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A disturbing shadow the thought flew, a suddenly it already everything knows o us with Sergey Vladimirovich, and at the dacha I am waited at all not by(with) that adventure for which I hope. It was thought further that if doesn't know, then at men under influence of alcohol without which, I was sure, won't manage, the frank conversation can be started and everything will open. Maybe, of course, in me the teenage naivety still spoke, but I wanted to hope that Sergey Vladimirovich won't begin to give me. Yes and why, actually, would be to do him it? .reshiv it is careful to rummage in the spouse's thoughts, I put the left hand to him on a hip, attracting to myself attention. Oleg, as always such concentrated at a wheel, I turned and interrogatively looked at me. I answered with a playful smile: — Did you think o how you would like that I thanked our chief? — a marigold I stroked his leg. Corners of his lips strange moved and he turned away again, watching the road. After a pause he answered: — I suspect what you already have the ideas into this account? Such answer didn't suit me: — Did you take offense at me for yesterday's? — now I is serious and inquisitive I peered at his eyes. — but it just imaginations I it for you! Some time he was silent, occupied with maneuvering. I waited for him the answer. — it seems to Me that you it are more for yourself — he acutely looked at me — so? My time has come to keep silent. Yes, of course everything was so, but there was no wish to admit it so. — In the principle, in such imaginations I see nothing bad — it continued ignoring my hand on a hip. I didn't want to remove ee at such moment, there was no wish to move away. — The question is in whether we are ready to go from imaginations further? Moe the heart was joyfully hammered: he told "we". I already began to be afraid that the conversation will go in the course of charge me in excessive dissoluteness, a can also in the party of suspicions. I moved in a chair: — Darling, I want only what is wanted by you. It seemed to me that you were so brought yesterday! It very much was pleasant to me! If you are ready to continue, only tell! — I began to caress him on a hip again, having moved povyshe. Na this time he parted hips in the party a little. Having accepted a signal, I moved a hand on his perineum, feeling rigid seams on jeans. There some tension was outlined. Several minutes later he suddenly sharply turned ko to me: — No to you it is most it is pleasant, yes? I have in view of all these affairs about one more man? — he looked at me interrogatively. In his eyes there was what-to helpless confusion as if he got confused in the thoughts. As if that which he loved suddenly was absolutely other person. In essence, so it also was. I needed to make so that this change didn't disappoint it. I took his hand from the lever of switching of speeds the hands and kissed: — Yes, it is pleasant — I softly answered — but the main thing for me that all it was pleasant to you. You for me — the main thing. At this moment it was burningly a shame to me, with what at me happened behind his back to Sergey Vladimirovich. It is a shame, but if to be honest till the end, was that-to else. Kakoye-to not clear languor. Oleg released the hand for control of car, I returned to stroking of his perineum. Oleg looked forward, but it was visible to me that he o than-to thinks. His dick, whether under my caress or from his own thoughts, I strained. — How to you Sergey Vladimirovich? — he didn't look at me, asking it. Excitement of the husband began to be transferred also to me. — Physically? I think that he is attractive — my voice trembled a little in the end when I remembered his rather short thick phallus and large balls. I wanted to reach Olezhki seriously and, having a little tinkered, I pulled out his intense dick. In my hands literally for several seconds he breakthroughs got up, having densely nestled on the husband's stomach. I stroked a nail a bridle, tickled a ball sack — it has such wide shoulders, strong hands