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Absolutely other picture was in villages and villages in which the noblemen allocated with the absolute power in relation to the peasants ruled. The barin is a ruler of the destiny of all countrymen. Depends on him as there will live a person and whether he will live in general. There was enough one his word what the measured and settled village life, in a flash, was destroyed. Peasants were afraid and esteemed the barin. Stories and legends of the kind barin or of cruelty, angry were handed down. Sosnovka. The small small village on the outskirts of the godforsaken province. Only fifty, with small, houses and the remote farms adjoining to it. In the small village there was even no church and a smithy, and even chapels, inhabitants had to go for 35 versts to the neighboring lordly village where there was a temple. Inhabitants were engaged generally in agriculture and hunting with fishing. The beast was grown up for the needs and on account of a quitrent for the barin. But the people lived well, all were much and in prosperity. The head appointed the barin, the loveliest soul of people ordered the village. And the barin was in the small village only once in a year, for a holiday. This holiday was thought up by the barin, maybe didn't think up, and adopted at someone, but it was called: "Hunting for brides". Roofing felts air was special in this village, and the soil what bewitched can but only maids grew up, in this small village is most beautiful on light. Yes in their each family on pieces five was. Ploitsya rural, not burdened with noble lawsuits and quitrents as cats. Guys were born a little, and here maids one by one also grew not on days and on hours. There is a lot of maids, and men aren't enough, here the barin also thought up a way as to amuse itself and to bring benefit, and treasury lordly and Luda rural that maids in maids didn't sit, and men on the party didn't run. Strictly the barin watched that in the village didn't sit up what beauty in maids. There came once a year, all maids built, examined, drove tiddlers of wons, and those someone the forms and beauty loins made horney it, entered in the list. The most beautiful and stately that will attract with itself in the center took away, and the payoff unknown gave to the maid's parents. Yes such that parents were only glad that the barin took away the maid with himself. The barin with the maid will indulge a little, and then in wives to someone will appoint and given will provide. Though polzovanny and it is frequent and the bryukhaty bride relied the guy, but he was glad, such to take also with such dowry, as to build the house, and the economy could be got at once. Therefore waited rural for July day, more than Christmas and prepared. Maids were selected and taught them as it is more more beautiful to present himself that to the barin to attract. And maids and grooms their not numerous of the village most, in fear waited for this day. To Potm as separate them could easily. And not to be Mityan with Mafanya together because another will take away her under the lordly decree during a holiday. And the holiday was that after survey of maids, the inventory and the choice of the rural beauty, the barin by a loud voice shouted: "Chickens quicker, and cockerels afterwards ran! Someone with someone will catch up, that also will trample that, that with itself(himself) and will take away that!" Maids to the forest for the village also run, on paths and for bushes hiding in a thicket forest, and behind them, slightly later, guys from villages of the maids, next, naslyshanny about beauty, local and with the barin arrived with a wagon train, paid a bribe great that to take part in a holiday. They say that the participation price even on money so of rubles five zloties, to work five years — not to earn. Dreaming of Sosnovsky beauties, since young years on earnings left and worked at the plants, and burlachit and, even, registered in the mines that to bring a payment. But despite high cost, not less than ten grooms gathered this day. And brides was selected slightly less always. The barin used cunning, I saw the benefit. This year it didn't turn out to take away the maid, on following again will want. And it turned out that some losers only from the second, and even from the fifth time the bride to themselves received. But the barin though хитёр was, but is fair. That could escape, the local guy got that maid. Here also maids secretly trained and to run and hide, places secluded in the forest looked for. And grooms their local helped with it. Both they kissed at the same time and were pardoned, here only to spread legs and елдак to let in a crack as it was impossible. Caral for it the barin mercilessly. All family on penal servitude was on sale, and the maid on the cattleman lordly until the end of the days, to look after pigs, without the right to give birth. People of it were afraid and observed the decree. And that doubts weren't that was protected by the maid of, put on for a holiday the white thin sundresses specially shity for this day. In them behind a bush you won't hide, a white speck among trees you flash and the chastity was confirmed by a spot of blood. The guy will catch up with the maid, will lay, the sundress will lift up and елдак the to her pushes in a bosom. елдак to insert the main thing and to break the virgin that blood went, then your bride, it is possible to take away. And if the maid didn't catch up and escaped, or елдак not strong it appeared, and the maiden saved the chastity, the local gentleman has her in Sosnovka on joy. And all other residents of the village watch events, laugh and over visitors grooms nadsmekhatsya and to the maids help to hide. Tiddlers are small, not recognized as the barin brides, too in white sundresses on the wood run, confuse grooms and force down from a way. To be installed the people, guys to exhaustion on the wood rush, and maids, shivering about fear, saving the honor, before the twilight disappear in a thicket. Someone in the morning with the sunrise, in a clean sundress will come out of the wood, that in the village remains and the gift receives from the barin. And someone on hands will be taken out also in a sundress spots red, that on the cart to himself is thrown by the guy and it is lucky to far-away countries, from parents and girlfriends, the groom of darling. Joy and a grief, together on this holiday. Here and this year the turn of nine maids came. Two of them Akulina and Nastasia, two years ago, were exposed on the barin's review, and Nastasia nearly got to him to the estate. Maids were so good. Beauties what light didn't see before, slender radiate with health, eyes sparkle, expose a breast. The barin already wanted to credit Nastasia and someone from villagers shouted: "Yes, to the girl that 12 winters of current, barin! You will tear!", the people also laughed. And the barin was surprised and answered: "Wow, it is direct it isn't believed that small such, and by the form the bride! What with you will that become farther? Likely you will stick together beauty!" I left the maid for growth and I took other maiden. And the next year, having seen that maids more blossomed didn't begin to put them in a system and in hunting to let. The barin saw benefit great. About beauty of maids the rumor on all province was carried, and there went to him grooms with rich repayments. And the barin is also glad, the treasury grows stout, and work any. But this summer I came it is time to let out maids to the forest. And that will nickname the deceiver and will complain to the governor, to nesdobrovat then. Akulina the groom had Matvei. Strong and strong big fellow. Big shoulders, muscles iron. Hardworking and kind. Oh as they loved the friend to the friend. Kissed and pardoned, hiding from eyes human. Matvei persuaded her to run to robbers to the Urals: "To ourselves we will live, together. And that will take away you what villain and we won't meet more!" But Akulina was afraid to disobey a word parental, refused: "No That you!! The father then will damn me! There will be no happiness without blessing to us! We will pray to god, he will give forces to my legs and will specify a path that I would escape from the stranger!" And Nastasia was prepared for the barin. Her parents knew that she attracted to him. Means this year will take away her with itself and gifts of the rich will leave in replacements. Therefore cherished her as the apple of the eye. Guys in the yard weren't let and the maid only with supervision was let out. What guy cable on it will make a rack, right there receives her slap in the face from the brother. And Nastasia herself oh as was afraid to go to the barin. Gossips tell that елдак at him as at a horse. Long and thick. That many maids under him died, broken off by this fright. And someone survived, that couldn't go and to have children. Even dreams about that dreamed her as the barin in an image of the devil creeps to her and елдак, coiling a black huge snake to her under a skirt starts. His body is black and is thick, is inflated as a bloodsucker and climbs to her perineum. And then as it will be thrust and directly will get out of her throat. Everything covers with blood. Nastasia wakes up, in tears all and shivers. Oh as that is terrible to go to the barin. Holiday came. Maids were dressed up in sundresses white as snow clean, in beams of the sun transparent. Figures of maids through fabric easy appear through, male loins concern. The people gathered on the Lobnoye Mesto, look at the road, others wait for the barin with grooms. And maids shake with fear. There will arrive men terrible yes strangers them to violate, virgins to tear and in wives to regions unknown to take away. And here I seemed because of turn the tilt cart the lordly, harnessed by a horse colors white. From it is far it is visible. And behind him, in dust road, still carts two dozens, not less. The people are surprised. Never was very much. It on each girl on two dogs turns out. The tilt cart stopped, the barin from a seat mat rose, the folk on knees fell and bow to him to the earth. Only the maids chosen exactly stand, they shouldn't fall in dirt, purity should be protected, the rule such. Here and guests appeared in time, wish to examine and make sure production that the word of mouth doesn't lie and there is no deception. They saw maids and and stood, with the mouths opened in amazement. They never saw such beauty natural and strange. At guys that on more young and on hotter blood, eldaki even as spear got up, and at others heart trembled. The barin sees that guests made a rack, the goods were estimated, means it is possible to begin the bargaining. Also the market someone will give more began, the first on hunting to the forest for maids will run someone will give less, that the last, so is less than good luck to him. Guests gathered, swear, argue. There is a wish to receive to them somewhat quicker maid. While the bargaining goes, the people rural set the maids that yes as it is more best to do. "You at once for a shock run, Glasha! There on karachka and a hem lift up! By your moon won't slip!" — one banters. "And you are Serafima, in bushes of a juniper hide and as you will see that Gipsy, so to him and run out! You will go to him to a camp!" — adds fuel to the fire of the second. Cheerfully to the people, laugh, and maids as saw boyfriends, so began to tremble all over. Terribly him. The bargaining ended, were defined someone by the first will run someone following. The barin is happy. I was replenished his cauldron incredible. Earlier in five years it wasn't gathered so much how many now for time. "Well it is time for to choose the girl!" — the barin imposingly told and directly went to Nastasia. As saw his look yes the direction of a step then badly became, and only the barin approached her, on joy to parents Nastasia, she unconscious and failed. "Well for a trouble?! Such beauty, and patient!" — the barin was indignant, and having looked at her neighbor, told: "Yes you here aren't worse!" That Glasha also was at which laughed. At once laughter abated, people were surprised to the choice of the barin. Nastassja's parents in grief hit. Their dreams true didn't come true. Glashkina the father and mother are glad for that. Smile. The barin to himself in the Glashku tilt cart took away, put near and as will shout: "Chickens quicker, and cockerels afterwards ran! Someone with someone will catch up, that also will trample that, that with itself(himself) and will take away that!" Maids to the forest, under a rappberry and whistle, laughter and jokes also ran. And after them grooms look, watch where what beauty runs, choose. Akulina not for nothing trained, at once ahead of all maids it appeared and the first to the forest ran also a hare on a footpath mushroom and over the hill Bear, through a bog to a kabanye, to Lambushka. The maid runs, the fear of force gives. She wants to escape from grooms overseas and to preserve itself for Matvei.And Nastasia as brought her into feelings, so couldn't run all the same quickly. The latest to the forest ran and stopped as driven. She didn't prepare for it. It was told her and it is prepared, to the barin to the house to go. And here here on an equal basis with the others it is necessary to fight. The maid looked round and thinks where to run, where to be buried. Tears from eyes poured down, the maid understands that will find her now and on елдак will stick, and then will take away to regions unknown. Oh that is terrible as! And the Gipsy that, so is more terrible than the barin. And he the first just stood, suddenly he will catch the maid. Oh it is necessary to run, to run. The maid rushes about, in the right will run, to the left, in any way can't think, far more better. And on the wood already the small fry runs, cheats small in sundresses white that to confuse hunters, to force down from a trace. Olyushka, younger sister of Akulina, the same among them. But she not just for the sake of a game runs, Matvei gave a task to her, allowed to preserve the sister especially and a gift for it moreover promised. Here also she runs after Akulina to confuse if something happens the hunter. Olyushka though younger sister and on beauty doesn't concede. The next year prophesy to her to the barin to go. And Olyushka is also glad. The village bothered her, she heard fairy tales about the cities and the capitals. Peace is wanted by her to see and prove to be. "Well you will think, the barin will use me year, to amuse, for that then in cash and in prosperity I will be, and I won't know burdens. "And Matvei was pleasant to her therefore with an okhotka she helped now. And meanwhile, on the Lobnoye Mesto, there are hunters grooms and sneers of rural listen. "You that where, young-looking?! The shank that grew?!" To have fun the people, and guests in impatience pine. Especially Gipsy. Oh, as he was impatient, the maid beautiful in wives to take. Especially the first to the forest run was pleasant. High, slender and strong what, the baroness Gipsy here will be good! And the barin sits and at the watch looks, hour waits. Gives time to maids to hide yes to be hidden. Then hunting is more cheerful and it is more difficult to find maids yes will be to catch also the next year more persons interested and rural will have fun. But here time has come, it is time: "Well, men, good luck to you, an easy gait and heat in loins!" Grooms to the forest as pack of hungry wolves behind production also ran. Run, are pushed. Nastasia runs, feels that she was tired, but is afraid to sit down, and suddenly will catch up. She looks around and the place doesn't learn. So far I ran. "Oh! I got lost! Here both the wood goblin I and the fright of life will be deprived, or the bear will lift up!" — thoughts terrible ran and the maid decided that it is more best to get in the wife to the person, than on a forage to wild beasts forest, I went to look for a footpath to the village. Goes to rustles listens, shakes with fear: "Can shout!? Someone will hear and will remove!?" But then I thought that the bear has ears too, and I decided to leave so, looking at the Sun. Goes, breaks boughs, between trees makes the way. Suddenly, hears, the branch burst ahead, and then one more, there is someone. It it is direct I stood with horror: "Person or monster what?" She sat down at a trunk birch and peers at a thicket. Sees, between trees the bright spot flashes, red-green and closer and closer approaches her. The maid doesn't breathe, is afraid, gets accustomed. "So same Gipsy!!!" — she made out, at last, a spot that a shirt was. And the Gipsy noticed her too. Sees that at a birch the snowball lies. What for a miracle? Among summer of roast and snow white? I got accustomed and blinked the eyes, lo and behold and the same the maid in a sundress. Oh as the Gipsy was delighted, I began to roar as a bear and through branches prickly and a windbreak centenary, flocked to Nastasia. He didn't see that he not Akulina it, and other maid at once, thought, fallen in love to him I hid. And Nastasia turned pale everything as she saw that the terrible Gipsy to her runs and growls and trees ahead of herself breaks. Even heart at her stood, and can't breathe. What to do thinks how to arrive. And here maids a talk Christmas in a female bath were remembered. Maids seniors told them as they snoshatsya with the husbands and as it is more best to do it. "They between legs, have a body as a horn! When go just like that and maids don't think of us, he weighs a worm wrinkled, but as soon as it wants to use him the maid, or will see the woman naked, here it as a horn becomes, firm!" — one tells, and мелкотня sits and heats ears. "And at mine, he when to be reared, so just like at a horse of the head, thick and long. When for the first time time bashed out me, so thought will tear! It was sick yes krovishch!" — scarecrows the second. "you are maids when time comes, the main thing don't become flustered, don't quail. You on karachki become at once and a breast on the earth nestle, and up lift up the back and kowtow, like cats, then елдак infections will enter also tortures less!" — the third taught. "And if to oppose awake and to clamp the crack and to cramp legs, then all the same the man will insert the stake, will only beat also tortures more! More better at once open a hole, and wash that, from a nonsense to me I put not there! I shout, and he is happy!" — another made laugh all. These thoughts as lightnings sparkled in the Nastasyiny head, so far the Gipsy approached it. The maid sees that close already to the man non-russian not to escape her and not to hide and there are no forces with desire, decided to arrive as learned. She turned to the Gipsy running the back, on knees I got up, the breast leaned against the earth and to myself on a back I threw a sundress hem, bared the bottom. The maid hears that the Gipsy ran up to her, it is direct the earth I began to tremble and the smell the stranger got into nostrils. Oh he to her елдак will insert the terrible now, the maid thinks and a body for fear shakes. And the Gipsy ran up yes got up as driven. Here so a miracle, directly the maid in a pose faces it, exposed the hem which is lifted up, the crack. The maid was so good that the dick of the Gipsy bulked up instantly and him bulged wide trousers strongly. The Gipsy began to unwind a belt and елдак to pull out, hurries, to hurry, there is a wish to spread to him Akulina. And Nastasia shivers and waits, pines in fear. "What does it don't vdarivat?! Perhaps doesn't see where?" — the girl thinks and makes a helpless gesture of a half of a bottom in the parties, fingers shameless undertakes lips and the entrance to a bosom opens. And there from a starkh and thoughts everything already shines and to exude with juice. But the Gipsy doesn't insert her something, time is played. "What he stood there?!" — the girl thinks and she turned, I looked at the Gipsy. And that with a belt from excitement got confused, can't unwind. Everything looks at her bum, doesn't take eyes. But here he saw Nastasyino's face and I was upset, not Akulina it. "Ah! You are beautiful the maid and sweet, but not I twenty five Rublyov paid for you!" — the Gipsy told and again I rushed to the forest, for myself dragging a belt. Nastasia rose, doesn't understand where the man escaped why he threw. She looked with a circle, there is nobody. "It is necessary most to go, look for the road again!" — the maid solved, I rose, recovered and went to that party from where the Gipsy appeared. And Akulina meanwhile, on the bank at Lambushka distant sat and legs in water warm caressed. The maid is sure that won't find her here, don't know a footpath. The maid to the sun sits rejoices. Burns the Sun, the body heats, Akulina lay down on a grass, I grew soft and in a dream overcame. The maid sleeps, and doesn't know that the sister her Olyushka, seeking to help her, leads the hunter. The Gipsy, as soon as ran off Nastassja, right there saw a speck white flashing. He rushed afterwards and quickly I overtook. He snatched on the maid as a kite on a hare. I pulled hard all over, I pressed to the earth, doesn't allow to escape. He turned the maid to himself the person and again not that. "It is visible to find not on the cards to me that beauty! In total others come across! And you I look at all not worse, growth it is less current yes pokhudoshchavy! Well, we will fatten!" — the Gipsy solved and let's елдак bulked up from wide trousers pull out. Olyushka a body rustic pressed and attack unexpected dumbfounded lies, can't understand that it becomes. Here feels that the man to her pulls a sundress on a paunch, zagolyat legs yes the knee between them pushes. The maid guessed that the hunter was deceived, he mixed, not the bride she still: "Stand the uncle! It is impossible for you! I am not a bride, and the sister! Blende I!" The Gipsy stopped what for news such? "Yakaya still blende?!" — the evil hisses. "Such, we confuse men, we save maids!" — Olyushka peeps and елдак Gipsy a hip feels. Firm, hot, burns down Skin, the bosom forces to contract. "So you are wons what maid, all is good! I will take you! I twenty five Rublyov paid!" — to be angry the Gipsy, with failure and let's legs to the maid move apart and to move the dick to a crack. Olyushka kicks and cries out: "Not by rules it! The barin will punish! Will send to penal servitude!" The Gipsy put to a crack maiden the edge and I thought, and suddenly indeed the barin will get angry and okolotochny will hand over him. "And where your sister then? Or speak where the beauty, or you now on x. й I will spread!" — the Gipsy began to roar, and for persuasiveness I put slightly елдак in the maid's crack. The maid began to squeal, I was frightened, started turning legs of a zadrygal, a body: "Ouch, I will tell, I will tell, I will tell! Oh painfully! On Lambushka distant she hides!" The Gipsy grinned, the of a crack of the maid untouched took out body, filled it in wide trousers, lifted the maid: "Well conduct show! If you won't remove and you will deceive, I will spread you on x. р yes I will twirl!" The maid cries with fear, and leads the Gipsy, to the sister.