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I almost didn't pay attention to her figure, didn't look at it as on the girl with whom it is possible to get a relationship. So on my eyes from the small child, and then from the awkward teenager, she turned into the girl. She very strongly changed, the voice became more womanly, legs became long and distinguished as if at the ballerina. Her buttocks, very roundish and elastic were one of главнх her advantages. Further there was a slender graceful waist and a breast, already ripe and issued. Besides Masha was blondinsky with a voluminous hair of color of a rye, with big innocent blue eyes, thin the hitched-up nose and with full juicy sponges. She studied in 10 A class, and I studied in B. We though we had different friends and interests, met at school quite frequently and communicated. After this summer when we families went on the small river again and I could contemplate her fine figure, I began to look narrowly at her as to the woman. But after all the friendly barrier was very strong and I couldn't approach and tell her that I fell in love with her and I want to suggest her to meet. Even in thoughts I didn't have it still a year ago. And now I couldn't stop thinking about her, at a view of her face or a figure, in trousers I lifted a storm. Masha couldn't be compared нис by which of my class, though wasn't a super beauty. As far as I knew, she never had a guy. It was well, possible to work. We continued to communicate, I began to look for a right moment to express and suggest to meet. But as could I delayed it because was afraid to lose our friendship. I didn't know how it could react to it and provided all options. While I thought and guessed, there came November and we needed to devote ninth-graders in seniors. Our class was one of leaders of it a meropritiya. Here then I also decided to talk to it and to express in the feelings. For the evening Masha came in the fitting jeans, favourably emphasizing her slender legs and buttocks, a white jacket with a corbel, dragging away a waist, making Masha is even more slender, than she was actually. All eyes were turned on her, not only mine. At the sight of such beauty, I began to doubt correctness of what I wanted to make. Can be more best to remain е the best friend and to wait until the love passes itself if, of course, that there was a love. I invited it to dance in two hours, after the beginning of evening after she peretantsevat from the guys who are mostly present here. She was already slightly tipsy, her eyes watered, cheeks flared. To me she seemed such even more perfectly, but not because that drunk, and from her flush on cheeks. While we danced, I considered that I will tell her. Mashka closely nestled on me so I felt a smell of her hair and skin which made me conceited. Having rejected all sentimentality and conjectures aside, I "ottantsevat" her in a far corner of the hall where the neon light streaming from lamps badly reached. Having closely pressed her to itself and having cast away her head, I nestled to her lips the. It was unforgettable. I felt sweet taste of her soft lips, felt as her body and as she tries to nestle on me more closely shivers. It seems that it was the answer to all my thoughts and feelings. Having come off my lips, she smiled and, having sparkled the naughty eyes, told: - It seems that we need to talk. - Yes. - I Agreed. I turned the head, before eyes her shape floated and I still felt a smell of her body, neabyvayemy aroma. Next day we met it in small cafe. It was dressed in a plain cashmere jacket and jeans, I put on trousers and a shirt. We ordered drinks and decided to explain ours with it a relationship and possible closer continuation. - Well and? - she asked, fixedly looking at me. - What? - Do you marry me, or not? - I don't know. Can be. - We burst out laughing though what was ridiculous here? - I can't forget that kiss. - Masha told. - I never before kissed and wasn't so close with the man and here, my first man, it is possible to tell so, there was my best friend. It seems to me that we made then not correctly though madly it was pleasant to me. - To me too, - I admitted. - You are my best friend and I treat you as to the sister. But I can't cope with the feelings, I can't comprehend them and understand. - I was nervous. Not every day you try to make a declaration of love the best friend whom you snat since three years. Though at someone as. - I like you. Very much. Here it is even possible to speak about love. - Oh, Romeo, here everything is serious! Minutes twenty we still sat, chatted and then went to her. At her place I was hundreds of times, but this time could become special. She lived in the downtown in 10 floor new building. Her family had a big, light apartment from a chetyrm rooms. Her father is Igor Antonovich, I was the deputy chief physician of regional hospital and received not bad. Masha's mother worked as the therapist in this hospital. So their apartment was quite magnificently arranged. Only we came into her room as began to kiss. I pressed her gentle body to myself and caressed it on hair. My right hand involuntarily laid down it on a breast, but Masha didn't begin to push away her, and on the contrary, pressed mine hands even stronger. Having hardly come off her lips, I took off from her a jacket and a topic, having opened the look hardly obtyany a neflonovy brassiere a breast. The shivering hands I unfastened straps of a brassiere and it fell to her legs. I saw her large brown nipples similar to cherries. Without hesitation, I took her right breast in a mouth and passionately sucked. It moaned and sat down on a bed. I sat down near her, caressing a breast and a nipple language, and a free hand undid her jeans. Masha helped me with it and in a minute she sat nakrovat, having closely nestled on me. I put the left hand on her intimate place. I felt the gentle, silky pubic volosik and absolutely smooth sexual sponges similar to a peach. On her sponges moisture already acted and I knew that it means. Somewhere on the Internet I read that the girl can be deprived of virginity almost without serious consequences if properly to make horney and humidify it. Though my dick sought from trousers for a long time and was ready to explode, I didn't hurry to set him free. Having overturned Mashka on a back, I moved apart her legs and nestled language to her vagina. From such caress she screamed and squeezed sheets hands. I very gently carried out by language on petals е vaginas, at first on the left side, then from right. Then I took small pea of her clitoris in a mouth, already quite large and began to suck it. Mashka already groaned and coiled under me as if a snake. I picked up hands of her hand and forced to tranquility. Minutes five I continued the caress as felt that it is ready to terminate. Her breath became faltering, the clitoris strained, buttocks and hips began to clench involuntarily... With the squeezed shouts and groans she cumed under me, and I watched her as everything ulazhnitsya strongly there, the person reddened and on a forehead biserinka of sweat acted. Masha panted as if after long run. I laid down near her and began to kiss her lips, a neck, a breast. Then I took off from myself all clothes and laid down near it, having arranged her head between the legs, having rested a back against soft pillows. The dickhead pulsed, was ready to lpnut from a napryazhneniye. Masha a uvula drove on a head, saw off on a bridle, concerned the damp hot sponges. At last, she slightly opened a mouth, squeezed lips and my body got into her mouth almost on centimeter. I stood in a pleasure anticipation, in the bottom of the zhviot all burned down me, there were spasms and spasms. Masha advanced a dick in a mouth even more deeply, on centimeter, for a second fading, kind of feeling at itself in a mouth new taste. Then she unexpectedly advanced the mouth on couple of centimeters and more than a half at once it appeared at her in a mouth. From it I shuddered and moaned. Masha wasn't able to do blowjob, but tried above any praises. She almost didn't touch a head with teeth, rubbed a uvula and the sky about my head, generally, did everything to give me as much as possible pleasure. Each several seconds she faded to swallow the saliva plentifully current from a mouth. The dick entered and left her mouth absolutely freely as if a knife in oil. Long so inexpressibly pleasant feeling in the bottom of a stomach couldn't proceed and soon and in a head was replaced still by great feeling, incomparable. I felt how at the basis of the dick the cum ready to emission gathers. In a second there came the final chord and a cum a plentiful stream escaped from me, accompanied with acute pleasure. Masha wasn't ready to it and чусть cums, mixed with saliva poured out her on a chin a neck. But Masha didn't come off me, continuing to incorporate my juice about the mouth. Even seconds five the dick shuddered, but considerably decreased. Mashka licked sponges and jumped off from a bed, having gone to the bathroom. I remained to lie on a bed, stunned with the first real orgasm. I never felt such acute and pleasant pleasure ещ ё and will force me to feel this feeling him not once yet. I got out of a bed and went to the bathroom. Mashka took a shower, washing away from herself my cum hard water jets. I waited so far she will be washed. When she got out of a shower, I climbed there. Having left it in ten minutes, I found Masha absolutely naked sitting on a toilet bowl rim. - Well and how, Romeo? - she asked. - It was pleasant to me. Was just super. - I told. - It was pleasant? Rada to try. - Stand. Why you made it? - What? - Well, why we made it? - Well I don't know, - she threw a leg on a leg and mysteriously shook them. - Why people are engaged in it? - Because want. - That's it. - But I not just wanted. I love you! - I don't know that to answer it. I don't know that I feel, but, it seems, I test to you something like love. Probably. After that all of us days off didn't see each other though I also was burned with jealousy, I don't know why. I wanted to pick up the phone and to call it, but pride said to me that it isn't necessary to do it. All days off I thought of why we were so close to her. Probably, she takes a liking to me, as to the friend, but no more. There can be she and loves me. I didn't know, but would give everything to learn. On Monday we communicated so as if nothing happened. At the fifth lesson I left in a toilet, to wash up hands, having smeared by the leaked handle. When I washed hands, someone unexpectedly seized me behind by a groin and slightly squeezed it. I shuddered and turned. I was faced by Mashka, is crafty улбаясь. Today she put on the black fitting jeans, a white transparent shirt, and over her something like a vest. Her breast was ideally excreted against the background of white and black. - Missed? - she asked. - It is a little. - Modestly I answered. - Well as? I see that very much, - she significantly posmoret on my dick which was already puffing up through trousers. - We go to me today. - What for? - You are a fool, or you pretend to be? Don't you know why we will go to me on a visit? To have tea with cookies, to collect puzzles. Forgot? - Well. We go to you. - There now and perfectly. Be at one also pogovry. I needed to sit two more lessons and I somehow stayed them. Then we went to her. Only we managed to undress, she seized me by breasts of my jacket, broke off on me a shirt, as usual show in movies and broke from me a belt. - Hey! Why did tear buttons? - Someone needs these damned buttons? Then to you I will sew. Don't worry. Take off the damned pants! - never I its such saw. She was rude now, dissolute as if the road maid. But that it she seemed to me not less fine, than earlier. I took off with her clothes and began to caress her between legs. There already everything was wet so lubricants not strongly it was required. Only I laid her on a bed as she took my dick in a mouth. I didn't manage to vskrinut as she already sucked my dick as if Chupa Chups. He the pleasure given by her uvula and sponges I couldn't restrain and groaned with might and main, without hesitating. In a minute I lowered directly on her breast and cheeks, but she, appear, noticed nothing. Only I wiped myself in advance prepared towel and I prepared the pussy for me. I bent over her and began to caress her language. Her sponges smelled very pleasant not only strawberry soap, but also her allocations. Only a minute or two it was enough. Having loudly screamed, and having curved an arch a back, it terminated, twitching in sweet convulsions. Having taken rest ten minutes, we decided to pass to the most responsible phase. I laid it under myself, having parted legs in the parties, laid a towel under her buttocks and nestled to her entrance the dick. From touch as if distorted me electric current. Goosebumps ran from ears and to heels. A head I moved apart her damp sponges and groped an entrance to a hole. I slightly pressed and pochuvstovat as Masha strained under me and slightly squeezed legs. I advanced a dick more deeply and came across a barrier in the form of a virgin pleva. I pressed stronger and promoted one millimeter more deeply. Mashka wrinkled the face and reddened. The head entered completely, I felt how her pleva stretched. - Painfully? - I asked her. - Aha. Be accurater. I lay down on her, and began to move a bum backwards-forward why the dick and a stomach with pleasure zanyl. Without having restrained, I pressured her at once and got into its depths. Mashka sharply screamed from pain and began to twitch. It was very sore with her, cheeks reddened, from eyes tears began to flow. - My God, why so painfully?! - she panted and licked dry lips.