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You are familiar with my friends about 4 years, I communicate with them practically all life, 2 married couples were going to note the termination of an internship of one of our girlfriends, of course invited also us, but the schedule of your work brought again and you couldn't arrive, I know how work just as also my work is important for me is important for you. You called me around 22.00, then began to approach and other guests, you decided to learn how there takes place the party and what I am engaged in. I didn't want to drink this evening therefore I arrived by the car. But so it turned out that I decided to drink, just there was a wish to relax, and I drank. It is a little. Only couple of cocktails with ice. I don't know why, it wasn't pleasant to you. Mandative tone you told me to gather home and that you will come around in an hour. The mood was spoiled. Children noticed it and tried to amuse me, they knew in what the reason. I except you have nobody. Only friends. I from the childhood remained one and you know it. You always support me and you don't allow to remain a single. Also you like to drink and relax, I don't know why on you this situation so worked. Time approached 23. 00, you it wasn't heard, I also drank and stirred with friends. One guy from the come guests was unfamiliar to me and tried to begin to communicate with me and to amuse me. You know that for five years nobody is necessary to me except you and will never be necessary. You shouldn't doubt me. You know me as nobody. Alcohol began to work and I didn't resist any more and talked to this guy. I told him that I in a relationship and to him shine nothing, he understood me and didn't begin to drive, we just spoke about everything: about weather, about life, about work. The door was called by you, time was nearly 00. 00, I didn't think that it you. I thought that you houses also are offended long ago by me that I have a rest without you. Immediately I noticed you and your severe look. Your eyes as always are beautiful, but your rage changes them. You greeted all, congratulated the graduate, approached me and sat down to me on knees, (I love, when you in the strict suit) I embraced you and nestled on a breast, I was afraid further, but you were extraordinary quiet, I also was afraid of it. You took me for a chin, looked to me in eyes, I felt ill at ease, we merged in a kiss, your sponges of mm more sweet there is nothing gentle and at the same time passionate, you bite me playfully for a lower lip, but on you there is no smile, it frightens me. You kind of accidentally pushed a table and cocktails departed on jeans to that guy, you got up and defiantly went to the ladies' room, and I began to screen you and to apologize to the poor fellow. You, of course noticed it, turned back and invited me. I got up and rocking followed you. You took me by hand and breakthrough dragged in ladies'. On heels you always higher also seem twice more me. What at this moment happened to you remains a riddle for me still. At first you embraced me and pressed to yourself so gently and strong that I felt your heart and rapid breathing, then took both hands for the head, dipped hands into my hair and kissed me, having bitten through my lip to pain. You like to do so, but isn't so sick. Further you slightly pushed away me from yourself and your hysterics began. You started anew to blame me for the drunk alcohol, then for communication with this guy, then you began to remember old offenses (as you like to do it) I started over again asking forgiveness for everything. When you are angry, you always try to accuse me of something, I don't understand you, we so love each other. But you went in cycles in one. On this guy whose name I don't even remember still. I tried to settle everything, I told you what we spoke about and that he knows that you are at me. But you were unshakable. Your hysterics only increased, and shouts became louder. You seized me by hands so strongly that fingers turned blue. I hate your roughness! From where she at you? To me it became so offensive and sore that I burst out crying. In ladies' were knocked and you released me, having pushed away with such force that I flew away to a door and opened her the back. That guy picked up me, probably he came to calm you. But it only angered you more. You pushed him, seized me by a hand and dragged to an exit, nobody also managed to blink an eye as the door for us slammed. During an instant we appear at your car. You don't pay attention that to me it is painful that I pay. Just you push me in the car. I am afraid to sit down nearby and I try to sit down on a back seat, but you lifted me and dragged on front, seated on a seat, fastened and blocked doors. I took the wheel and, without starting the car, I lit. I started over again washing out a brain this guy, sharply I became silent and I hung the head on a wheel, I see how for you it is bitter and offensive, I run a hand over your hair, you try not to pay attention to me. I include our favourite songs, we have an identical taste. More loudly, even more loudly. I try to turn you to myself. You after all turned, I am already glad, kiss you, I calm, I swear eternal love. You become softer and are more pliable. I take a uvula on your lips, gently and hotly, I dipped hands to you under a jacket, I want to remove him from you, you aren't given, I don't know why, it seems, everything, released you, but you not that I Light a sigarette, turned away to a window, you took off a jacket, I see side sight, undid couple of top buttons on a blouse, but I already began to cool down and therefore didn't turn to you. I feel your palm on a knee, soft, gentle, you stroke to the menyaena pleasantly. Very much. Your sponges on my neck Mmm Shepchesh of the word of forgiveness, a word about love, you tell about a blockage at work, you say that you will register in reception to the psychologist that there were no nervous breakdowns, I turned, you approached my lips, I produced in you smoke and we merged in a kiss. In a strong kiss. A uvula I surveyed all your mouth, your hand from a knee began to be raised above, you kiss my neck, each kiss burns me, it is hot and pleasant to me, I so want you, I love you, your lips soft and pliable, fall below to a breast, I begin to moan, I am made horney, one hand I undo your trousers and without ceremonies I climb in panties, the second stroke-oar you on a back, velvet, soft skin as it is pleasant to me to touch you. I ask you to sit down on me, you got from a driver's seat on me and I began to act, a hand got to you into panties again, began to caress, gently, without touching your cherry, I investigate you, I know all you, each fold, each birthmark, you burn, you wet inside, I take a finger on your lips, your juice shines on lips, I pinch him with hungry greed and start in you two fingers, you was curved, a breast towards to me, I break from you a blouse, a mouth manage to catch a nipple, you jump on me as the equestrian, I add fingers, bite your nipples, delay them teeth, you shout, is strong, good that plays music, a thumb find your cherry and begin to mass her, groans break in loud growls, I with a force and speed drive in you fingers, see as to you is good, know as you love, do everything at once to bring you to a limit. I manage to pinch you more feasibly for cherry and here it is your paradise. You fall on me and you begin to shiver. Shakes you, I embrace you as soon as I can, you with gratitude look at me, I see, you aren't angry any more and isn't offended, you kiss me so that to me doesn't gasp, I hold you at myself on hands, your body slightly shakes, to me it is good that to you is good you was curtailed at me on a lap as the child, we lit You was tired, I see also know it. I know how you are exhausted by work. You kiss me after each sigh. I am made horney, but I don't want to torment you though I know, you won't leave me without orgasm. Again I saddled me and I seized my lips. Nobody ever kissed me as it is done by you. You go down to my breast, you ask to change on rear seats, we moved there and you began to go down a uvula from a breast, hands I mass nipples, you love my breast, it at me not small, sharply you stick into my clitoris, so sharply, more than ever, distorted me as current knocked, I screamed, you were frightened of it, rose to me, see, everything is good, rush a uvula in my mouth, I feel the taste. Again you go down and you begin to investigate me a uvula. I am bent on a meeting to you and to your uvula, I ask to add fingers, but you are teased, again rose to me, merged in fervent kiss, you sharply drove in me fingers. From pain I needed only to low, you covered me we will kiss. With each push pain calmed down, I floated in pleasure. I added a uvula to a clitoris and the orgasm wave began to cover me. I began to fight in ecstasy. You didn't calm down and roughly fucked me fingers, teeth biting my nipples. I reach an orgasm only when you the speed and by force begin to drive in me already 4 fingers, my God, you are so desired, nobody can present that I test at such moments. The orgasm just tears me from within, begins to pull me in the strongest ecstasy, tears scattered from eyes and I just fell to chairs, you laid down behind, embraced me, I feel each centimeter of your body, each section, I feel how you breathe, you kiss behind my back and a neck, I turn to you, we merge in a kiss. I caress gently you hands and a uvula. We breathe too deeply. Windows misted over. In the car it is stuffy. Music roars. I reach the panel, I diminish music and we remain practically in silence. "I love you, never leave me, you are necessary to me as air, I will never endure your leaving, you are too dear to me, I will die without you, small washing, forgive for this trick, I can't see how you with someone without me" — your words touch heart. I embrace you even more strong, I kiss your hair, a forehead, I calm you, merging in a passionate and hot kiss. I too strongly love to take offense at you.