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I tear off lips from her neck and I look down. Naked legs — the most dangerous place at the girl — were slightly opened, filling me with desire, and Alenka — shame. Fingers already groped her panties. I out of the corner of the eye see how the redness poured over amazingly beautiful face. Alenka's eyes are closed, she — is open and available. For me. — Well it isn't necessary, Vladik... — she whispers, but itself doubts that this request of the little girl who is ashamed of the first sex — her. I can't switch off myself. We are some, on a sofa in her apartment, and the world disappeared around, having left us a high from chance to be together. Nobody disturbs our desires — mine — to reach the end, and they are to accept me. Again the type of the dumped shoulder-strap of her dress of a naked breast and legs, slender to insanity, which opened from squeezed in me some spring which just about will jump out. Below everything hardened — as usual when Alenka is near, alone, and when doesn't let me further. I kiss her breast, leading round language a brownish nipple — elastic and sharp as the small rock. She allowed me to do earlier, but fingers, disobedient for her request, pull panties down. Panties of red color, in some journal tests it is written that the woman in them looks for proximity. I want to remove them and to see, at last, her naked bosom. I never concerned her there... — Vlad, well I told — no — Alenka already persistently repeated. Her handles untwined network in which I floundered a second ago, and push away me. All as always. She showed me "stop" again. A border point — the removed panties, and the new territory — the bared Alenka's perineum, again aren't overcome by me. About sex with her I in general am silent. Though to admit, and I counted on it. — Well why? — mine "I" am not able to tell any other words. The stupid question asked the girl who has principles. Stupid because the answer to him is known. I am broken, rejected again, and the look sliding on the breast which is closed a dress and Alenka's legs confirms a sentence — today again nothing will occur. She corrects a dress, a flowing hair having closed the blue eyes. The dick in trousers disappointedly weakened. And still I love her. As anybody on light. Long ago, from the fifth class, I grew and matured with this love. I closed before going to bed eyes and called it an image to myself. As the fairy from the children's fairy tale, she helped me to fall asleep and wake up again to see her at school. I was patient, and watched how braids replaced long magnificent hair, and on shoes heels grew and her legs of which boys from the yard were already lost in contemplation grew. What to say yes there, adult men braked the wheelbarrows when she went along the street. Maybe even clung about what she, knowing me, didn't want to admit. Even in technical school I came to the same, as she. First I was her another, I looked after, protecting her maiden freedom. The objectives are achieved when you this purpose are worthy, my father so spoke. And already half a year as we meet Alenka. She reciprocated, in any case, to sincere. I was happy. But very much I wanted bigger. I had no sex yet though most of boys from the yard and technical school with someone managed to oversleep, and someone did it regularly. Constantly clung me to listen to their "feats" when I gathered пацанячья тусня in the yard in the evening. I was pleasant to little girls, and be not in my life of Alyona, would already be some — nice and compliant. Another. But another it wasn't necessary for me. — Well why? — I am not ready, Vladik... It isn't ready yet. She kept my hand in the, looking to me in eyes, read in them offense and smiled as if derisively, over men's disappointment. Likely, I indeed caused sympathy. — You look as a cat to whom allowed to smell a small fish, and didn't feed — she cheerfully spoke. This comparison rubanut me completely. — How many you can play me? — I speak, I splash ill-concealed rage and impatience. — Alyona, you said that you love me. — And now I can repeat — my fairy answers, again embracing me. Heat of her body warms with a row, drives away cold and melancholy. I again within her power, but such favourite and long-awaited. And as far as she — in mine? — You will surely receive everything — she whispers to me on an ear again. Sounds as the silent, pleasant song encouraging, giving will to wait. I feel like the little boy to whom promise "kinder surprise" in exchange for good behavior. I indeed behave with Alenka well. But small, as the applicant of delicacy to be already oh as bothered. In me the man — the adult ready to take responsibility stormed. In any case, it I wanted to seem. — I Promise. To feed you, my kitten? — Alenka laughs. — Aha, here so — I agree, and I start the language to her in a mouth. She answers with a gentle passionate kiss, her phlegm pleasantly merges with mine. Alyona's legs are again moved apart, and I lean on her with the sticking-out end. Let though through trousers, but will concern her... We hear a sound of the opening door. Alenkina mother came from work. In mutual breakthrough we make a start from each other. Irina Sergeyevna Somova politely welcomes me. She treats me kindly, likely believing that the strong and perfectly studying guy will be able to protect her daughter from a riffraff and is positive to affect results in study. They with Alenka live some, her mothers long ago got divorced from husband — the father of my girl. Irina Sergeyevna preferred to conduct the relationship with men on the party, without bringing anybody into their small to the apartment, and Alenka admitted to me as far as she appreciated similar behavior of mother. I was the only man for whom the entrance to their female dwelling was open. — Vlad, you will have dinner with us? — kindly mother specified. She looked young, is really younger than the age though to Irina Sergeyevna there were no forty also. I often caught myself on a thought, watching it that I see the matured Alenkina the copy. If to put them nearby, it would be possible to assume that it is her elder sister, but not mother in any way. The slim figure perfected by everyones there (Alenka told) modern diets, the tightened breast, beautiful, as at Alenka the face without uniform wrinkle with thin lines framed long well-groomed hair. Only eyes, same blue, as well as at my beloved, shone some cold blue. Once again I noted this difference — warm Alenkin a look minds cold Irina Sergeyevna. What wasn't enough for her in life because of what these fine eyes froze, I thought once again? Also, having estimated her external form, mentally I note that Irina Sergeyevna is discussed by boys from my company, trying to do it it is correct — as a sign of my relationship with her daughter. Discuss, of course, as the woman. Irina Sergeyevna plans that Alyona after the termination of technical school will go to study to Moscow, in MGIMO where according to Alenka, she had some ties. She constantly made plans concerning the future of the daughter, there were both trips abroad, and outstanding career of a diplomatka, and anything. Listening to it, I was poured by silent indignation. Everything was pleasant to me in Irina Sergeyevna, as in mother of my darling, except these here conversations about plans. Because I in these plans — wasn't! She knew that I will remain here and I will work with the father. I worried if Alenka leaves, we will seldom see each other, tried once even to argue with Irina Sergeyevna, convincing her that in our town it isn't worse than prospect. Except a sneer my position of reaction didn't cause in her mother. Alenka reacted exactly, having told me once as if the gulf soothing: — Yes don't worry, I also don't want to go to this Moscow. I still will dissuade it. All the same I won't arrive — and having added what I most of all wanted to hear. — We will be together. Anything... Especially for Boys applaud, as in children in circus. Well, where so it also is. — I trust him, Vlad won't begin to whistle about it. Beautiful woman — sounds already with admiration. — Hera, repay a debt. The mobile phone appeared at me, and I mentally promise myself that I will buy same. For Alyona. We always have to be together — even for five hundred kilometers.