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Imechko all fucking disaster, he from Mali or Zanzibar, I always forgot to specify, in the general, chernozhopy the Black healthy as the elk, grins eternally and chews an elastic band what to him not to neigh, lives in halls as the king, the separate room, the building-service supervisor to him every three days changes bed linen, money at the guy though row with a shovel, at him whether papanka whether dedulka local vozhdyok what in general I lodged in the hostel, speaks, rodstvennichki insisted, a pier, it is necessary to live in Moscow among people, a not on a hut removable, you will understand a dick what customs at these Africans. No the guy he is good-natured, it is always ready to lend to poor students, but under extortionate percent — under a third of the sum. What fool thought up that Jews the chief usurers. November was, the heat of a session, with money at me absolutely poorly became. In the summer to Sakhalin went to fishing crew, I thought, money I will earn for all year. I earned Threw, bitches, not on everything, the truth, I when for shkirman took the foreman and began to heat in the sea, he gave a half to me. To pay for training was enough, the rest — excuse a. My parents live in Orenburg, make ends hardly meet, I already hundred times regretted that I entered the university. Na the first course polegche was, my fellow countryman was, he has a crew kevenshchikov, on office parties dance yes dance, I was active there, by a bad voice sang songs, to the people being drunk everything is uniform that Caruso that Barykin. A now in offices consider a press press, money, so make sour vodka, without actors. The fall almost passed, a one performance. In the general, there is no place to disappear, I went of money till New Year's holidays to borrow Bububu. Saturday, evening, halls empty, maids on yobaryam ran up, men someone where. At the Negrito, between the room and a corridor, the small platform with a shower and a toilet, it isn't accepted to be knocked at us, not the imperial palace, I also became hollow on-prostetski. O-pas-na! Bububu methodically hollowed the acquaintance to pain an ass. I learned this ass at once though I to time didn't see it naked. I apologize for trite cynicism, in this woman I was hotly and hopelessly fallen in love. No, it isn't worth lying, a word I am in love here doesn't approach. I wanted to fuck her, in any place, in any situation, in any time. I looked at her in time of seminar occupations and mentally undressed, sometimes humiliating, sometimes admiring. I called her for myself the Snow Queen. She was also the queen — beautiful, thoroughbred, inaccessible, I saw several time on what wheelbarrows behind her uncles came to take away from the university. Where to me, the student from Orenburg, to the beggar as a winter sparrow. I got phone and began to photograph a scene. "Zaydy then! — discontentedly Bububu muttered. — Нэ you see, I zanat!" The snow Queen slowly turned the head and looked at me. Tanya. When did it begin? I studied on the fourth course, the father financed a semi-annual training in London. In England my girlfriend Lenka studies, I lodged in her apartment. Na Christmas Lenka with the boyfriend went to ride skis to Switzerland, didn't invite me, to arise not in my rules, in the general, for New Year in London I appeared one. I passed a training in technological college, such modern educational institution for any new — Russian, Chinese, Malayan and other, scary expensive and quite confused. In my group Chinese and Ukrainians studied only, mutual understanding at me with them didn't develop. On the thirty first of December about eight in the evening I was already ready to climb on a wall with boredom and melancholy. I left to walk. Streets Na not a soul, nasty weather, rain, wind. I came back home when saw the Black trading in ice cream. To me it became ridiculous: in such weather ice cream. The Black was gray from cold. — You it is good — he suddenly told in broken English, having felt my look. — You are white, you will have a tasty dinner in the warm apartment now. — do You have no place to spend the night? — I asked. — there is no place — the Black told and impudently I stared at my breast. I don't know what so me occurred. I am a well-mannered girl from decent family, my father the large businessman, mother teaches solfeggio at musical school. I had two years a relationship with the boy, we left before my departure to London, quietly, without anguish shortly, feelings ran low. I am not inclined to adventurous acts, otherwise parents wouldn't release me to other country. Probably, the woman's pity suddenly woke up. — we Will go ko to me — I told. — we Will go — the Black told. — At you it is possible to accept a bathtub — the Black when we entered the apartment asked. — Very much I froze. — It is possible — I poured to myself some Martini with juice. What for a nonsense happened so me?! Now you will also not expose him. — do You smoke a grass? The naked Black stood in the middle of the room, the necessary subject in the lifted state. — I will cause police — I told. — Why police? — the Black told. — Do you want a group sex?