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Public toilets, men's clubs, cabins for disguise — only iceberg top for a privacy and self-satisfaction. I will tell you a case which occurred so me personally. Any preukras or vrakov. All the clean truth as it is. After educational year at institute I with group of children from trade-union committee were going to go according to permits to the South (then yet not ours, but already such family). In ours hop-kompanii there were many nice little girls (Olesya, Karina, Kamil) and cute young guys (Oleg, Sergey, Kostik). All from good families, excellent students of study, activists, ringleaders in the company and only I was a little beaten out from their number. I was from the village, grew up as it is told on a bosom of the nature and was a healthy and strong guy. Leather — blood with milk. I could give any prosratsya. Naturally I gave prosiratsya, but only for defensive reasons. I on nature am not aggressive, but if it is necessary, I can allow to light. In the general, we went by train. With tickets of problems didn't arise though knowing that business happens in Russia, I was ready to difficulties. And let on their beginning didn't arise that only relaxed us (not to such degree, of course, that it was possible to take among night us hawt), but we are students and ko to all were ready. Both to a whip and to gingerbread. Somehow among night so far we shivered in a compartment to me it was impatient on small. I slept on the top shelf and didn't decide to go down — suddenly I will rouse all the gestures. That any more on the lower tier any more in everything, without hesitating of anybody, two were pardoned. In darkness was though put out an eye someone, with someone and what poses it was visible resolutely in any way. Peering into darkness it was possible to see unless that a bottom of the soul. In the car it was stuffy — not to jokes. Then I was twisted and thought that there is a way to be facilitated and on more simply, especially without running anywhere. Was to stretch a hand behind a thin large bottle from under coca-kolets enough and it was possible to release an uric bubble safely. What I also made. If you thought that I put then this bottle as there was in anything no lawful place on ee, then you are absolutely right. Nobody even asked what koka such muddy as as if vinegar divorced. No on it there is a logical answer — students. Let we young and curious, but modest and even in what tactful. It I to the fact that all prosekli that from a bottle it is more best not to drink, a that harm will be. On persons profkomovtsev the slight neglect and I was visible to take away from itself suspicions, even I undertook attempt to drink. No in time itself osyok not to take, having forgotten. This case demonstrated to me that I go not with fools and here won't give a ride to my rural tricks. I frowned nose Karinka, the sociable and brisk girl, with a seductive breast, so and most torn from a sports top. From all little girls she was pleasant to me most. Business is that she was brightly allocated on a background of others. Olesya was not fish meat. It seems thin, yes with the stomach running on a belt. A Kamili I and at all was afraid. She always went to what-to rastafaryanskoy to a knitted cap and from her shmanilo tobacco. All this multiplied by ee hot blood and ee blood of wild brothers created an impassable barrier to ee to a pussy. As there was, but we with Karinkoy had confidential relationship. I to her secret, she to me two. So also stood apart from other coterie where all fought. Whether it is long short, a we arrived in Alupka. Were unloaded and set to sanatorium "Seagull". There we were met by the first category, fed from a paunch with grapes, peaches and other gifts of the South. A took away then in numbers. Where everyone had cable also own bathroom. With Karinkoy we were spudded, you understand, in one number. I was delighted that now will come the way of me. There is no An! Ne I attacked that. From the train she seduced me the boobies, a now when the thicket of patience approached edge, took and said as on spirit: — Artyom, I can't here so at once. To all the time. To all the hour. I already didn't know where to disappear. Balls, I admit honestly, ached. I suffered. I went to the beach that was at the hotel with Oleg and Sergey. — Children, tell, honestly, as at you with personal life. — Artyom, you what it took? — answer Sergey. To admit honestly, I disliked this Sergey from the most first look. Kakoy-to muddy he, eyes beads, you will look in them — run, never faces, in teeth only. — Listen, Sergey, I generally didn't ask you. I at Oleg was interested. Oleg was developed on heels (he went ahead of us, from under shertov straps of his bathing swimming trunks looked out.) also I looked at me strictly izpodlobya. — You that at us here the cleverest? — with threat in a voice he hissed. — Sorry, Oleg. I didn't want to offend you for live. Sergey in the turn laughed in a fist. Corners of his predatory mouth stretched to the most mimic wrinkles. I rejoiced to my miss. Bitch!