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And Lisa sat sideways on my dick as chairs there was only 2. Of course, at first she just sat on my knees, but when I decided to fill in her the risen flesh, - didn't resist. "But I won't slide off!", - she laughed the matter off. - Thank you, - she sincerely told at the end of a tea drinking, - it was the best sex in my life! - Didn't regret? - Never! The bottom here only hurts … - Will pass, - Tanya with skill answered. - And we still … sometime.? Though isn't present. To you to solve it. I want only that you knew: I yours will also be always ready … So far something won't change … At me even the imagination appeared …, - she giggled, - … isn't present, it is unimportant … - Say! You surely have to tell!, - Tanya with conviction exclaimed. - All right … I could be yours … the concubine perhaps … That you could dispose of me when necessary and somehow … - And me it is pleasant! Denis, and you as? We will help the girl? She to us helped to realize our imaginations. - Of course we will help! - Well, from now on you are our slave! Mutilation won't be – I guarantee! And here the fact that at work I will sometimes call you that you licked to the hostess – I promise! - I with pleasure will make everything that you will order, - the girl hosted a game. - And I have a condition!, - I inserted, - if on the street is warmer, than +20 – any panties and tights! Only a skirt and stockings. - I will execute everything! - Panties it is possible, only when monthly, - the wife corrected, - but these days in your clothes there has to be something red. That at once it was clear. In other days – any panties and anything red! - Yes … I was even made horney again … Still, don't hesitate, I the truth am ready for everything! - Then sit down on a floor, legs in the parties and masturbate! She immediately obeyed, and we continued to gush forth the ideas: - From now on get used to taste of urine. So far the. 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Keep a dressing gown on a hanger in the hall, suddenly your parents will be declared! - If we arrived – you have to get up immediately to a wall dog-fashion widely having placed legs and to wait for orders! - Yes … Both your pizdenka and buttocks have to be greased with gel all the time: suddenly we will want to insert to you something there at once! - And below everything has to be always shaved! - Still … If we bring with ourselves somebody, you have to instead of getting up dog-fashion, immediately to fall before the guest not knees and to suck away if it is the man, or to leave alone – if the woman. - O-au-au-au …., - suddenly was distributed lingering groan of the cuming Lisa. She made it, as always violently, but this time we didn't give her the chance to recover. - Well and what we sit-trudge?! You don't see, at my husband now balls will blow up, - (it was near the truth), - suck away to him! The girl immediately crept up to my stool and with great feeling began to execute will of the madam. - Also watch that not the drop wasn't gone: it to you will be instead of cream to tea! In a couple of minutes I was discharged in a hospitable mouth of the girl. She carefully exhausted me to the last droplet, and then addressed the wife: - Tatyana Sergeyevna, you want, I will lick you too? - You will lick when I tell! And now bring me my handbag. Lisa of a dispute turned back and gave to madam a bag. Tanya took out a wallet and counted to the girl some sum.- Today you will go to the sex shop and you will buy: vibrators of the different size, a belt with the dick that I could fuck you, suits of the maid, schoolgirl and nurse, toys of everyones at the choice too … Darling, something else? - A collar with a chain, a pletochka and a gag surely! And a horse tail, I in movies saw which can be inserted into an ass … - Yes. And still panties with the dick inside for … - And erotic linen to suits corresponding. - And it is more lubricant! And still handcuffs … Devil! Money not enough! I sent the girl behind the wallet and added means. Then Lisa was told to put on and go to do shopping … * * * cheerful life began Since then. At least once a week, usually on Saturday, we spent the night at our slave and realized all our perverted imaginations. Besides I periodically came to her after work just to fuck. And Tanya resorted to her services directly at work from time to time. But in few months we began to notice that our Lizonka became sad and already not so willingly carried out our whims. Besides, she didn't show rough orgasms any more. We smelled rat and on Saturday arrived to her with a cake and champagne. The girl met us bared and at once got up dog-fashion to a wall. The horse tail stuck out of her appetizing buttocks. - Lisa, wait a moment, let's talk, - it is tender and sympathizing Tanya told. The girl turned and stared at us. It was visible that tears gather in the eyes to her. I took off a dressing gown from a hanger and helped her to put on. The wife meanwhile, with the champing sound took out a horse tail and threw on a floor. - We will go to the room. All this isn't necessary today. We came into the hall and mudflows on a sofa, having seated the concubine in the middle.