me, a drishchu-onanist. stories erotic No it was the fact. Here already the third time she showed me a seductive smile, coquettishly built eyes, and sexy bent over my table showing a magnificent breast and drenching me with fragrance of the adult aunt - the teacher. Whether it is worth saying that after such meetings I didn't maintain and having closed library I frigged to spasms in hands. It is difficult to believe, but there was that, o than I dreamed, knowing that it will be only onanistskoy imagination of the virgin. That day I worked as damned, issuing one book behind the book. To play on phone was once, teachers and children went a stream. By the end of educational day I even exhausted and thought that I probably won't jerk off today. I also didn't know that happiness was not behind mountains. Ella Viktorovna entered when time passed in three hours of day. In four I was closed. — Hi, Vitya — Ella told me. She greeted earlier, but isn't so servile as today. — Hello, Ella Viktorovna! — I even jumped up. — Etudes by Chopin — the teacher told. — Also look at Gliyera: "Fourth string quartet". I long rummaged, Ella sat down on a chair for visitors. — Here — the shivering voice I told about ee music the order and bending around a table. Ella undertook to undersign obtaining textbooks. I furtively admired power of ee of a figure. Here the long musical fingers holding the gel handle trembled also that, having swept on a table, fell to a floor. I immediately got to get. To my look huge legs of Ella in dirty-belogo colors shoes court shoes opened. It is clear to a hedgehog that I wanted to snatch on these legs and to wash them, to lick, suck, but it could be only in a porn. A in real I lifted the handle rolling beside ee of legs and got out back. — Thanks, Vitya. — It is pleasant to you here? — suddenly the teacher asked. — Yes, normally — I told shy. — A that with a hand? — Ella took my hand in the, having shown to eyes on points near nails filled with blood. It I, being nervous, I tore apart skin around nails and I broke hangnails. — Yes so, nothing — from Ella's touch quietly beat me with current. — Ne offend you? — No, Ella Viktorovna — I moved, so as she everything didn't release my hand yet. Ella got up, and without having taken the book went to an exit. — you forgot to take away books — I croaked by a fragile voice. — A I don't leave — Ella answered and locked a door on a key from within. Moe heart plopped when I understood WHAT she made. She suited ko to me, I sat looking at her from below up and didn't feel myself. Ella took me for a chin. — to Côme-nibud, that-nibud you will tell and you don't work here. In the answer I swallowed. Most I was afraid that now the alarm clock will ring out or I will wake up. There was a strong wish to look through a dream. Often I woke up to that as the erotic culmination came to an end. No dreams were indistinct a here everything was clean, clear, smells, sounds and feeling of elliny hands on a chin couldn't be fiction. Ella Viktorovna kneeled before me. Ee a pleated huge skirt having quietly rustled with a parachute on a floor. I stupidly looked as Ella undoes to me a fly on the washed-off shabby jeans. The chair on which I sat was low and she huge growth writhed before me stretched legs in the parties now.