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The animal can't be identified at once, the ordinary person won't see either canines, or fire, or magic. An animal as everything, but his special signs all women in a radius of hundred kilometers submit only his ox. Well can not all women, well also radius can less... A story about Zverka gather from different indications and give all the best not in the chronological sequence, and in process of material accumulation. The small animal toiled with a hangover. Sil was to put only a teapot, to crawl to the bathroom. The booze of the house wasn't, to leave an entrance it was frightening. Events of day were restored hardly. The apartment was empty. The small animal learned to drag home nobody, well that is nobody, except women. On the erased files in consciousness it is possible to assume that any respecting... yat wouldn't go with it. In any case Yat and any wouldn't go. It was terrible to look at the list of calls of the mobile phone. Half-boxes of sea salt it is poured out in a hot bathtub, a favourite aluminum cup of tea in shaggy paws. Zverka all saw sports nice small to 30, high brunette with blue eyes though they isn't present green, or brown? Not absolutely essentially. Color of eyes, tone of skin and length and hair color veiled from mood, season and the most important from the surrounding company. The small animal was a chameleon and tried to take the most advantageous positions in small groups to otymet the best the self-check. It was reconstructed under the environment, loaded with youth of people, but the most important it constantly needed sexual contact, as an alternative or substitute served high doses of alcohol and onanism in small doses in the ritual purposes — executions of paternosters, changes of space sometimes and time. Well, the reader, understands. Alone to Zverka returned his true appearance – the shaggy old bare animal with red eyes belching bits of the flame panting the 24 worn-out hearts, dullly living the sixth life. Starting up saliva from almost toothless jaw, the Small animal looked at the terrible reflection on a ceiling. Madly wings hurt. The animal tried to concentrate thoughts and to remember some being interesting new yet not spoiled by him and of course to try to cause her (being) in the traditional way. The main transmitter of waves for the self-check of the person — the member Zverka already began to rise. Today the Small animal defined the dish — the compact small blonde well up to 160, it would be heavy to it to pull and to twirl more. with chubby lips for blowjob and big eyes to splash them with a cum, suntanned skin — skin color besides for an esthetics. Unpretentious without cockroaches and unpretentious. I cut silence in the apartment loud shrill wolf howl. This record of a lonely song Zverka to the full moon. The animal delivered her to himself on the mobile phone. — the Animal Zveryevich, hello. I was at you in practice three months ago, my name is Yat. — Yat. Of course I remember you. As to me to forget Yat. — I wanted to learn when meet you probably, I had several questions for course on influential political figures of the region. — Dear Yat. You have a unique chance, arrive to me home only today. — the Animal Zveryevich, I am not ready... — We will speak about influential political figures of the region. We are adult serious people. Buy please only vodka. — I am the truth... — without options. Write down the address. — it is possible I for itself wine I will take? — take Martini, I will give money. — Of course. — answered with more joyful voice on that end of a wire. The small animal after a call cheered up: will be I opokhmet also the woman. Only he couldn't remember this Yat. His consciousness sometimes glitched also instead of the sent application in Space for the blonde, anything could appear. — Gav-gav — I spoke a call half an hour, this time already door later.The small animal in the favourite ornamented dressing gown and bedroom-slippers stamped to the hall. In the doorway there was it. Everything according to the order from Space. Well unless higher than 160 and slightly grow stout, than there was a wish. But there were big eyes and a working mouth with chubby pouting lips. And of course age — no more than 20. But under the Criminal Code, 18 isn't younger. In hands the giving a drink happiness had two grocery packages. Necks of two bottles stuck out of one. — Pass long-awaited Yat. — Hi... I told Yat and safely I stepped over a threshold, the Small animal of visors packages put them right there in the hall. Yat was in a white summer T-shirt, a dark skirt and black tights. Yat got up and was obviously not going to move ahead further in the Den of the Animal. Eyes I looked in a floor. The animal embraced her out of gratitude. Yat brought saving moisture. Yat embraced the Animal. Here in consciousness Zverka was distributed familiar click. The click always designated that the decision is made by the woman and she will give today. The animal attracted her touch to himself, raised slightly over a floor and put the fulfilled movement on a couch. Also just I got under a skirt and one movement I pulled down tights with panties. Having opened a dressing gown, I leaned from above on Yat, the dick inserted a hand. In a vagina was hardly, a little more dryishly. The small animal began to make easy superficial movements. Yat slightly opened the sugar mouth, began to breathe. In her vagina it became more damp, but still stenochka were dense and hard. The small animal passed to fast speed, he decided to act quickly. Sex with an orgasm well removed a hangover. Yat having felt approach of fast end, I began to pokhripyvat concerned: — Only not in me, please. — Well, generally I am a serious Animal and I want to cum in you. — Not in me, please — choking and plaintively she asked. — Well, then choose! In a mouth or in a bottom! — In a mouth! In a mouth! — she requested. With pleasure — the Animal croaked. The dick from the pussy of the blonde pulled out and clamping a hand, the channel with a cum on the dick not to spill good, moved to the person Yati. — Open. — the Animal ordered. The first big stream went accurately to a mouth, the Animal sent other volleys to a face and eyes. — the Middle finger removed the sprayed cum on the person, I sent to a mouth to a female of the person. The small animal got out of a bed, closed a door in the den. Somehow I didn't think of an open entrance. Yat sat on a couch, in small thoughtfulness. — You otymet me quickly and simply: as whore. — Dui to the bathroom, the party only begins! A small animal sitting in the bathroom I drank from a throat, no, he whipped "Martini", right there was and naked Yat in one hand she squeezed a glass, in another the member Zverka. Her look was muddy and in love. — I and knew that so everything will be, as it dreamed me... The small animal came off a neck of a bottle and looked at the victim: — It is necessary to otososat, expensive. — the Animal, I don't do blowjob to anybody. — Oops?! And to someone I cumed in a mouth now?