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But the law was valid until at the following king such long-awaited child was born. And it was the girl. Without wishing to kill own child about whom they with the queen asked so many years, the king Eduard repealed him. The princess grew, and the kingdom still prospered. The king with the queen couldn't rejoice daughters, and each her birthday was celebrated with big scope. Many representatives of other countries I came to congratulate the princess. They brought her expensive and most rare gifts. The princess Alexandria grew up and turned into the beautiful girl. Her blond curls streamed on a back, clear eyes were close to color of the sky, and the seraphic smile bewitched the citizens. And here, at last, day her eighteen-anniversary came. Many gifts were presented to her from governors of the next countries, but here announced the unexpected guest. It was the ambassador from far are strange about which I heard nobody earlier. Swarty, dark-haired, he eloquently sang about beauty of the princess. And that she didn't begin to doubt in his words, presented her the huge mirror decorated with gemstones. The princess at first was surprised to a gift, but, having approached it closer and having looked at the pure reflection, she recognized it as the best gift in an evening. The mirror was carried away at once to the bedroom of the princess, having raised a joyful smile upon the face of the ambassador. But also the overseas guest didn't leave without the king's gifts with the queen. Among all jewelry he personally presented to the king a small bubble which contained aromatic oil. - This aroma will help to keep your love for a long time, your Majesty. – With double sense the ambassador pronounced these words, and gave a gift to the king. Soon the holiday ended, and the exhausted princess rose to the room. Having seen the mirror put in a corner opposite to a bed she smiled to the reflection. It attracted her, and even the girl before it changed clothes, watching through it as servants bare her body. And when the girl went to bed, she long looked in its darkness, didn't fall asleep yet. Meanwhile the king decided to try a gift of the ambassador. He, having dripped oil in a lamp, before arrival of the queen. The sweet aroma at once lodged in his monastery. - Your Majesty. – Her gentle voice behind his back sounded. - Pass, my love. Years didn't affect his wife, and on the contrary made her finer. To him unlike other governors has the luck to fall in love with the queen. Watching as she slowly goes to him in the transparent peignoir, he felt as his dick hardened, being poured by blood from desire. His queen always affected earlier him so, but recently the terrible illness captured the king and he ceased to have desire. Having felt fire in the loins, the king quickly went to a meeting to the wife. Having pressed her body to itself, he covered her lips with the, tormenting in a furious kiss. The queen droplets wasn't frightened of such pressure, and was on the contrary happy to feel passion of the husband which seemed, cooled down over the years. His language was weaved from her in furious dance when suddenly in his imagination the face of the queen was changed on the face of the daughter, and he, having been frightened, sharply came off the wife's mouth. But from it his vision didn't end. The king saw before himself the princess who carried out by language on lips, and slowly pulled together from itself a peignoir, remaining completely naked. From this vision to his horror his dick hardened to pain, and he for a second closed eyes. When felt touches of female hands, he sharply opened eyes and again saw before himself the queen. Having decided that it influences him drunk by fault, the king didn't begin to think of it, and paid the attention to a mature body of the wife. His hands laid down on the queen's breast, having roughly squeezed her. The small pillow of a thumb walked on her nipple, and that, having responded towards to caress, hardened. - Ah, - the sigh left from the woman's lips. The king looked at the wife and again before his eyes the daughter appeared. Her young, elastic breast, so ideally was located in his hands that he became more furious to rumple it. It seemed to him madness and a sin, but the more he thought of the daughter, the his desire became stronger. As if he looked younger again. And therefore the king decided for himself that these thoughts aren't dangerous, and time they help to increase his male power, once he gives in. Wishing to satisfy rather the lust, the king lifted the queen on hands and threw on a bed. He continued to see before himself the princess. She was great. I lay before him, having parted legs aside, opening for him a view of the innocent bosom. Having fallen between her legs, he covered her vagina with the mouth, wishing to enjoy her juice. His language walked on her bosom, having paid slightly more attention to the bulked-up clitoris then returned to a hole, and entered it language. The queen was curved from pleasure, having squeezed hands the husband's head, pressing stronger to itself. The king furiously fucked her language, causing shouts of ecstasy in the queen which for him sounded from the daughter's lips. The queen, without guessing sinful thoughts of the king, I felt happiness from love. Her husband was such passionate today that she, without constraining itself, loudly groaned, letting him know as to her it is good. Her orgasm so close seemed, but the man was ruthless. Having brought her to line, he stopped, and rose. The queen looked at him the obscured look, shivering from unsatisfied desire. But he wasn't going to leave her for a long time. The king zameshkat only because again I saw before myself the wife. This freak of the imagination demented him, but burning desire took up, and he, having directed the dick to her entrance, made attack and sharply entered a wet bosom of the queen. Her body was curved from this pressure, but it didn't give her and minutes of a respite. Pushes of the king were strong and fast as before him there was his great princess again. He was rude. Fingers compressed gentle leather of the queen, leaving bruises, but now it didn't worry her. (It is exclusive for - the Orgasm didn't keep itself waiting long, and her body was given under the next powerful attack of the king. Bright light of pleasure lit up her, and only on limit of consciousness she heard loud groan of the king which also found the release, the Woman felt moisture that began to flow on hips when he in a few minutes left her and laid down nearby. But all feelings were incomparable with pleasure that wandered on her body. Her eyes were closed, and she was given to a dream, having closely nestled on the husband. The king thoughts was not with the queen. They were continually turned about the daughter whom he for the first time presented today instead of the wife. It was sinful, but is so sweet. Never before his orgasm was such strong as today. And let now he felt devastated, but knew that now he will have no problems with desire. He found that medicine which secretly so long I looked for. And it were not tinctures which he so long drank, and even not the oil brought by the ambassador, and his own daughter. ***** her was hot, but the heat went not from a blanket. It seemed, the heat was in her. As if she strongly got sick. She was started turning in a bed, trying to calm the body, but it didn't help at all. And then someone's rough hands stopped her, having pressed to a bed. She wanted to open eyes and to look someone dared to come into her bedroom, but eyelids for some reason didn't obey. Hands walked on her body meanwhile, squeezing her breast, touching those forbidden places which it was a shame to her to touch. She accurately felt that his hands were big and firm, and the fear began to rise in her. But when the girl felt how touched her where her heat was concentrated, her body was randomly curved towards, and the fear disappeared, leaving only desire that these touches didn't prikashchatsya. Her legs moved apart, and hot air singed her open flesh. - No, it isn't necessary. I so will burn down. – She whispered, having rolled up the head, not wishing that the heat amplified. Then the thick finger began to move up down her crack, touching from above a knob, and the heat in her body began to sbiratsya in one point. The finger increased the pace, and her innocent body answered, moving towards. And here she felt as the finger got into her. It caused shock, discomfort and a droplet of pain, but the same time to her surprise she wished that the finger passed further. But, unfortunately, it turned out opposite from her that again will return. These movements began to repeat in the rhythm, and her breath became frequent, and heat, having gathered in a ball, was pinned more and stronger. Time extended as if all this lasted eternity until the heat blew up in it. Her body was curved by an arch, and loud shout crashed out, but it didn't even understand that she shouted. This feeling was such magic. It was release. The last of what she thought, being given to darkness that on her some liquid poured down on her.