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For example "wife girlfriend", wife mother", wife Jr. sister" and respectively "husband father", husband son", "husband brother" well and so on. Nina Aleksandrovna was ideal "wife mother", and I owing to the modest and timid character, didn't pull above ranks of "husband son", and an age difference here absolutely at anything in any way. If the person silent and timid in eighteen, then and in ten years he doesn't become "macho" and he can create strong couple only with "wife mother", and the duet for example from "husband son" and "the wife of Jr. sister", will be doomed to hopeless poverty and lack of money even if they have identical birthday. Many couples live long and happily having a huge age difference while inappropriate as the coeval leave in a year. All next months I at any opportunity and under any pretext ran to Nina in "guests". We so got used with her to regular sex and so harmoniously approached in this plan to each other that already couldn't live without it. Her daughter Tatyana probably began to suspect something and glanced at me slantwise though she aloud told nothing. She likely and itself had on me Views because the guy that I was high and strong and on the person is quite good, but I was interested only her mother more nobody else. When at last time approached and to me the call-up paper came, I right there ran to "mother Nina" to report about it to her. In kitchen on a table there were same pies as well as in my first visit. After rough sex and kisses at parting, it at the last minute when I already left doors, quietly spoke: "Serezhenka, I will wait for you." **** Where that in six months prior to demobilization, Nina secretly from all arrived to me to a part. None of colleagues even assumed in her my mother to what well and young she looked. All for some reason thought that it is elder sister, and I also didn't try to overpersuade them. — "You brought the pies?" — I asked at once, having picked up her under mice and having pressed to itself. On what she cunning smiled and whispered to me on an ear: — "Only one... but it always soft and never hardens, but I will give it only in exchange for sausage, as a last resort on sausage... ha-ha-ha." Having received dismissal for day, we with her were closed in the hotel room near the territory of a part and left him only to have a bite and buy drinks. Having shifted together two unpretentious single beds, we so in a day rubbed each other "culinary" bodies that by our calculations, it had to last for the remained half a year. **** at last when in the cold November morning, I jumping through two steps I flew up on the necessary floor and I called a treasured door - my Ninochka, my favourite "aunt Nina" its opened. She stood in the doorway and confusedly smiled having put a hand on much the acting tummy. — "You see as you filled my pie..." — Nina Aleksandrovna when the door was closed behind me told. — "Why you didn't report about it to me earlier?" — I one hand embraced it for shoulders, and put the second regarding my constant fixed attention - a big and soft bum. — "I don't know... I was afraid that you won't come any more. But I all the same for myself so solved and I am not sorry. "— her rounded stomach rested directly against mine. — "As soon as I will receive civil documents, at once we will go and we will undersign. Will you go to the REGISTRY OFFICE with me now, and Nina Aleksandrovna?" — "I Will go... likely I am a silly woman." — she embraced me for a neck and looked in eyes. It would be very desirable to tell about her look at that moment, but I won't be able to make it because only classics of literature are capable to describe eyes of in the love and happy woman. And I need to write about things ordinarier and prosaic.Stroking the buttocks covered with a dressing gown, I asked the question concerning me: "Now likely it is harmful to you to do... well "it". — "Here silly and it isn't harmful at all, and even strongly not to press the useful and main thing on a stomach. There are many different ways, don't worry. Only... I thought that you at first will be washed after the journey and you will eat..." — both of us burst out laughing. ****