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A still it the first of a class began to ripen and "economy" acquired hair and became, as at the adult from those pictures. It already gave a reason for sneers of little girls when it left to the hall in fitting, to a he that I am guilty that grew fat, track bottoms. — Pancake. How to hide all it? For offense he several more time sobbed. How it is all to disguise? So I thought having covered with a palm a dick and a ball sack. Ne such they and big — Silly! — Remember, a figure from fingers. A wrist you push a dick inside, you form by fingers a contour. Little finger right, index left, average depth, anonymous line. Then concentration, a trance, inclusion is farther a body all will make. Inside it is all it is written down, the child as a coin drops out on one of the parties, a second that doesn't vanish anywhere! Speed a metamorphosis depends on concentration, a stream of confidence and vozm — In ears, through a rustle of water whisper as if from a half-forgotten dream was heard. Ne thinking, passionately wishing what-to to change, I made the instruction which emerged in the head, for offense before eyes all floated. Yes! Passionately wishing to change, hide, be another Or these are tears? A disorientation, sight was gone. Otfyrkivayas, comes up, coughs. Nearly I drowned, from own nonsense! In a groin everything intolerably scratched and goosebumps as happens when you stay a leg ran. Only it was between legs and gradually left deep into. He lowered a look — nothing unusual, only in water hair waved, covering everything. Oh, there water brown as if a little blood popaloruki stretched to check what happened. Exactly, the thick roller between legs. Everything is hidden in hair. Nothing is stirred, forward sticks out down hangs, accurately and exactly. — Ur! Na to a P. E. class nobody will sneer! — He happily stretched all body. Having washed the head I got up under a shower rubbing with a soap bast of. Between legs the bast from habitual movements made painfully. 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And what she took offense, grabbed only by boobs and got into a pizda when she painted nails Eh, the silly woman's women.Warm water pacifying rustles, it is possible lying will relax and to think o how it was sweet her to fuck. Kakoe at her a body from which, I hope temporarily it is separated. No in ears why that continue to ring offensively: "Fat slob! Boobs I grew! Play sports!" also I began to smell. That smell of water, washing powder and polotenetskak then