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The city met them by excellent weather – was solar, warm, it is even a little hot, in the sky cloudlets. From the station went to hotel. Took place, have a little a rest. Lech descended down, and in 5 minutes I returned. - Guys, there is a sauna, I at 6 in the evening reserved, we will sit, we will take a steam bath, - he told. Roma and Serega didn't object, even, on the contrary, supported the idea. - Well, it is possible and to take a walk so far, - Roma told, - goes, children. Left things in number, went for a walk on the city. Got into the taxi, went to the downtown. Stopped at cafe – there was already time to have dinner. Then walked, walked the streets, admired Klyazma, came into the local Kremlin. So there passed time till the evening – a time already was in a sauna. The shop took vodka, snack, plastic ware. Returned to hotel, in number took things and went to a sauna. In a sauna received a set of dressing gowns and big bathing towels. To Lech the administrator of a sauna called: - If you like, remain for about 6 hours, more will be nobody. Paid Lech for a sauna for 6 hours. The interior impressed – the spacious hall with leather sofas, a sweating room, a jacuzzi, a shower with a hydromassage, the pool. Stripped to the skin, went to a sweating room. Roma didn't like to sit long in a sweating room therefore in about 3 minutes he left to get up under a shower. Lech with Seregoy remained. - Hear, Serega, - I told Lech when they remained some, - and give Romchik in buttocks we will fuck. I want him already, I can't. In St. Petersburg at me this idea arose. - Let's fuck, - told Serega, - and if he begins to resist or will shout? - Yes well, hardly. What won't we, together perhaps with him cope, with such puny? And if shouts, at me in a bag the piece of an adhesive tape lies, to him we will stick a mouth, - I answered Lech, - I have everything – condoms, lubricant, rubber gloves. My big we will spread a towel on a sofa and we will fill up him. At us it is a lot of time, 6 hours are left. - And gloves to you what for? - I Want at him at first in buttocks a finger поковырять. - It will be necessary to give to drink him that he, on the contrary, began to stick to us, - Serega joked. - Well, we will sit, we will drink, we will have a snack, - I told Lech. It is necessary to tell that children knew each other long ago: Roma with Lekhoy studied at institute, Serega was on friendly terms with Lekhoy long ago, and through him got acquainted also with Roma. In spite of the fact that all of them were already disaccustomed, still were on friendly terms. Lech there were 23 years, Roma with Seregoy – on 24. All of them weren't married yet. Roma really was short – about 170 and he had a puny figure, than Lech was higher – 180 and in shoulders is wider. The Serega was growth under 2 meters and in width as all joked, "as 2 Roma". So Seregi with Lekhoy didn't have doubt that together they will cope with him. - And in general, - I told Lech, - he at me somehow time remained to spend the night. We with him then drank well, I was washed, fell asleep, and then I feel, he near me laid down. To me I got into pants, on a bottom I caressed, my dick touched. And he at had a dick as a cudgel. Well, I showed no sign, of course. So he to see, too wishes. Sat still, left a sauna. Roma at this moment stood in soul. - Romka, went to the pool! - Serega shouted. All got into the pool, were cooled. Had fun, shouted, joked. - Go we will drink! – I told Lech. Returned to the hall. Got vodka, glasses, plates, snack. All spread out and poured. - Give for a trip. Everything at us is just excellent, - I told Serega. Drank. Have a snack. Then still, still, still … All three soon were already very good. - Guys, - I told Lech, - I very much want to drink for our expensive, all favourite Romchik. Which moved us on this trip which us persuaded everything, and we at first everything didn't want to go. And actually everything is remarkable. Romchik, thanks a lot, I so love you! I love as the brother! Let's drink brotherhood! - Give, Lech, we will drink, - Roma told. Drank.- And now kiss! – drunk Serega exclaimed. - Of course! – I told already drunk Lech. He moved up Roma to himself and kissed him on a mouth, взасос. Roma, surprisingly, didn't begin to object. - Give to the pool, and then in a shower, - Roma offered. All three approached the pool. - Into the account "three" everything we jump, - Roma exclaimed, - Time, two, three!!! All jumped, lifted a wave. Had again fun, shouted, joked. Roma for fun stuck to Lech, and Serega to Roma. "Very all right, Romchik, soon we with Seregoy will stick to you really, we will look what you will appear", - I thought Lech. Got out of the pool, went to a shower, began to wash. Lech was taken by Seregu aside and in a whisper told him: "I will prepare everything now, and you him ask to rub a back, I so far soon".-Roma, Roma, rub to me a back, - I told Serega. - Yes, yes, it is good, - Roma told. Lech I returned to the hall meanwhile, I got from a bag condoms, lubricant, gloves, a piece of an adhesive tape. I put everything on the lower shelf of a table – above there was a vodka and snack. And it isn't necessary that everything was visible. On a sofa I spread a big bathing towel. I poured to myself in a glass of vodka and I drank off.