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After unsuccessful walk in boutique work doesn't go beyond borders of my apartment or sometimes the car parked at an entrance. Nearly an every day to us the man home comes, spends some time so by me to beds, to a thicket everything is limited to a blowjob or sex on-bystromu: the trousers of the guest lowered to knees and mine zadraty a dressing gown with the panties lying on ступнях. The husband, naturally got used, perceives everything very correctly and quietly, first he left for time of my privacy, but gradually ceased to bother, is closed in the hall and includes a TV set pogromche. Couple of times I was even given on tea, but in general Sasha clearly allowed to understand that no payment will exist, that more that he suited my husband on one of the enterprises under control of him, salary not high, but precisely more better former. I work always in the morning, so that for the son it is necessary to explain nothing while he is seven years old, he of course will hardly suspect that-nibud, but maturing, he can guess or catch me with the next unfamiliar uncle and it very much disturbs. The future is so far very foggy and I is absolute without concept how to return the old, not spoiled life. Each new day promises me new sex, I all am exhausted, for this time fairly lost weight, wasn't weighed, but the waist and hips became considerably already, there are even pluses in it though also the payment is quite high. If not to consider pallor and bluishness under eyes, then I became very much even attractive and tightened. Ne it was also improvement of the qualities provided by me services, I began to feel more surely obviously myself in a bed and to try that the partner terminated quicker and skoree left. Ne I know from where Sasha takes all these little men, but I had an impression that he gives them whether debts whether just pays in such way. Each new client comes ko to me not on one time, a minimum to two, a goes about a week more often, then comes new and the cycle is repeated, besides, that going to the last time, doesn't return any more. Sasha doesn't come, an only calls, warning in advance when the guest comes. Morning as usually came suddenly, the alarm clock rang out, and I mechanically went to kitchen, included a teapot and woke the son. We sleep with the husband now separately, so that I don't hear how he gathers for work and leaves. I saw off the son and I went to a shower. In the evening the day before Sasha called and informed that the new person that it was ready as usually will come. Having dried up hair, I made up lips bright red lipstick and I laid down to doze on a sofa. Na the second third day I get used to the new partner, but every first time I worry as the girl, I can't overcome it in any way. Na to me there was a short pink velvet dressing gown which I bought as time for my work, under a bottom only linen. My sleepiness was interrupted by a call. Called a door exactly at ten o'clock. — Hello, you Dasha, truly? — Pyotr Alekseyevich? — quietly I exclaimed. — So to you to me, oh, I didn't know it — P-prokhodite, an as vymuzhchina entered more than fifty years a corridor, holding a bouquet of roses in hands. Pyotr Alekseyevich was a teacher of my son. To a word to tell, we were quite well familiar, the teacher he very good, an old Soviet school, the former militiaman, many time was at them the house and is so well familiar with his wife, so as too I worked at school. To tell that it was awkward — to tell nothing. He looked at me, inspected my short dressing gown and looked askance at legs, trying to attach a bouquet, so somewhere and without having found the place, handed it to me. — Thanks. — Dasha, I the truth didn't know, excuse. — Pyotr Alekseich, an as Alyona, gathered on the left?! — I understand, but Dash if time knows such business — Yes I see what wasn't known. What now to do? And for a long time to you? — Told my week. My God, as he in general is connected with Sasha and why he doesn't leave, could tell that he can't or pretend to be that not I came for it. — Dash, it is possible to make everything bud-to we aren't familiar. Won't you tell Alyona that I was at you, an I won't tell that you are Seriously?! Won't you tell that I that?! — I interrupted. — I don't blackmail, Dasha, understand, it will be so more best for us than both. — Well yes, for both — you don't want that Alexander Borissovitch learned? I think isn't present, I very much love children and the work, but understand what gratitude for it — the Moron, went from here! — grumbling I pushed out the guest in an entrance. — Dashul, we are with you adult people why it — Go to an ass, I with you won't fuck! — Dasha is more silent, neighbors will hear don't give God. You would know what works to me will be to arrange plemyashku Alekandra Borisycha, the boy it is capable. Do you know, we don't have enough places in classes, you don't want to look for to your little son new?