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The truth sometimes was necessary and to be treated and not only for venereal diseases. But she didn't despond and, appear, each time only grew stronger and swam in an extreme like a duck to water. Here and this hot evening she put on a minimum the not thin body, having bared half from under a short skirt of a buttock, not covered with thongs. Very tall heels emphasized equal slightly plump legs, I the low decollete opened a depression in the ground with hemispheres of boobies. A blouse so thin and almost transparent that through it large nipples were visible. Slowly, slightly shaking hips it went along the street, without paying attention to the men and women who are looking back at her. On a point, as always, Konstantin, small puny a muzhchinka, uncertain age coped. He coped with little girls, sending them to clients or with clients who approached on a point. I determined by a trained eye monetary pay of a purse, tastes and orientation in sex of clients and almost always unmistakably I sent certain girls. He seldom was mistaken, but if nevertheless there were slips, then two helpers always forced to reach compromise all parties, or having pressed the client, or women of easy virtue for the grandma. The daw smoked and stirred with little girls when Konstantin called her. The decent man in the very expensive foreign car with tinted glasses impatiently tapped with fingers on a wheel. When Konstantin approached with Galya, that attentively inspected her from legs to the head and asked Konstantin: "You are sure?" That silently nodded and having taken advance payment is slightly heard whispered to the Daw on an ear: "Oh, the girlfriend keep. It in your style! Perverts still those at you four hours". She got into the car and saw two pairs more of male attentive eyes on a back seat. Inside at once something заныло was also curtailed, in an adventure anticipation. Between legs it became damp the group Means she thought and having slightly covered eyes while went, in the head scrolled a plot, a behavior manner, style of communication and a pozydoyekhala to the place quickly, it was the beautiful mansion on the outskirts of the city with a high sweaty fence. All went out of the car and went to the house. After men it rose by the second floor. It was brought to the huge room, with a big seksodrom at a wall. She already knew that Shurik was driving, and two more were called by Andrey and Igor. They almost didn't differ as it turned out that it is family to undertake stair-steppers. Shurik gave her half an hour that she was washed, having thrown her a towel and a bag with things which I ordered to put on myself after a shower. Having shrugged shoulders the Daw went to a shower, having carefully washed a body, it was wiped and glanced in a bag. There the strict collar with thorns inside on a long lead, very tall heels and a mask on the person with a cut for eyes lay. She put on all this and looked in a mirror at herself between legs immediately zazudet, and a stomach bottom with pleasure заныл in a game anticipation. When she left to the room, all three sat dressed on a bed. She got up before them. Shurik captiously examined her, having turned several times, trying to the touch a breast, buttocks, and inconsiderately got a hand into the pussy, having ordered to spread legs. The others attentively observed at this time the Daw was unimaginably made horney from all these manipulations On knees! — Shurik ordered and she obediently got up to them a bottom, ощеревшись in their party in couple of thin hairpins. He took a lead in a hand and she understood that she can't even move slightly not to wound a gentle neck with sharp thorns inside. And immediately I felt as to her move apart sponges something massive and cold. She stood and felt as in her liquid began to be poured, right there flowing and flowing down on some pallet thrown by one of men. "It that you didn't fly, and we caught nothing," — Shurik quietly spoke. Then too most it was stuck into an anus, hardly coming and hurting. The daw began to breathe an open mouth and relaxed and again the stream of cold liquid struck in an interior. especially for Before work it was always cleaned and therefore here only water when someone took out a tube from her anus poured out too. And then the orgy began. Men had it as wanted, forcing to suck in turn, entering all three together her openings at the same time at once, entering two dicks a mouth at once, an anus, the pizdenka which got wet from excitement. She did all with pleasure, it madly brought her and she terminated not once while they twirled her. Approximately in an hour they terminated someone where, Andrey brought all waters, including also the Daw. Having a little taken rest, they spread out her to beds, having hooked on a lead so that she couldn't twitch and began to try to thrust various toys into her holes. Toys vibrators, and such huge size were put to use at first that don't terminate the Daw several times, they precisely would tear her having lifted her legs, they plentifully watered an anus ringlet with something and began to fuck her at first the vibrator, with pleasure observing as he enters and leaves, razdalblivy all are wider a hole, and then Igor broke somewhere and brought a thick long vegetable marrow. Men joyfully began to make a racket. Shurik poured lubricant on a hand and began to enter into a vagina, trying to expand it as much as possible, Igor pushed a vegetable marrow in an anus, and Andrey twisted her nipples and fingered a clitoris which stood already as a small penis. The daw couldn't move, she groaned from pain and pleasure, trying to contain all this at the same time. But the anus involuntarily contracted. Igor having become angry I began to whip on a bum, pushing through vegetable all are deeper, and Shurik twisted a hand in a vagina, then he took out a hand and suggested men to feel as the vegetable marrow is felt through a front opening. And while he held a vegetable marrow, Andrey and Igor in turn started the ruchishch, again forcing her to groan. And here Igor, detained the hand inside, she felt as fingers began to finger quickly something, consciousness was disconnected and she couldn't stop a wild orgasm, twitching and scratching a neck a collar in blood. When she recovered, men sat on the chairs brought to the room smoked and talked not loudly. She was chained for a collar so again that couldn't turn the head. But it seemed to her that men became more. She stood to them a back, on all fours, without footwear, and the cum and its allocations flew down on a floor on legs drops from holes. Having seen that she recovered, men began to move at once. She felt this movement, but couldn't see anything. Easy whistle and on knock on a parquet at a door she understood that the dog came into the room. Here it was definitely not! She stood she couldn't turn even the head. The wounded neck burned Hot breath near a pizdenka stirred up her. And immediately dog language several times licked her and an anus. The daw literally began to tremble from excitement. Involuntarily I moved with hips, feeling as began to flow. I understood it and the dog he was once again stuck with a wet nose her into a pizdenka, licked, and immediately she felt as he paws got up on her, scratching a back claws. The huge dick was stuck several times into an anus and entered like clockwork the current crack. The daw caved in and without thinking any more began to make upward movement to the dog fucking her, slightly squealing a little from pleasure, being stunned by how quickly he does it. • Something inside strongly inflated, strongly having corked an exit And a warm cum of a dog pushes began to be splashed out by her inside the Daw terminated, rhythmically squeezing this knot the dog stood without moving, expecting when the knot falls down and it will be possible to take out it from a vagina. At this time someone (she saw only legs) brought her the next dog to Leitch. Directly before eyes yet not got up dick in a black shaggy sack shook. The man stuck her into the head with a fist: "Suck, the bitch she understood that so just all the same won't release and obediently took a dog dick in a mouth. That immediately began to grow directly in a mouth the huge head grew and the dick wasn't located any more. The man took away a dog to her behind the Dog probably didn't know what to do he with pleasure licked the current holes in dog to a cum and then tried to jump on her, but slid off. And immediately men began to help a dog: one put his paws, and the second directed a dick which from the first push tastefully came into a pizdenka and the dog right there began to fuck it, dripping saliva on a back suddenly the dick jumped out of a pizdenka, the dog in embarrassment was several times stuck and suddenly got to an anus and right there set him completely in a rectum, and quickly moved squealing a little the Daw again incurred, she got nervous under him, caving in to a floor, feeling as dog balls fight about her. It was long. The male hand zaterebit a clitoris and it immediately blew up it is unknown what orgasm, squeezing an anus the dog dick terminated also he Here, having nearly broken off an anus in knot and then it was licked and fucked by different dogs, she lost count of time and to dogs, sometimes cuming. at the end of everything, she was taken away for a lead in a bathtub, put in a jacuzzi on all fours and these three urinated. Andrey strong held a lead so that she couldn't hang the head, and they watered her with urine, Igor pressed cheeks, having opened a mouth and urinated there. She from surprise swallowed something, the rest flew down on her face and a body. Then men left, Andrey before it removed a lead and allowed her 15 minutes to be washed. Hardly, on the shivering legs, she washed away all that could and put on. Behind gate she was waited by the called taxi. Shurik put her in a hand a weighty roll of money "It to Konstantin, and it-he put her in a slit of a blouse almost same pack — you, compensation for physical and moral damage. Well and — he hesitated — forgive if that I warned Konstantin "It was developed and I went to the house. The daw sat down on a back seat and licked lips, smiling to the thoughts. To receive pleasure in such quantity, the drive and adrenaline moreover and paid for it not sickly not every time so drops out фарт.