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As I in principle don't recognize condoms (for 100% I agree with belief what to have sex in condom is similar to inhalation of aroma of a flower through a gas mask), full penetrations we decided to postpone until the moment of the beginning of the guaranteed action of contraceptive. But before passing to what I want to tell about, I will describe couple of cases which occurred for this week. Chapter 1 Tasty a pereryvvika finally got over to me for these to steam of days off. Everything was necessary to carry much, and then all this should also be placed. Besides, this economic girl decided to bring order to my barchelor den. Frankly speaking, there and so all it seemed to me exemplary, but Victoria for some reason didn't estimate the original decision to hang up socks on a desk lamp and to carry out damp cleaning of times a month. "You even at school went eternally as the goof. It seems that since then not strongly I changed" — such is there was her comment. And as there is a lot of work, at us during week-end didn't reach sex any more. And here потомВ Monday both of us were dragged for work and in the first half of day saw each other only since morning. During this time I managed to miss Vikula, and during a lunch dragged her to myself in server. Not the cleanest place and spaces there not really is a lot of, but only I live there. Having hardly tightened her inside, I stuck into her soft sponges a kiss at once. My hand spread down, to the touch undoing buttons on her blouse. From Wicky smartly smelled of spirits, a deodorant and her own corporal smell, I understood that I gradually lose over myself control. The blouse at last obeyed me, I lowered a little it, and then covered with kisses a neck, a breast and a tummy of the darling. Vika quietly moaned, and I already coped with her trousers and pulled together panties (which already were damp). Having covered with kisses a gladenky pubis of Victoria, I carefully licked here a part of her pussy which I could reach. Vika again quietly moaned, but I already understood that nothing will find such way out. Then I got up, by a hand allocated for Vick to a table and asked to climb on him. When it scrambled on a table, I kneelt nearby and carefully concerned language of this attracting "floret". Vika loudly sighed, and I began to drive smoothly a language tip from top of the pussy to the entrance to her. When language concerned an entrance to a vagina, my darling quite loudly screamed. Then I decided to bring her even more pleasure. I transferred caress to a part of the pussy, and slowly and carefully entered two fingers into a vagina. Vika began to choke with pleasure when I, licking her клиторочек, began to have slowly her fingers literally. Vika lowered legs to me on shoulders, and then squeezed my head between them. Literally several tens of seconds later Victoria let out cry which I heard even through such "noise isolation", mine several times contracted fingers in the pussy, and from her a quantity of transparent liquid which I with pleasure pinched followed. Legs of Victoria, it is quite strong squeezing me before, now relaxed. I smoothly extended fingers from the pussy, having forced Vika to publish once again groan, again covered with gentle kisses it лобочек, and then got up and approached her face. — it was pleasant to You, darling? — Oh very much! And you? — Aha, you are very tasty. Only at me the dick costs as Ostankino Television Tower and to fapat already somehow not comme il faut. — the Hint is understood, sit down on a chair. I without wasting words pulled together all clothes from the lower half of a body, and took seat waiting. Vika approached me, hotly kissed on a mouth, and then kneelt before me. Having taken a dick both hands, she at first jerked off it a little, probably, getting used to the sizes and a form, and then carefully licked a head. I clenched teeth, and the dick hardened even stronger. Having understood that nothing terrible occurs, Vikulya began to lick a dickhead, and then to kiss her. Later a couple of minutes, it decided to take a dick in a mouth. I covered eyes, and my dick plunged into the soft and enveloping heat. The ringlet of Bays Victoria hardly contracted, giving me even more pleasure. And when all this started moving, I as though got to Heaven. Vika helped herself hands, and the dick entered a mouth only slightly more deeply than a head, but madly it was pleasant to me. Having slightly slightly opened eyes, I stroked Vika on the head. She faithfully looked to me in eyes from below up, and I once again realized that madly I love her. Her gentle mouth slid up-down a head, hands strong, but carefully squeezed a dick, and her fluffy hair disheveled in time to kuna as though caressed to me legs. Soon I understood that I already just about will terminate. Unconsciously I pressed Victoria on a nape, sticking her mouth is even deeper, and plentifully terminated, having quietly moaned. Streams of a cum hit with it directly into a throat, and to the dick it was so good inside When he ceased to twitch and throw up a cum, I released the head of the darling. Vika has a fit of coughing, from a mouth at her the cum followed, but it is obvious in smaller quantity, than "vtekla" in him. — Sorry, that so deeply I entered. Just you made to me very pleasant, the baby — with the pofigistichny intonation, peculiar, I think, to all men after sex, I apologized. — Yes anything, everything is all right. But more better warn, and that and it is possible to choke — she cheerfully answered, wiping a face a napkin. — I Think, to me it every time so I warn in advance will be wanted. Both of us laughed, made toilet, chatted a little more, and then she went to the office. Chapter 2eskalatsiyaoralny sex — it is healthy. It is rather easy for them to be engaged almost in any conditions, it is tasty and pleasant. But nevertheless he is good more as addition to usual than as an independent form. I already tried vaginal sex, and now I couldn't wait to repeat this concerning experiment. But for the reasons described above, we with Vikulya had to be content with what was available. No, I don't say that blowjob wasn't pleasant to me. My darling does it cool, despite the lack of experience. But nevertheless blowjob she controls and speed there much more slowly, than at penetration into the pussy. And I wanted to fuck this angel, to otymet her as it will want to me. And the decision нашлосьШум waters in soul always soothingly I affected me, I don't know why. I sat at the computer, and my dear Victoria took a shower. Usual evening of usual day. But in my head the cunning plan already ripened how to make this day special. Vika left a shower, having wrapped up a towel around the long hair. Except for it, no clothes on it existed. How here to resist? Having approached Victoria behind, I put hands to it on a waist, and already almost completely standing dick nestled on her buttocks. — I love you — I whispered to her on an ear. — And I you — she answered. — we Will go to a bed? — Davika laid down on a back, having moved apart legs, and I settled between them. The just shaved pussy and shouted: "Lick me!". I nestled a gentle kiss to her, to this fine floret. Having smoothly carried out by language from an entrance to a vagina to the very top, I went down slightly below, to the touch found a knob of a clitoris and focused on him. I quickly forced the pussy to be humidified with smooth circular motions of a tip of language, and then again entered inside two fingers. Vika moaned, leaned back back, and I взасос kissed клиторочек, beginning to move fingers inside. Gently caressing a pussy the tip of language, passionately sucking in it, I quickly brought Vika to an orgasm side. Then I sharply turned her on a tummy, again stuck fingers into the pussy, and in a fast rhythm began to move them, forcing Vikulya to shout from pleasure. When she terminated and became soft, I pulled out fingers, licked them (Vikulya very tasty), and then started what I wanted. Having parted halves of a bottom of Victoria in the parties, I carefully concerned her anus language. Vika didn't resist. I began slowly a vylizyvatyeta densely compressed hole, sometimes being interrupted and kissing her. Then I pressured her a language tip, and on several millimeters entered already relaxed buttocks. Vika shuddered.