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I, went to the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, to agree about intimate meetings with Milana (the lovely ready to help maiden from Podolsk) and suggested to bring her to Sokolniki. It was necessary for her to Cheryomushki, just me on the way home. But Milana was at that time more important. I didn't find anything special in her. The nice girl, looks for about 24-25 years. I whereas time met girls of 17-23 years. Got to talking, I told that works at exhibitions. I told also that I am married (I didn't begin to lie too) that at her to the son of 10-11 years. Then at once asked how many to her years? I told that 30 were only executed. I was surprised, she looked smartly. Exhibitions meant to me nothing, I didn't go to exhibitions, knew nothing about it. But the girl wanted to talk, and I all the same drove. Reached to Sokolniki. Already saying goodbye, I after all decided to ask her business card (business women have to have business cards), it gave. Said goodbye. I called in several days. Just like that. Then I met Liouba, and everything at me in this plan was good. And so, I called and I told that I have birthday soon. Also I forgot. In shop of business went even worse, had no time for her. On December 15 to me came to demand money for rent. It is a lot of. Everything this day developed strange. Both birthday and these freaks. I went to the Chinese restaurant. I ordered vodka. One. Such all unfortunate. And suddenly She calls, on mobile. Judging by a voice, I wanted to call long ago, but there was no occasion. I congratulated, I told that soon an exhibition at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. I promised to come to look. I kept a promise in several days. I captured her and I carried to Strogino. On the road talked, I undertook nothing, slowly I probed as it to treat illegitimate sex and when could experience it and whether wishes in general. I understood what is quite good. I began to do nothing. Women love such approach, not once tried. I kissed a hand, I thanked for evening, then I left. On December 19 the exhibition was closed, and I decided to take away it after the exhibition. When already I went to her, she called me. It seemed that was delighted that I to her go. I reached, I waited. I left with some girlfriend. I asked to bring her to the subway. Itself remained. I suggested to go to my sister. However, I told the sister nothing. I called her for work, I persuaded to give keys at several o'clock. I broke, but I gave. I went to her to work, it is far also traffic jams, I thought food so far, Arinka will change the mind. But, thank God, I didn't change the mind. I took keys, apparently, even it was necessary to give her money that not really I hurried home. Went. On the road I came around on BP, previously having taken an interest that it drinks. She had problems with a stomach therefore preferred vodka. I very much don't love vodka and not really I love the women drinking it. But what to do. I was afraid to go all this time out of the car because it could be frightened and escape. But well what well comes to an end comes to an end. We reached. Rose to the apartment. In the house there was nothing food. It surprised me. I found tangerine. Sat down in the large room, watched TV, talked. It was barefoot. Magnificent legs. I poured some vodka, I cleaned tangerine, but it didn't begin to drink. I didn't sustain, literally by force dragged it to the bedroom. She resisted, but not strongly and not long. I didn't allow to undress until the end of myself, but I managed to take off a skirt and tights with panties. What saw struck me. Long ago I didn't see a hairy pubis. It was dense and dark, but the smell just struck me. All disorders lined me, and at me: I didn't get up. I got up, but not up to the end, maybe, I just was afraid that she will change the mind. Hardly I put on condom, however, soon he slept. Continued without him, and she didn't object. The semisolid tool slid in her and was slightly bent, but the main thing that it appeared in her. Girl large 46-48 size, buttocks big, breast of the 2nd size, leg 37-38. I distracted. And this semi-hardness gave special feelings. It originally arranged a vagina. Not to be pleasant to it stimulation of a clitoris, but something integrated at an entrance at the left great brings her. And, apparently, this semisolid tool just touched with a head it something. Then I kissed her fingers standing, they are wonderful, apparently, to it nobody it did earlier, then an anus. Then I understood everything. She mine. I want her again and again. She wanted it too. I felt. It was time to leave, the sister gave us only 2 hours. I met her at the subway and returned keys. I brought Arina home, long kissed (I don't remember, but I assume), I hate to be kissed on the lips, but with her it was wonderful. Said goodbye. All names are invented. Events, dates and places original. Continuation surely follows. About Arina in the section a fetish and treason. Though, I am afraid, with this lady these sections I won't be limited. We still meet, I began to keep the diary. I will try to describe all history till today. Thanks.