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Tried to look beautifully and to attract to itself attention of guys, put on most shortly and a little, thereby to show someone to a steep slope from us. About themselves my name is Yulya to me 17 years, about 170 cm in height, and are concrete 168 but we still grow up to 25 years, the slender brunette, swarty skin, brown eyes also is a lot of all beautiful and sexual what boys look with the devouring look at. A breast of almost second size not big but me it it to be pleasant. Long straight hair very dark. Not long ago I left the guy though we especially and didn't meet so went kisses walked but further didn't go. So there was one and could do that you want and as. To be enough so about itself, I will continue the story. Having come to dancing school we went to a locker room to change clothes and prepare t to dances. As there was a summer of clothes there were on us few shorts and a t-shirt and when we began to change clothes Marinka took off from herself shorts and I turned that on it there were lacy thongs. I asked it: - To you it will be convenient to Marin to be engaged, rub in them not where won't be? - I told laughing with sarcasm. What the marine answered: - And I without pants will be engaged and so hot now. Also I began to remove slowly and erotically them from myself having slightly acted as the buttocks in before, thereby showing the clean-shaven perineum on display. Then I took off an undershirt then on it there is no not what clothes left. Also I went to the bag for sportswear for dances which we amuse near an entrance door. At the same time saying: - And you poorly all the same somebody won't see, but to a body is easy and free. On what I told: - At all no, I houses generally now without pants also go. - Well give remove feel at home – I told smiling to Marishk. - Yes without problems. And too I took off from myself pants having bared completely I went to the bag for clothes for dances. At this moment when I passed by an entrance door, it sharply opened I didn't even manage to think and cover the intimate places at once. Our teacher on dances to Elena Nikolaevna at the same time has come into a locker room having opened a door almost on plowing. When I saw that along the corridor there passed guys and having seen me naked looked at my delights, I tried to be covered with hands all that could. But it was rather provided by him to time to consider me naked so far I wasn't covered. Coming Elena Nikolaevna told and at once closing behind herself a door: - Little girls all hi! – at the same time looking at me I continued to say: - I got naked there is nothing to pace about the room and to you with such slender body are afraid, boys though admired such beauty. I reddened and though on my swarty skin it it was a little shown, I told: - And I also simply am not afraid to prove to be not everything just like that. - Well and it is correct, so little girls approach here and listen to me – girls began to meet to the teacher. In general Elena Nikolaevna is a cool teacher, young 28 years cheerful kind we with her always stir much. Elena Nikolaevna began to tell, and I and naked also stood not to depart, Marinka suited naked too didn't manage to put on still. - Tomorrow it is necessary to undergo medical examination with policlinic from 12-00 till 15-00 o'clock, and those someone will pass will go to regional competitions. All is clear to all, well then change clothes and to someone it was only necessary and to put on or you so were going to be engaged. Also I smiled on looking at me. - Ah yes Olga Mikhaelovna our chief organizer so be not late will go for medical examination with you. That I from her didn't listen then what you are not attentive. All of us amicably and approvingly told that all of us understood. Then began to disperse to change clothes, and I quickly stepped aside from a door what somebody again in such look wouldn't see me. The teacher left at the same time having joked to me skazala-Yul be covered that not someone didn't see you naked. I approached the bag took it from a hanger and returned on a bench to a marine which already put on. At the same time Marishka didn't miss the moment to joke, told: - So you without pants in a sportivka will go, or so naked is more habitual to you. - at the same time I didn't offer the third option. - Well for the present in a sportivka, I didn't get used to go for the present so and it will distract guys which nearby will be engaged. Classes were perfectly, having exhausted completely. Having after classes returned to a locker room and having taken a shower began to put on. That moment when me guys saw naked all didn't go at me out of the mind, at the same time I felt easy excitement, and I wanted still an extreme but I didn't know as, and here I decided that I won't put pants I will go in shorts well and of course in an undershirt. So far I didn't come in the desires yet. Also I began to pull shorts on a naked body. They were short and fitted me, at the same time shorts took the form of my pussy, it looked very sexually. Later I began to put on a t-shirt, having seen this is Marishka told: - Well you give, decided to surpass me, won't leave. I won't put pants too, let go a body breathes. Also I began to pull the jeans shorts and a t-shirt. By the way about Marinke growth almost like I can couple centimeters below, a fair hair a figure slender beautiful, it had a breast size slightly more mine. Leaving Marinka told that she should tomorrow morning come around to pay the credit for phone therefore not to be late for medical examination we will go on earlier. Agreed for 10:00 hours that she will come for me. Then having kissed at parting, I went home. Going along the street I felt as the seam on shorts began to get into me more and stronger, and my pussy through shorts was more distinctly allocated to those. At each step friction it was felt more distinct and I began to be made horney. Passing by guys and men threw the look there. And I pretending that and it is necessary went receiving a high. Approaching the house I was made horney outright and there at me began to flow. Having come home parents and the brother of the house didn't leave on affairs somewhere. I quickly undressed, laid down on a sofa spread legs that it was convenient to finish itself pleasures. Also I began to caress myself a hand, at the same time two fingers got into a hole more and more deeply, moving apart sponges in different directions. Remembering that moment in a locker room with guys, I quickly on felt as the orgasm begins to accrue. At this moment I shuddered, then once again and felt as the wave of pleasure began to cover me. I didn't receive such orgasm long ago masturbating in the evenings of the house. Lying 20 more minutes in such pose I enjoyed the moment of pleasure and easily relaxations. Later I got up I stretched and I went to a shower to wash away from myself pleasure traces. It was necessary to bring still itself into a normal look before tomorrow's medical examination. I took the machine shaved small hairs which began to grow only, I love when there smoothly and there is nothing doesn't disturb. I read the book in the evening, I communicated in contact, then long stirred by phone discussing a miscellaneous with Marinka and decided to go in what tomorrow. Having woken up about 9 hours I got up washed made toilet, have fast breakfast. Also I began to think that it to dress to outdo Marinka and other little girls. And without hesitation I put on thin thongs before I was with light lace and almost transparent, at the same time it was possible to consider the beginning of a section of a perineum, and there was further a small fabric which was confused to hide my sexual sponges and sharply passed a smaller strip with the back at the same time almost not what without covering, except a back hole. On affairs to soccer with favourite cats and a skirt buttocks are slightly lower. I began to wait for Marishka it as always was late about 40 - 50 minutes. - Well you are ready the girlfriend? – Marinka asked coming to me home. Marinka was dressed in the indicator and shorts of sea subject and the Vietnamese. At the same time continuing to speak hastily.– Give quickly put shoes on, and that we are late, it is necessary to come around to pay us for the credit – Marishka as Told as if for my reason there was a delay. I bent and began to put on sandals having turned to Marinka the back. At this moment of Marink lifts up my skirt and says: - You though today in pants, and got used to go without them though what on you it is difficult to call pants. - I here yes, and you? – I answered. - Well not naked to go on offices with doctors. We left and went to a stop to stop the minibus. As there was a bright sunny day we had points to the main accessories. Having waited for the minibus necessary to us, we got into it on the back because we needed to go almost to final. Having sat down on seats I felt as the skirt was lifted up, having opened a view of my panties which there isn't a lot of and hid. I delayed a skirt on a bottom and put a handbag on legs for confidence that sitting on minding what it will be visible. The road to bank took 30 more minutes because on the city there were traffic jams. Going out of the minibus I held a skirt with the back, otherwise the sitting passengers could see my buttocks when I bent. But in front the woman coming into the minibus the bag hooked on edge of a skirt and lifted up her in front completely having opened my panties on the general review. I quickly lowered her down, and paid attention that the man stares at me. And about myself I think: well on even the second day in a row of I expose on display. Having seen this picture, Marinka laughed and says: - Here so to wear short skirts. - Yes climb in the minibus don't allow even to leave. – being indignant I answered. Having come to bank we saw that the terminal doesn't work, it was necessary to get in a queue. Which not really quickly moved. We spent for all this more than an hour. I began to worry that we can be late for medical board. On what Marinka told: - Yes don't worry at us 2 more hours in a stock. The main thing that Olga Mikhaelovna didn't shout, she is such opposite. - It precisely. To reach to our policlinic, we needed to make one change. But as ill luck would have it long there was no our route and plus awful traffic jams on the city because of the fact that a roadwork was conducted. For this reason we were late for 30 minutes. Having run in policlinic and having risen by the floor necessary to us where usually there take place medical examinations. We saw Olga Mikhaelovna, she didn't leave yet made out various papers. Having approached her, Marinka says: - Excuse Olga Mikhaelovna, we were late for my reason. - Well and what should I do with you the commission already likely ended. So your competitions under the threat. – Olga Mikhaelovna was indignant. - Now I will go I learn there is someone there be not. Also I went to an office. - There now we got what we will do? – I asked. - I don't know, now we learn that Olga Mikhaelovna will tell, and will get to us from her. The office left Olga Mikhaelovna and says: - Run undress and go to an office what there – that late group went now, it is your last chance to go to competitions. We took our roundabout sheets and in a trice ran in a locker room. Having come into a locker room, we saw that there men's teenage wear hangs. Having seen it I told: - Really with boys we will pass, and I have such look. On a round on doctors it is necessary to be in pants and in a brassiere. But as we didn't wear brassieres we remained in t-shirts in the summer.