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Just as the young guy of the name – Evgeny, Zhenya, Zheka doesn't understand … Why several names for one person? Why do many people bear the same name? Unclear world … But all this is unimportant … Evgeny – in appearance the young guy of 25 years moved to the large city recently and lodged in the hostel. It wasn't settling literally … The guy just found another, the young man, similar to him. I tracked down him, I killed and I took away documents. The intuition didn't fail – the killed only of the beginnings studies at the technological university. It is unlikely his roommates managed to remember each other. Evgeny … This name of the killed, but now this name belongs to his murderer. New Evgeny didn't aspire to the excessive victims. Just he got used to achieve the objectives. And two girls became the most important purpose. They lived in the hostel too. Only the floor above, in the neighboring rooms. One blonde, and another – the brown-haired woman. Zhenya long watched them. Students of the medical university, leave in the morning, come back late at night. They didn't resemble. Light called Olga. Sensual lips, soft gait, the loud sighing laughter. When the girl laughed – she narrowed eyes and almost never smiled broadly. Always there was some modest coquettish smile. Olga attractively put on and was able to attract to herself attention. Loud laughter, constant easy jokes. Soul of the company. The brown-haired woman was another. Elena (so called the second girl) differed in gusty and prompt gait. A direct look always widely opened eyes, the accurate speech and short, but substantial phrases. Smile always wide and sincere. It is well put. An impression was made that Lena was purposeful and unlike the girlfriend just I couldn't long is in one place. Two girls well supplemented each other. It is no wonder that Zhenya paid the attention to girlfriends. They will well fit into the plan … Evgeny well studied two girlfriends. Whole Zhenya lived half a year in one with girls hostel. But he needed a case. The event which would allow to connect to them was necessary. Zhenya all the life obeyed the inner voice. The intuition. And it never brought. Zhenya beforehand knew with someone he easily to cope and of someone it is worth being afraid. When it was necessary to run and disappear from patrols of militia and when it was possible quietly, in open to go to cafe and to eat an ice cream. Zhenya and someone should be chosen as the following victim felt. If there was a purpose, then the intuition itself prompts the necessary people. It was only necessary to hide and wait. And, it seems, today good luck was on Evgeny's party. Pyotr is the guy living near girls whom Zhenya watched I looked obviously badly. Weigh excited, tousled. Something strongly anxious. The day before Zhenya saw how Pyotr spoke about something with men in expensive coats which came by black jeeps. Men handed to Petya some envelope. Everything looked as the transaction. And what was a subject of the transaction, Evgeny guessed. There was an evening. And girlfriends had to return to the hostel soon. Sitting on a window sill, at a ladder on the third floor, Zhenya pretended that he reads the book. At the same time the guy didn't lose sight of any person, the passable mime. Zhenya saw how at first Elena returned, and the fast vigorous gait ran in on a ladder. Videla as is slow, with laziness and a shred of grace there passed the mime Olga. After a while, hastily putting on on the run, Elena, Olga and Pyotr three together came downstairs. Petya, something without ceasing, I spoke to girls. It was visible that all Trinity hurries. Having quickly run to the room, Zhenya grabbed the jacket and rushed for girls. Fortunately, they didn't depart far. Having left the hostel, Pyotr led girlfriends in the yards somewhere. Campus of the technological university. In this late evening many cases were empty. But Evgeny pursuing a Trinity noticed jeeps and the men standing nearby in expensive coats. Zhenya decided to hide and from round the corner to observe, what will be farther. Pyotr approached one of university buildings, opened a door and let in in girls. After a while the guy left the building and ran towards the hostel. Men in expensive coats, slowly moved to an entrance to the building and stood nearby. "Probably, transactions Pyotr executed the part. And men on an entrance remained to guard. It seems, my time has come to interfere." - Evgeny thought. Having waited so far Pyotr will pass out of sight, Evgeny moved to an entrance to the building protected by men. Evgeny preferred dexterity and reserve to brute force. Therefore well dressed men didn't notice Zhenya who crept to them and quietly spoke with each other: – Yes, Vovan gives. Whether pulled him you see on very young … I found still the boy there is nobody which the girlfriends so sold badly … – be not fucked, the Beaver! Itself on - to type you will refuse when your turn comes!? – Ha! Still what … Very young – эт it is good … Simply … – "Beaver" didn't manage to finish the man by nickname. The workmate only noticed as fell on knees having grabbed the cut throat the Beaver, and then before the man there was a young guy with the short blood-stained knife from nowhere. The man stretched was to a belt to get from there the hidden gun, but Zhenya quickly ran up and thrust a knife under a chin, in depth that the fine edge reached directly a brain. The man only shuddered and settled a dead bag on the cold earth. Having quickly examined the place of a fight, Evgeny decided to drag bodies in the building. Having left corpses in a corridor and having closed entrance doors, Zhenya went in the building which was a sports complex. The big hall and a small ray of light proceeding from nobody the utility room. Evgeny quietly and imperceptibly went to light. The cut in a doorway was a light source. Behind a door women's sobbing and men's groans were heard. Having glanced in a doorway Evgeny considered girls who had to become his victims. But the surprising destiny made girlfriends the victims of other people. Elena was held by the healthy bald man. At the same time with Olga the man pottered corpulent, with the big, hanging-down belly. At both girls were connected by an adhesive tape behind the back of a hand and the mouth is stuck. "The fat man – it has to eat Vovan" - Evgeny guessed, remembering a conversation of the security guards killed with it. Corpulent Vovan already managed to take off from himself a coat and a shirt, sported a well-fed belly and hanging, similar on women's boobies, roughly pushed and touched Olga, cut off a knife from her rags clothes and admired a young snow-white body. Having taken off the last clothes, having left only boots, Vovan roughly left Olya on wrestling mats. – Someone so roughly treated you? – with astonishment Vovan told, having noticed two healthy bruises on Olga's body: one on a hand and another on a leg. – But you don't worry, I it am a boy tender! With these words Vovan undid trousers and, podrachivy the dick of the considerable sizes, laid down on the girl. Olya shaken by all events was simply paralyzed by fear and could sob only quietly. From blue eyes of the svetlovosy girl streamlets of tears flowed. Lena opposite, tried to escape and even something tried to shout through an adhesive tape. But bald just I knocked Lena a weighty fist on the head from what the impetuous girl became soft and I hung on hands of the rude man. Vovan continued to touch a gentle young body. The corpulent man licked and sucked beautiful boobies of Olina, at the same time fingering a hand thumb the girl's vagina. Without spending long time for a warming up, strongly horney Vovan roughly turned Olya on a stomach. Then one hand I raised the girl for a waist, and another was sent horney and firm as a stake by the dick to Olga's vagina. Flesh, young and dry for fear, extremely reluctantly let in a big dick of Vovan. But the stubborn man persistently rough pushes pushed the shoot more and more deeply. Olga at each push published the desperate cries of pain muffled by an adhesive tape. Over time, the corpulent man completely entered the dick a bosom of the gentle girl. Having bent down to Olga's body, the man clasped with breast hands, language walked on gently smelling neck. Then Vovan became straight and, holding with two hands the girl's waist, began to make small and sharp frictions, in passing publishing groans of pleasure: – Yes - and-and! An opening that it is necessary, not as at any whore developed … You know, you can take Cobalt, the second suchechka to yourself right now. This Snow White will be enough for me … Uuukh, it is good пизденка - and-and, da-a-a! – Vovan told, without ceasing "to hollow" a young body, gradually increasing an amlpituda. – As you will tell, the boss! – vigorously bald answered the chief. And then as well as Olga earlier, roughly I left Elena on mats near the girlfriend, I got a knife and I began to cut off clothes from Lena. Elena didn't recover from blow of the man yet and only inertly twirled by the head here and there, trying to understand what occurs around. "Time!" Having waited for the moment when the attack is the most unexpected, Evgeny, all this time patiently observing tortures of girls, sharply I opened a utility room door in two jumps I jumped up to Vovan and I cut with one exact movement to the man a throat. Zhenya at first stuck the second man who took off from himself an undershirt at this time with a knife into the area of a groin, and then thrust an edge deeply in an eye-socket to bald which was swept up from pain. Vovan, twitching and something rattling, convulsively I tried to close neck wound thick palms, but blood without ceasing I flew on a thick stomach, and then on Olga's back. The fair-haired girl having felt that the corpulent man doesn't squeeze her painfully for a waist the hands any more and I moved forward, sliding off a big dick. Whether lust sparks in the dying Vovan were stronger than a survival instinct, and can just laws of physics pulled a weighty belly of the man forward, but the corpulent man was tumbled down directly on Olga. Thereby driving deeply the still firm, but already dead dick in the girl. Olya felt sharp pain from the man who deeply entered her and warmth something viscous and liquid that spread on a back, a neck and the girl's hair. I began to smell blood Olga, the student of last years of medical institute, I learned quickly. New, even more desperate cry of the girl was muffled again by a reliable adhesive tape which stuck Olya's mouth. Evgeny with interest observing how life slowly followed from men tyrants, pulled together Vovan's corpse from Olga, and then a boot sock roughly turned the blood-stained and frightened girl Olya. Two desired victims lay near on mats before Zhenya. Still deafened and sluggish brown-haired woman Elena a muddy vacant stare looked somewhere up, and fair-haired Olga scaredly clapped blue eyes. – To the Snow White already got. Therefore I will begin, perhaps, with Brisk … - Evgeny thoughtfully murmured. And then in the face of girls I thrust to myself into a mouth a little finger of the left hand and I bit off it. Absolutely quietly and without having made not a uniform sound from pain. As though the finger wasn't its own. For Olya all events seemed the real crazy nightmare. Lena who began to recover stared in disbelief. Having spat out a little finger from a mouth, Zhenya grasped with teeth the blue blood which was sticking out of the bleeding stump on the place of a finger and sharply pulled on himself. In the face of the struck girls Evgeny from own finger extended the flexible, constantly moving core of corporal color. Covered with drops of blood, no more than thirty centimeters long, the core bulked up and was inflated, becoming more and more thickly and more long. In several moments, from Zhenya's teeth nearly a meter length and thickness with Olino a wrist covered with a set of knobs and hollows the coiling core hanged down long. The guy took this core one hand and then approached Lena. Having felt wrong, the brisk temper of the girl forced to rise to the feet the girl, but Evgeny kicked with a leg Elena again having tumbled down her on mats, and then, having pressed down a knee a throat of the girl kneeled. Then Zhenya accurately put the coiling core to a vagina of Lena. The girl something loudly lowed, coiled and tried to get out from under Evgeny. But everything was vain. The coiling plait found an entrance to a bosom of the girl and began a snake to climb inside. Awful, terrible and incomprehensible whether a thing, whether a being took root in the girl, inflicting on her pain and suffering. But Evgeny didn't allow a core to get completely in Elena. Having strong grabbed a core when that half disappeared the girl's vntur, Zhenya sent the second end of a core to Olga's vagina. The shaken and still staring in disbelief Olga felt as something at all not less by the sizes, than dead Vovan's dick, began to get in the girl. The core going the way developed by the corpulent man didn't meet a barrier. But live not a thing, not that being got more and more deeply, began to hurt much, something changed inside and in, the same time strong bit, attracting the friend to the friend Lena and Olga. It was necessary to Olga will obey to draft of a core and having collected the last strength, the girl laid down on Elena, thereby we will reduce a tension of an artful core and having reduced pain. But this thing and from Evgeny's finger tied bodies of two girls more and more strong, forced to rub among themselves Lena and Olya's sexual sponges. Some more moments and girls ceased to groan from pain. Writhing all this time while the core pulled together two bodies, girls suddenly stood and softened. It seemed that Olya and Lena suddenly fell asleep and now peacefully snuffled on the blood-stained mats, lying the friend on the friend … – It seems, it turned out, – Evgeny said in low tones, bypassing around a body of two girls. Then the guy sharply bent and, having got a knife, began to cut off a little finger from Elena's hand. – He all the same it not to be necessary for you, at you already superfluous for two – Zhenya murmured, hiding the cut-off finger at himself in a pocket. Having got up and having looked back to the massacre which was once the harmless utility room, Evgeny gave a whistle and with the words "Well and Mess" was developed and quickly left … Roommates didn't razznakomitsya with Evgeny – eternally silent guy. But come back today late in the middle of night, having by some miracle passed the strict watchwoman on an entrance to the hostel, Zhenya who was quickly packing things guarded all. And for the morning one of neighbors told that on the left hand of Evgeny there was no little finger as though someone cut off to their neighbor Zhenya a finger and now that disappeared, escaping from someone … Two girlfriends, lain all night long, were found in the morning by the physical culture instructor. More precisely, the games-master found the blood-stained corridor and a utility room, and among bodies of men the strange girl shivering and muttering incoherent words. And I had the strange blood-stained girl whose half of hair on the head was shortly a strizhena a light brown shade, and other half – long gold hair to shoulders.